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Raw Superthread 2021!



  • Big E needed that win

    Could Xavier go heel, would WWE have the balls to change him, he never has won a singles world title, bitterness etc., story writes itself

    I think Bobby should recruit new members like Keith, MVP is missed

    I think Drew is headed to Smackdown

  • New Day have said they'll never turn on each other. I think they said in some interview that it's been pitched to them a few times, they've always said no and if they are forced to do it, they'll leave.

    Whether they would actually stick to their guns on the last part remains to be seen.

  • I think the threat of AEW is enough to keep them together on top of the fact that their merch is a top seller.

  • Thought AJ and Riddle was a brilliant match. Sheamus and Priest was very hard hitting but we've already seen it 40 times lol. The cage match was decent in parts, we're likely not going to get an explanation for the Hurt Business reformation are we 😂

    A much better Raw than usual.. but that's a low bar. Drew and Big E doesn't really make much sense from a face/heel perspective. Would much rather see AJ step up for a match or two with Big E to get him over, with Kofi and Xavier playing foils to Omos.

    I'm wondering how the draft is going to shake things up tbh. Things are kind of established so I'm not sure what switches are going to happen.

    Priest and Nakamura/Boogs possibly changing brands with IC and US Titles switching. Charlotte really needs someone like Bianca to switch. Would love an open challenge next week, draft pick announced as Bianca and she comes out and takes the belt off her but I doubt that's happening.

  • Would be in favour of a new day break up or heel turn as I think they have done almost everything a face team can both as a team and individually. Enjoyed the cage match and Big Es title reign is going well

    Good to have the hurt business back but would of liked if they recruited some new members with Keith Lee been one of them

    Drew going to SD seems very likely but you never know with wwe

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  • If Big E is to face Drew, the latter needs to turn heel.

    Makes sense, hes gotten very stale as a face.

  • I wonder will Brock save Heymen when the Usos are drafted to Raw and go to attack him

  • Becky predictably drafted to Raw

  • Austin Theory playing the cocky fanboy heel

  • This unstoppable tough Shayna better be going somewhere, give her a title run, have her take out Becky, Charlotte and Bianca

    Sheamus and Jeff to SD

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  • Not a good sign that they used that picture of Alexa while everyone else got their profile photos used. New brand should be a new start for her.

    So NXT call-ups are Hit Row, Austin Theory, Aliyah, Xia Li and Ridge Holland. Gable Steveson straight to Raw.

    Additional Picks (revealed during Raw Talk)

    • Liv Morgan to Raw.
    • Dana Brooke to Raw.
    • Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode to Raw.
    • Jaxson Ryker to Raw.
    • Veer to Raw.
    • Mia Yim to Raw.
    • Tamina to Raw.
    • Tegan Nox to Raw.
    • Cedric Alexander to Raw.
    • Shelton Benjamin to Raw.
    • The Miz to Raw.
    • Shotzi Blackheart to Smackdown.
    • Natalya to Smackdown.
    • Jinder Mahal to Smackdown.
    • Shanky to Smackdown.

    So splitting Shotzi and Tegan, Tamina and Natalya and part of Jinder's team

  • Here's a full list of the women's tag team division following the draft.

    Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. (c)

    That's it. Literally every other "team" has been broken up.

  • Think of all the "can they co-exist?" potential now though.

  • Liv and Dana will probably be put together.

    Seeing Mia listed made me wonder where Shane Thorne is

    Looking online, seems he's been having dark matches on Smackdown

  • Kinda feel both rosters have been weakened by the draft if anything. Nothing really fresh about it bar possibly Drew going after Roman eventually, and even that was done before albeit with the face/heel roles flipped.

    There's a little bit of shuffling in the mid card and with women moving but that's essentially it. A damp squib imo.

  • Thats the problem with drafts happening over and over on a regular schedule without adding more to the roster. People bounce back and forth but the freshness runs out because they just bounce back and forth with the same people.

    If, say, the drafts were limited to every second or third year, but there was more focus on pushing more people, introducing more people, drafts would feel more special as a result. Drew moves from Raw to Smackdown, but it's still going to be feuding with people he has in the last two years.

  • Through line of the show could have been Heyman keeping the Usos on Smackdown but nooOOoo.

  • Odd that both Hit Row and Ridge Holland are involved in decent NXT storylines but there been canned just as quickly for them to head to the main roster

  • Really strange selection of call-ups from NXT tbh.

    Not sure if either roster is getting me that excited at the moment.

  • Xia has been off NXT for a number of weeks. She's now the first Chinese superstar to appear on the WWE main roster.

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  • Is it almost a given that for a big percentage of WWE stars would be drafted between brands at least once or twice (maybe more in some cases) during there wwe careers ?

    Kurt Angle no longer the only Olympic gold medallists' in WWE with Gable Steveson now part of Raw. Going to be a little confusing have Gable Steveson and Chad Gable

  • Shorty G to return?

  • Interesting to see how Finn comes back after the rope shenanigans. We've not heard from him since. Given how strong they made him look in all the recent Roman matches, wonder if he'll be a major title challenger on RAW.

  • God, Raw is awful. Another main event, another non-finish.

    Becky's abs were the highlight of the show.

  • Becky's fashion sense is increasingly the highlight for me, just realised her and Rollins are basically doing the same gimmick.

  • Shame about the name but I think Doudrop has what it takes to become something. She has a presence about her and her facial expressions are good.

  • Vince was reported to say Balor would never get another title run in WWE he’s just there to put over vinces pet projects as he has credibility.

  • Cool, so that means Balor will be getting another title run, considering that's how these stories usually go.

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  • I'd agree but her ring attire is awful. If she went down the Nia Jax route of wrestling gear she'd look far more bad ass imo anyways.