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BusConnects Dublin - Big changes to Bus Network



  • I really hope that BC is not the final envisioned state of bus services in the city. There needs to be a willingness to adapt to to service demands rather than any ideological commitment to some clockface frequency and a reluctance to adjust services for fear of changes to such frequencies. We're already seeing that with the C-spine there's actually no changes to service frequencies at the busiest times of the day along the core trunk before services split.

  • Well ideally it would be between Townsend St and Poolbeg Street but the excavation works take out a lane of traffic there.

    There has to be a replacement stop for those two gone from opposite Pearse St. Garda Station.

  • I don’t see any reason why timetables would not be adjusted In the future to meet demand. That’s essential for any public transport network.

    But scheduling on the basis of even headways along the spines is definitely a good idea as it means a consistent bus service rather than the mismatch of services that are there now along most corridors.

    As someone who had the misfortune to have to use the N4 routes inbound from Liffey Valley in a past life I can say that the 66/a/b were timetabled previously inbound so that a 66 and 66a travelled together from Leixlip, and then nothing happened for another 30 minutes before a 66 and 66b did the same. Two buses completely wasted. The 67 was timed closely to them from Lucan inwards. Which meant a shocking service for anyone along the corridor. That had to change.

    I would imagine that Dublin Bus may keep some buses available for auxiliary departures in the mornings if they find they need them where the demand exceeds supply with the scheduled departures.

    In my comments in my earlier post about a further BusConnects 2, I was really referring to further redesigning of routes, as I thought that was what bk was alluding to. I don’t see wholesale network changes across the network happening, but rather more localised route changes or extensions to meet new demands as they arise.

    But I certainly see no reason tImetables will be cast in stone (and routes may have changes too if the rollout doesn’t go to plan).

  • LXFlyer, it's been 3 years since the NTA rolled out the new stops for the 33A. On most outbound stops it says 'towards Peter and Paul Church' (Balbriggan). A few bus stops still have timetables that show all buses heading to Balbriggan even though half stop short in Skerries. Inbound has the opposite problem: All buses to the Airport even though half stop in Swords. When they first launched the 175 most timetables around Tallaght showed secondary locations, ie 27, Towards Templeview Avenue (Clare Hall).

    As you say it's ideology before customer information.

    I brought this up with Go Ahead management many times and NTA representatives I had brief chats with. I was told not to worry.

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  • The NTA stops installed for the 139 in Maynooth ended up with stop flags from Blanchardstown, for weeks after introduction. Whoever does that planning for them has never been very good!

  • Oh I am well aware of all of those too. The 33A should really be split into two separate routes for clarity.

    The orbitals were never going to have the same impact as the spines sadly - we shall see what people's reactions are tomorrow and in particular on Monday,

  • I couldn't get on the 39a at 1:30 in town a few weeks ago, 2 buses went past full, needs to be increased frequency, obviously very popular.

  • Agree, but if this can't happen rn, then surely they should just leave that stop out (It would only be a five minute walk for people anyway). I can see this becoming a real pinch point if the lights there don't give enough green time from Tara street. (I guess given some of the other issues posters have pointed out this probably wouldn't be the highest priority one).

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  • Got the bus to the Leinster match in the RDS this evening and spotted this at the northbound stop outside Donnybrook Garage - turns out they did update the stops which C-Spine express routes serve between CC & UCD. Southbound stop was the same, although only showed the x31.

  • I would well believe that . I was on a 39a and there was a large crowd. There was another driver on the bus and he couldn't get over how busy it was.

  • There's logic to this madness. Well, the destination naming rather, as it's simply that these schedules show the name of the last stop as per proper continental practice and not loosely related albeit descriptive area names. The problem, one could therefore argue, is that terminus bus stops should be better named.

    As for the variations on the 33A, it's a recurring theme that these print-outs can't get variations right at all. The 33A and 33B are missing them, and then the lone 220A trip carries a variation marker across half of Dublin. The 126 timetables outbound are no more helpful, showing Rathangan as the destination... that's served by only one Mon-Sat trip, the rest only as far as Kildare or Newbridge, not that you'd find out...

  • Expect complete calamity tomorrow. Lots of canteen talk in Earls Place.

    New fares

    New routes

    People getting the bus from O'Connell street are now getting hoofed out at Townsend If they want to go to Ringsend, Irishtown and Sandymount and waiting for a second bus as the 1 is now cut in half.

    People who want to travel to Rathmines, Terinure, Templeogue and so, from any of the big IT centers in Ringsend, now have to get 2 buses. In Winter.

    And the small issue of 20 plus drivers jumping off the 27/77a to work the new C spine. There is going to be murder I rekon on that route alone. As it is one of the city's busiest routes.

    And alot of spare drivers also getting marked in on the C making them no longer available to cover the vacant dutys and covid sick.

    Driver shortage is getting serious. Nation wide. Euro wide..

    The fuse is lite.

  • Is there somewhere I can find the anticipated dates for each stage of BusConnects? I spent a while Googling it a few days ago and couldn't find anything. I definitely remember seeing some sort of plan before.

  • The C Spine is a superior service to the 1, with rush hour frequencies on average every 4 minutes. People travelling from O Connell street can board the C spine at Bachelor's walk for no extra cost. The 15a and 15b users can also switch to the C Spine, for free to continue their journey to Grand Canal Dock. Templeogue village never had a direct route to the docklands as the 15 continues to Clongriffin. The journey of least change doesn't necessarily lead to the quickest journey. That's the reason behind Busconnects.

  • Concerning overcrowding already today in Lucan. Huge crowd waiting at Woodies and multiple buses passing by full. It does not bode well.

  • Now that the C-Spine has been launched from today; what has been people's 1st impressions of the new service? Has the take up of the new 90 minute fare on leap card being launched today been a big success for passengers?

    Also; has there been good demand being seen on the 52?

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  • It appears the validators haven't been updated for the new €2.30 rate or is that not starting with the launch of the T90 fare? I was charged €2.50 today anyway.

    Fourth time being overcharged in a week as I've discovered from my Leap record just now (2.25 x 3 instead of 1.55), so I'm having a bad run of it at the moment!

  • I’ve been looking for this as well, I remember seeing it before but I can’t find it now.

  • It was a response to an FOI request, but the planned order is basically:

    2022: Orbitals and G Spine; First up next year will be N4 and N6; Then the G Spine (and I would expect the W Orbitals); Then the rest of the orbitals later in the year

    2023: F Spine; D Spine; E Spine

    2024: A Spine; B Spine; Remaining south city radials along Ranelagh Road

    Obviously alongside each spine, there will be new radials and new locals.

    As it is phased there will also be existing cross-city routes being curtailed temporarily to half the route to maintain the service (like the 1 in this phase).

  • It worked fine for me. Took the C3 from Wellington Quay to Heuston for €1.60 (driver) and then took C1 from Heuston to Ringsend using validator and was only charged €0.70.

  • With any network change, there are going to be winners and losers, and people will adjust.

    The real issue is the poor explanations from the NTA of how to adjust behaviour where a direct connection has been lost.

    But being honest, people from Sandymount/Ringsend going to O'Connell Street will adjust to the change in the 1 - they will just have to get on/off the C Spine at Bachelor's Walk or Aston Quay or change on Pearse St/Townsend St. That's not exactly going to be something that will collapse the plan. But, that needs to be explained better to people as I've mentioned before.

    Anyone in GCD using the 15a/b can either walk to Westland Row or get any bus to the inner half of Pearse Street to change.

    In both of these cases the frequencies of the two sets of buses isn't exactly low.

    I'd be more concerned about the areas losing connections along the N4 corridor to be honest.

  • I'm delighted to see that people are finally realizing what DB drivers have know for many years and that is the NTA don't have a clue, take a moment to think about posters two biggest gripes about DB

    Bad ticketing machines= NTA in charge of that

    No 24 hour service despite DB driver agreement in place for years= NTA decide on frequency of service

    name any issue you have with DB and the NTA will be the hold up bringing forth a solution

  • I am struggling a bit with this?

    The C1 and C2 are at the same level as the 25a and 25b were on a Sunday. What's missing at that particular stop are the two buses previously that were on the 25/66a/66b each hour two of the routes were every two hours.

    Tha wouldn't explain multiple buses being full.

  • It's probably just some individual buses where it hasn't worked then? It was the C1 from Lucan to city centre.

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  • I don't think it as quite as simple as that in regard to those specific items.

    Any increase in operating hours across routes requires more PSO funding and more drivers, and the ticketing project does also need exchequer funding.

    That's dependent on the Dept of Public Expenditure providing the money.

    Many routes saw increases in service in the last two years, most of which have been during the day when they were probably needed more than at night, but we are going to see night time services rolled out.

    My criticism was in relation to the information provided by the NTA about the new fares, routes and timetables and the staggeringly poor rollout of it and poor quality control.