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New AMA with a US police officer (he's back!). You can ask your questions here - Was 7.99/month - 100 GB, all calls, all texts, 10 GB EU data - [Now 10.99]



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    No, don't change APN settings until you get there and only do so if mobile data isn't working.

    You'll need to change them back to what they where when you get back so the easiest thing to do would be to save them as separate 'Home' and 'roaming' APN profiles.

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    Has anyone gone abroad (EU) with their 48 sim? Do I need to do anything or top up extra for roaming? And has anyone had any problems abroad with APNs, last time I was on holiday was with Three and it wouldnt roam. Had to make several calls back to CS and input new settings. I dont think 48 has a call centre so just want to make sure its going to work before I travel. Im not going to be using it much but I need it to work to access boarding passes and some email.

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    Has anyone heard any news on when the other networks will start offering esims? I'm surprised we haven't heard more from Eir and 3 given that Vodafone launched it a few months ago now.

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    I signed up to Gomo when the 9.99 offer came out, while the coverage wasn't great at first however in the last year its become unusable where I live so i switched to 48 last week.

    I activated a sim in January so still I'm on the €7.99 offer and coverage is better than Gomo here so far.

    The nearest Three mast is 2km as the crow flies, i done a Speedtest yesterday evening in a moving car about 1km from the mast. Couldn't believe the speed from it.

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    Quoting myself but just a word of warning for others- had a nightmare trying to roam on 48 over the weekend. Had mobile data and data roaming switched on but all it would find was a network but without 3G or 4G for data. Spent about 1.5 hours back and forth with their chat and the CS agent still couldnt sort it out. Inputted all their APN settings and rebooted the phone but still no joy to get it to roam. I dont know what the problem was but was dependent on free wifi while away and never got it to roam for data.

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    I had the same problem last week, in Germany. Kept entering the required APN settings, but couldn't get it to work.

    Eventually got onto customer care, they got me to do exactly the same thing again, and it worked. Not sure if they changed something on their end.

    Lost data again late that night. Fiddled around the next day and got it back, lost it again the following day. Eventually realised I'd received a couple of "welcome to Germany" texts in the same rough timeframe as the data dropping. I think it was occasionally switching networks and I was losing the data each time until I went back and reset the APN settings.

    But I definitely couldn't get anything no matter what I tried until I'd contacted support the first time.

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    Thats interesting that we both had the same problem. The cynic in me wonders if it is a money saving exercise or something on 48's behalf because it should work without having to go through a rigmarole with CS.

    In my case it never worked despite following all their instructions to the tee. To be honest I couldnt trust them when I go abroad again and Id probably get a Vodafone PAYG sim or something to cover me just so I could use a bit of data. It was a right pain getting to the airport across public transport with no access to Google maps, same at the airport having to register for free wifi so I could get my boarding pass.

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    ROAMING COMMENT:I was in Northern Ireland on Saturday 2nd October 2021.There was no roaming available.I had the same issue in early September in Northern Ireland.I think 48 must be under pressure to maintain the service when customers are paying e7.99 or e10.99.My phone settings are as per 48 emails to me from early this year and up to June 2021.I emailed them on Sat 2/10/21 and hope to get a reply soon.I am lucky that I do not have to rely on them for internet access.Free wifi is a last resort.

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    Anyone know if I can purchase one of these sim packs on my arrival in T2 Dublin airport?


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    Interesting, thats 3 of us here who have all had problems with roaming. Theyre great for 7.99 a month and all but roaming is kind of important when you are abroad for accessing maps, boarding passes, etc. When I was on chat with them for over an hour I got the impression the CS agent just wanted me off the chat becasue there was nothing he could do to fix it given all the APN settings were entered.

    Im heading to the UK soon and dont think I could trust 48 from my own experience and that of others. Might have to pick up a Vodafone PAYG or else a sim when I get there and just top up by a fiver

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    I was recently roaming in the UK with 48 and followed the instructions in this thread:

    When using the "Automatic" option my phone automatically connected to O2 UK. Data roaming was 3G and the speed was dire at around 2.5-4Mbps.

    However when I selected "Manual -> International Roaming Profile" I was able to manually select EE as my network and the 3G data speed improved significantly. I was getting speeds of 10-14Mbps. This made the data far more useable and I forgot I was only getting 3G data roaming - I even streamed the All Ireland Final without buffering!

    It would be interesting to see if the manual option offers any improvement in other roaming countries.

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    I and the gf were on a holiday in Spain, one of the days we went on a day trip where we had to get a bus and a train so the place we went to was quite far. Anyways, 48 completely stopped working for me. Tried absolutely everything to connect , couldn't. I had organised a boat trip back but the guy operated via Facebook only. Couldn't get online, couldn't get in touch and couldn't find him because I didn't have access to maps. We were left absolutely stranded, the buses and trains had stopped working and there was no taxis in the village. Had to get locals to help us in the middle of the night. An absolute nightmare caused by 48.

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    EE is the network that 48 recommend-at least one email did.

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    I got an email reply from 48 2 days after sending my complaint.It suggested I contact them when I am roaming next and they will try to help me! I replied how do I do that if I have no internet access-no data !!!! No response yet

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    48 sims are only available online via Sign up with an email address and a Republic of Ireland address for delivery.Takes up to 5 days approx to receive the sim

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    48's Data roaming is limited to 3G only alot of countries are shutting down and reusing the 3G band for 4G now.

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    wow that sounds like a nightmare- exactly the situation you can be left in abroad if roaming wont work.

    Thats four of us now on this thread who have had problems getting 48 to roam- this cant be co-incidence. Pretty sure I read before that there are some kind of payments between networks to facilitate roaming so youd have to wonder if 48 are trying to avoid charges

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    There is a maximum wholesale access charge per gigabyte set down by the EU.

    A physical network (Three, Eir, Vodafone) has to pay the foreign network for its customers roaming usage, however it can help offset this cost because it charges foreign networks for their customers to roam in return (or because it has close working relationships, or sometimes outright ownership, of the foreign network anyway).

    An MVNO doesn't have a mobile network of it's own so has no way to derive income from roaming usage to offset it's own customer usage. As a result, roaming is a significant cost to them.

    While the regulations (for now - this is up for review to come into effect in mid-2022) mandate a certain portion of your usage be available for roaming, it doesn't specify or mandate technical aspects like ensuring access to 3G, 4G, 5G, etc. where available.

    48 could be well within their rights - at least as the regulations stand currently - to make roaming available via GPRS/EDGE only.

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    Absolutely horrendous experience, phones and being connected to the internet is so so important nowadays. I just cant afford for this to happen again. Im looking at other networks now. Possibly GoMo or Eir. I dont mind paying the extra 10€ but at least I know I wont be stuck. Roaming is important , especially now that we can travel again. Even if you go up north, 48 wont work. When I got back , I spoke to 48 and you have to manually configure APN settings when you are abroad and play around with them for good 20 mins to register onto a roaming network. WTF is that ? Users shouldnt have to do that, a lot of people dont even have the technical knowledge to do that !

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    Add me to the list. No data for two weeks on two phones in Belgium. Tried all suggested methods and nothing worked. Hours of multiple contacts to support didn't help. Vodafone sim on a third phone worked perfectly. Conclusion: "Houston we have a problem!"

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    yeah I was lucky in so far as I was only abroad to visit friends so had wifi when in their house. If I had of been abroad as a tourist no data roaming would have drove me nuts not being able to use Google maps for public transport or Trip Advisor to find a nice place to eat.

    I had a read of this thread and it seems other 48 users were having all the same problems. The OP there gives a solution that has worked for some posters but not for others. Either way 48s chat support were useless and I wasnt the only one who spent more than an hour on to them with the problem stlll unresolved.

    When Im next abroad I'll be buying a local sim and at least that way Ill have data and people can still contact me via Whatsapp. I wouldnt trust 48 with it again, especially not if going as a tourist where having data is essential to getting around and knowing where you are.

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    Likewise I was in Spain last week (Ibiza) and had no coverage whatsoever. I followed all their online advice/instructions etc but nothing worked. In the end I gave up on relied on wifi - missing a couple of important calls in the process. While 48 is good value I am considering moving network in the future for more reliable coverage

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    Was in Germany for a few days and had a horrendous experience trying to use 48. No data connection when I arrived. Tried all the troubleshooting steps listed here to no avail -

    Got onto 48 chat and eventually figured out that 2 of the settings for adding the APN on Android are wrong. Steps 11 and 12 should be the following values and not the ones listed on the above page. And the chat operator accused me of looking at the wrong page also:

    11. MCC - 206

    12. MNC - 01

    But it was all for nothing as the speed was 90s dial up style and completely unusable. People who I were travelling with on three were getting normal Ireland data speeds or close to do it.

    It seems this is how 48 are able offer such low going for the carrier pigeon package with their roaming partners.

    Any way to get comreg onto these chancers? I'll be ditching them anyway after this experience.

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    I had huge problems this summer with them. They took an age to resolve it, in fact I thought I would be home first. They were trying to get me to change all settings (which I did to no avail). It should have been a relatively easy fix but I assume their roaming function either don't understand the complexities or they are completely under resourced .

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    Just to reinforce it with them make sure they offer you credit. I got credit because of the shambles.

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    Idea re Comreg is very good. I guess they are claiming they are offering a service which they don't deliver on.

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    That's correct, 48 (and Tesco Mobile) SIMs use a Belgian SIM profile for roaming, hence the need to change MCC from 272 (Ireland) to 206 (Belgium) and MNC from 11 (Tesco/48) to 01 (Belgacom). It beggars belief they have the wrong info on the 48 website!

    There should be a SIM toolkit menu on your phone that does this in the background when you select the 'roaming' option. Otherwise, the best thing to do is to create a roaming APN profile on your phone and select it when you're roaming.

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    What did they give you, a free months credit or more than that? Not sure if I want to get into battle with them just to get 7.99 of credit. Agree it is a shambles and they definitely know of the problem

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    Oh I don't want to get your hopes up, they just credited me with what I lost. I didn't have the will to push it forward as I used to contact them every second day. In fairness to the customer support it was outside their control I felt. Every 2 days I would just get the same from them and then all of a sudden it started working even though I had not changed any settings. This confirmed by suspicion that there was some config updated in the back end. What was very worrying for me was how long it took for them to get this done.

    The more I think of it the Comreg was is what I should have done. I saw they took (what appeared to be quite serious) action against Vodafone recently. Are 48 high enough profile for Comreg to do this?