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Amazon Prime Film/TV Series Recommendations



  • Trawling amazon at the moment and found Scum with Ray Winston. Harrowing but brilliant movie.

  • Half way through series “upload”

    kinda comedy , kinda drama , kinda mystery’ show.

    Good performances from the unrecognised actors and pretty entertaining.

    8/10 (so far)

  • Anyone going to give Cruel Summer a go?

    I've heard there's plenty to like about the show even though it has its flaws.

    I shall watch the first episode at least.

  • Yeah gave it a go. Lashed through. Easy enough watch with enough to keep us interested anyway. There are some pointless arch's but 6/10 for me.

  • Just watching Jolt wow Kate Beckinsale kicking ass again liked it a lot.

    Rated adult as must be all that kicking ass.

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  • I like the look of that! Definitely something to pass the time with.

  • Boss Level is fantastic fun.

  • I’m glad Amazon didn’t buy into the cancellation of Mel

  • LOL Mel Gibson has been ‘uncancelled’ for many years. He’s been working regularly in productions big and small since 2010 - he was off the radar for a relatively short amount of time.

    Frankly, given his repugnant racist, anti-semitic and homophobic remarks over the years, he got off pretty damn easy as far as these things go.

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  • After eight years of waiting, Evangelion 3.0+1.01 is finally out on Prime today. Watched it earlier and it was worth the wait: the sort of insane, epic, baffling, thoughtful mix of introspection and spectacle that only Hideaki Anno can deliver. It really is quite the trip - 160 or so minutes of pure Evangelion. It really gives the filmmakers the time to explore what they want to - a quiet sojourn to a rural village takes up a good hour of the running time, and the extended finale has plenty of time for surrealistic interludes alongside the quite frankly preposterously large scale battles.

    The '3.0+1.01' title is of course confusing as all hell for anyone unfamiliar with the series, and maybe even those who are! This is the fourth and final film in the 'Rebuild' series, which is basically a cinematic reimagining of the original Neon Genesis Evangelion tv series and End of Evangelion film (both of which are on Netflix). Amazon has been thoughtful enough to add the three other Rebuild films today as well, so you can watch them all. It's definitely recommended to watch the original series and film first (it's all great, but EoE is particularly stunning), although these new films are certainly watchable as their own thing - but there's a lot of stuff that makes a lot more sense if you've seen the original series through as well. If you want to dive straight in to the new series of films though, the order is 1.11, 2.22, 3.33 and then finally this new one 3.0+1.01.

  • Cruel Summer is good, it's probably an episode or two too long but the last two episodes made up for it.

  • Boss level is pretty well done. Great fun

  • Literally just finished it this morning. Man it's short, barely 80 minutes of movie; quite the runtime whiplash after the needlessly long (but enjoyable) The Suicide Squad.

    I've no idea what to make of it at first blush, but it sure was something. Not least, a girlboss movie written by outed sex pest Max Landis. Can't fault it for never flinching on its premise though. I'd like to see what the director does next.

  • They spoke about the Landis connection last year when it screened at TIFF. They (the director, and Chloe Moretz who was a producer too) said that the script was hugely rewritten after Landis left the project. He claims it's still his. I dunno. I felt like the extremely sexist opening scenes were probably his, beyond that, I dunno. I do remember reading more about it at the time but I can't remember all of what was said.

  • Sicario is a good one, wonder when the 2nd one will be on.

  • Finished Clarkson's farm, fantastic, can't wait for season 2.

  • Just watched it. Absolutely ridiculous but I enjoyed it too. Chris Pratt is a terrible actor but he's so likeable. I think it's because I love him in Parks and Rec.

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  • Just flicked on 9 perfect strangers last night. The casting is excellent and 2 episodes in, its very good.

  • I watched all 3 eps that are up. The cast is great but I wasn't overly impressed with it as a whole. It just kind of felt like something I've seen done before and done better. It kept my attention but I wasn't really invested in any of the characters, ad the fact it's now gone to weekly episodes makes me wonder if I'll even finish it.

  • Selection of new titles/re-adds in the last week or so

    The 6th Day

    Admission (T.Fey/P.Rudd)

    The Bank Job 

    Beat the Devil (Bogart)

    Bronson (T.Hardy)

    The Emperor of Paris (Original Title: L'Empereur de Paris)

    Flatliners (K.Sutherland/J.Roberts)

    Flatliners (E.Page/D.Luna)

    Fool's Gold

    The Glass Man


    Hacksaw Ridge

    Hollow Man

    In Search of A Midnight Kiss

    Jack Reacher

    Kansas City 

    Kill Command

    The Last Movie Star



    Road Trip

    Spacewalker (Original Title: Время первых)


    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

    Too Late


    Walking Out

    House M.D. (Season 1-8)

    Nine Perfect Strangers (Amazon Exclusive)(2021)(First 3 episodes, rest following weekly until conclusion)

    Expiring soon(That I'm aware of)

    Seven - 29/8

    Miss You Already - 31/8

    The Gentlemen - 2/9

  • I know it's not a film, but I wish Halt and Catch Fire came back; as is often the way with our modern streaming world you can halfway through a season when ... poof! The show disappears.

  • I am relatively new to Amazon prime (using amazon UK as I am in Ireland.)

    There is so much that is "not available in your location".....

    am i missing something?

  • Irish users use primevideo(dot)com, not the actual Amazon website. That might be your problem.

  • 6th day hidden gem/ underrated ??? Or late career Arnie trash ??

  • OMG - I was just accessing through amazon website....... THANK YOU SO MUCH...... game changer......

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