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Amazon Prime Film/TV Series Recommendations



  • The world-building and story were great, the writing and some of the character development (or total lack thereof) was atrocious. It has huge potential for a television series as it's far, far too long a story to be told in film format and the mis-steps of the source material are so widely recognised by it's readership that it wouldn't take a genius to fix them (I'd imagine simply having a few women in the writers room would fix most of them tbh).

  • Selection of new titles/re-adds in the last week or so


    Boy Wonder 

    The Bucket List



    Everybody's Talking About Jamie (Amazon Original)(2021)

    Get Hard

    How to Be Single 


    Let's Kill Ward's Wife

    The Mad Women's Ball (Original Title: Le bal des folles)(M.Laurent)(Amazon Original)(2021)

    My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys


    Salt and Fire

    Star Trek Beyond

    Half & Half (Season 1-4)

    Moesha (Season 1-6)

    Expiring soon(That I'm aware of)

    Blood Diamond - 30/9

    The Great Gatsby - 30/9

    He's Just Not That Into You - 2/10

  • Running Scared has been added recently. Must be over 10 years ago that I watched it and remember it being very good. I think it is a modern twister version of red riding hood.

  • Watched Chaos Walking which I expected to be average enough but was pleasantly surprised. Nothing earth shattering but certainly passes the time reasonably well. Solid cast (Mads as the bad guy is always worth a look), interesting premise and I hadn't realised it was directed by Doug Liman of the first Bourne Identity (you know when the camera wasn't swinging all over the place during action sequences) and Edge of Tomorrow fame.

  • Recently finished the Second Season of The Boys. Really enjoyed it and wouldn't have bothered with it only one of my mates recommended it.

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  • Hotel Coolgardie well worth a watch. Documentary following two Finnish girls who go work in a pub in the Oz outback.

  • Selection of new titles/re-adds in the last week or so

    5 Flights Up

    12 Strong (C.Hemsworth)

    100 Streets (I.Elba/G.Arterton)

    The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box

    A Few Good Men


    An American Affair

    And Then There Were None


    Ashes in the Snow (B.Powley)

    Barely Lethal (H.Steinfeld/S.Turner)

    The Baytown Outlaws

    The Beaver (M.Gibson/J.Foster)

    Big Daddy (A.Sandler)

    Bingo Hell (Amazon Original)(2021)

    Birds of Paradise (Amazon Original)(2021)

    Black as Night (Amazon Original)(2021)

    Boy (J.Rolleston/T.Waititi)

    Breaking Surface

    Bridget Jones's Baby

    Bringing Down the House (S.Martin)

    Cardboard Gangsters

    The Children

    The Contender (Oldman/Bridges/C.Slater)

    Dark Crimes

    Death at a Funeral


    Don't Breathe

    Driving Miss Daisy (M.Freeman/J.Tandy)


    Eat Locals

    Elsa & Fred 

    The Escape (G.Arterton)

    The Escapist (B.Cox/D.Lewis)

    The Fly Room

    Ghost in the Shell (S.Johansson/M.Pitt)

    The Huntsman: Winter's War

    The Green Knight (D.Patel/Vikander)(Amazon Original)(2021)

    Happy Death Day 2U


    The Help

    The Holiday

    Hotel Coolgardie


    Imperium (D.Radcliffe/T.Collette)

    Infinite (M.Wahlberg)(Amazon Exclusive)(2021)

    Jennifer Lopez: Dance Again

    Kong: Skull Island

    The Lego Batman Movie

    Life As We Know It 

    The Loft

    Love Actually

    The Maiden Heist

    Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (I.Elba/N.Harris)

    Man Down

    The Man Without a Face


    Muriel's Wedding

    My Days of Mercy (E.Page/K.Mara)

    Odd Thomas

    The Perfect Host

    The Pirates of Somalia (E.Peters/Pacino)

    Poseidon (K.Russell/R.Dreyfuss)

    Raspberry Magic

    Renegades (J.K.Simmons)

    The Resident


    The Shallows (B.Lively)

    Shark Tale


    Smurfs: The Lost Village

    Spiderman (T.Maguire/K.Dunst/W.Dafoe)

    Sugar Mountain


    Two Night Stand (M.Teller)

    The Ugly Truth

    Us (Nyong'o)

    The Vanishing of Sidney Hall

    The Void

    The Wicker Man (Cage)

    Winter's End

    The Witches (A.Huston)

    Woman on the Run

    Wonder Woman (G.Gadot)

    100% Wolf: Legend of the Moonstone (Season 1)

    90210 (Season 1-5)

    All or Nothing: Toronto Maple Leafs (Amazon Original)(2021)

    The Bernie Mac Show (Season 1-5)

    Fresh Meat (Season 1-4)

    Goliath (Season 4)(Amazon Original)(2021)

    My Wife and Kids (Season 1-5)

    Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (Season 1-7)

    Expiring soon(That I'm aware of)

    Parasite - 6/10

    The Other Boleyn Girl - 11/10

  • ^ I still haven't gotten around to Parasite yet. Might be the kick in the bum I need to sit down and watch it.

  • Parasite is excellent get on it, another 3 days is all.

    I watched Bingo Hell, not really a horror not really good either.

  • Do. Parasite is the exception of a best Oscar gong that absolutely deserved its plaudits. It's a deeply clever, entertaining, thrilling film - and has one of the creepiest single frames in modern cinema.

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  • I started watching Guns Akimbo with Daniel Radcliffe and had to give up after half an hour. A shame because I think Radcliffe has made some interesting choices since HP but this was just really poor and I was finding it incredibly difficult to suspend my disbelief at some bits.

  • It's a movie that I think will be really hit or miss with people - probably very few neutrals. I wasn't really expecting to like it to be honest, but for whatever reason that particular tone of playful hyper-stylised campy nonsense pulled me in and I found myself really enjoying it! I'd say being in just the right mood for it helps a lot too. I got some vibes of Tank Girl, and Birds of Prey - both of which I love - from it, albeit it's not as good as either.

  • I really enjoyed Guns Akimbo. I thought it was very funny - I think Radcliffe did a great job in the lead role. The scene with Rhys Darby was great from what I remember. That and Boss Level are films I'd rate the same and both have that ott, cartoony action that doesn't take itself seriously at all and is great for switching the brain off and enjoying the chaos.

  • Boss level surprisingly good/entertaining… I didn’t think Frank Grillo had it in him to be a leading man….

    apparently the movie was finished years ago but it’s release was delayed because the studio thought it was a skunk.

  • Boss Level was ok for me but I did at least finish it. I wouldn't watch it again, a very small thing but the fact that the main character only spent about 200 days in the loop absolutely baffled me though, I think the Groundhog Day director said that Phil Connors spent about ten years in the loop and even in Palm Springs, aandy Samberg's character has clearly been there for years.

    Guns Akimbo lost me when they showed the Nix character dispatch an entire room of henchmen in a gun-fu extravaganza and then in the next scene she couldn't even hit one dude standing straight in front of her. I found Nerve to be far more interesting take on a similar concept.

  • Personally I loved Boss Level; it had some superb action, a charismatic lead, a nice bit of humour thrown into the mix and the perfect length at ~90 minutes.

  • The Green Knight was awful. I switched off after 45 minutes.

  • One of the worst films I've had the misfortune of watching. I really wished I had switched it off but I was stubborn to see it through to the end.

    I really cannot understand all the rave reviews it is getting.

  • Wouldn't be quite so positive about it but I did get through it and it is all just a bit chaotic.

    One I enjoyed was I Care a Lot.

  • Frank Gr

    Also… Frank Grillo is almost 60 ! some people at that age can’t get out of a chair let alone start everyday fighting a helicopter

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  • I watched it. I enjoyed it. I think I would have liked it more if I'd seen it back when it was released though. Not so much because of how hyped it's been, but because it's actually become a cultural reference at this stage and I think even just by accident I knew more about it than I wanted to.

    Also, which frame did you mean?

  • If I was to wager it would be around when the guy from downstairs becomes visible at the basement door entrance and scares the kid.

  • Yeah, it's a curse of the zeitgeist that you can end up accidentally spoiling yourself without even realising. Regards the frame, it's the moment when:

    We find out what the "ghost" was from the point of view of the kid, and we just see the basement dweller's eyes peeking out over the top of the stairs.

    @homerun_homer Maybe spoiler your line?

  • Weirdly it was the Happy Endings pandemic zoom reunion episode that gave a major plot point away for me. Just not where I was expecting to get Korean movie references.

    Yeah, that scene was creepy, but it also made it darkly hilarious later on when the mother was planning to untraumatise the son with the birthday cake parade.

  • Half way through Season 1 and finding the scenes with the husband impossible to sit through anymore so I’ve just decided to fast forward through his scenes from now on to get back to the scenes without him.

    It started out very interesting with the format of the scenes, but now I find I just want to get to the end to find out what happens.

  • Agree, perfect length and done the emotion well. It's one of the movies that I'd actually watch again for the fun.

  • I see the infamous Wild Mountain Thyme has been added.

  • I liked the idea of making it a procedural; the murder victim trying to figure out why he was being killed in the first place - the character development coming from a meathead acquiring some smarts alongside the requisite emotional growth typical of the sub-genre. The film made a criminal waste of Michelle Yeoh however; can't forgive that.

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  • Sounds like Happy Death Day, except for the meathead bit.