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Timeless watch channel



  • Never knew the word came from quaranta! Every day a school day 😁

  • ROLEX FANBOY gets a CASIO G-SHOCK !!! - (featuring micro brands: Nove & Pantheum Roma) - YouTube

    Oisín reviews a couple of micro-brand watches and does an un-boxing of two G-Shocks. Seems to have dropped the 'full story' idea on French girl, thankfully.

  • From girlfriend drama to reviewing shitters.


  • Now that I think on it quaranta is forty, but so is IIRC quarantena, the latter's probably the origin. Plague could have a long incubation period, up tp 30 days again IIRC.

    Rejoice in the awareness of feeling stupid, for that’s how you end up learning new things. If you’re not aware you’re stupid, you probably are.

  • Yes, quaranta is 40 and quarantena is 40 days

    One of the main reasons I like the channel is that it has some basic spoken Italian in it. We went to Italy for the summer holidays for most of my teenage years, must have spent the guts of a year over there. That was a while ago though 🤣

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  • Met Oisin recently, he is an extremely sound guy. Also, extremely generous in every way (especially with his time) and great company.

  • He comes across like that tbh, but the lady drama stuff doesn't do him any favours. Though that said maybe it does? Given he's also selling a lifestyle vibe on top of watches it gets the views and attention so there's that aspect too. Would he be in live streams with the fat Australian without it? This youtube/social media/attention stuff is hard enough to navigate.

    Rejoice in the awareness of feeling stupid, for that’s how you end up learning new things. If you’re not aware you’re stupid, you probably are.

  • youre probably right there Wibbs .His channel is not really about watches only ,it’s his lifestyle , Italy , wine and so on .I’m not interested in the drama side of his life but obviously a lot of his viewers are .He’s certainly carving out a strong following so most seem to like it.

  • I suppose the video with the girl got quite a reaction so he’s leveraging that a bit. I’d say he’s realised now that he’s reached a tipping point on it. Couldn’t see what the fuss was about personally - 3/10 max

  • 3/10!.....she was a honey trap but not a minger, but look maybe my options are more limited than yours 😁

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  • Maybe I’m being a little harsh, just thought the audience “phwoaaar”ing to fitness ratio was off

  • I'd actually expect that, he seems like he'd be a hell of a guy to meet and talk to. Some of the youtube stuff is nonsense but if you're playing that game it's probably hard not to get sucked into some of it eventually.

  • Finally the two parts first part has the lower priced stuff and the second had the rolex.

    Over an hour on the second vid, so time for the reasonably priced wine.

  • A lot of watches. Can count on on two fingers which ones I would like.

    The hulk and the gold Daytona.

  • At least he knows the VC and the JLC are a class above.

  • Enjoyed that. But those two don't do anything for me, 893bet. Maybe my time will come 😂

  • He mentions his "tree trunk" arms often and I think I remember him saying that his wrists are 7.6". That's the same as mine.

    So how come the Yachtmaster and Daytona don't seem that small on him? Is it the way he videos them? Or is it just me being conditioned by big watches because of my massive 44mm James Cameron? I've tried on Daytonas (40mm) a few times, far too small. Tried a Batgirl (GMT Master II - 40mm) recently. Beautiful, but looks like a toy watch on me. The only Rolex on my wish list - I guess my only grail watch at this stage of my journey - is the blue Yachtmaster 40. Ichrono has one, hoping to go see it this week

  • Oh nor me! Just remarking that he admired they are levels above Rolex quality wise. I note on P Thorpe stream Oisin says if Rolex did not hold their value he might only have 1 in this collection.

    Post edited by 893bet on

  • I noticed that also. I think the 36mm Rolex he tries on, think it was an OP even looked ok on him.

    The angle the watch wearer views a watch skews perception of size. Make a small watch seem too small and a big watch seem to big vs an onlooker looking from 2 metres away and hardly noticing a difference in size from that perspective.

  • I note on P Thorpe stream Oisin says if Rolex did not hold their value he might only have 1 in this collection.

    I strongly suspect that would be the case with a majority of general buyers/collectors, particularly latterly in the flipping/investment trend. And largely because of the same trend they get more flex points on insta and the like. One feeds the other. There were always Rolex specific collectors, as well as Omega and so on, but in the general collector arena far less so. A vintage or current collection considered rounded would likely have featured a Sub alright, but not much beyond that. Just like a Speedie would figure in a similar collection, rather than six "special editions" of same. Much has changed in the hobby in this regard.

    Rejoice in the awareness of feeling stupid, for that’s how you end up learning new things. If you’re not aware you’re stupid, you probably are.

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  • He does like to go on about his “ big arms” I noticed on one of those vids that he uses the same number of links as I do and my wrists are a little under 7” , plus none of the watches look small on him so there might be a bit of exaggeration going on.

    Wouldn’t be like men to claim 7&1/2 “ when the size is closer to 6..

  • Small wristed people tend to exaggerate how small they are, and big wirsted people exaggerate how big they are. Mostly people are in the 7-8'' range, there was a watchuseek survey a while back showed this. Usually when I hear people with obvious normal sized wrists go on about how big they are its usually in order to give some unnecessary excuse why they are wearing a big watch. Just wear the size you like the look of. Humblebrags about having giant arm unnecessary, want to wear a 50mm invicta good for you, its a look and a personal preference.

  • @unkel either the yacht master is now yours or you were too slow

  • I rang him last week to arrange viewing it and he said he was going to be away until today. Was busy today, did not get a chance to ring him. I guess someone beat me to it and wayyyyy overpriced for that watch 😂

    The one in Belfast got sold a few days before I got there but I'm sure there will be others...

  • Not so sure about that. Any watch I try on from other people and half the time I can't even get it over my wrist even with the clasp open. Funny thing is I always thought my wrists were small (they look small to me) until I measured them.

  • You dont have big wrists, but that doesnt mean that you are going to be able to wear other peoples watches without sizing (one standard rolex link only add 0.4 of an inch). Not saying peoples wrists are not different sizes just that the "I have massive wrists and cant wear a 40mm watch thing" is an excuse for preference. Lot of people wear speedmaster professionals at 42mm and the whole massive wrists things doesnt come up. Hell my ap wears really big but I like it because of that not because it look "normal" on my massive wrists. I would say you have about 7.5 - 7.75 inch wrists...perfectly within 1 SD of average. That you are used to a big watch and a smaller watch feels weird is another matter altogether. Someone with a 9 inch wrist can wear a 36mm watch just fine if they want and like that "vintage" look...

    You have big wrists if you have to buy extra links for a watch cause it doesnt come with enough otherwise you are just a normal dude. Nothing about Oisin is ever just normal, ordinary or mundane, his wrists included. Hell he cant even take a sipe of wine without tipping the glass 90 degrees like a sommelier checking the legs.

  • Cool graph. And yes I'm in the 7.5-7.75" category, so from the above chart roughly 1100 people are in a smaller category and 300 are in a bigger category. So yes that is clearly a lot bigger than average / median

    Any idea where this sample came from, USA only (with a lot of big / heavy people) or globally?

  • I did have to purchase an extra link for two of my Rolex watches. I suppose that's an interesting marker for wrist size alright 🤣

  • Thats not how that works and is wrong way to think about it, its about the standard deviation that tells you are you outside the normal variance in sizes, an average means nothing when it comes to population variance stats like this, as no individual is average. For humans a measurable difference is totally normal if its within one standard deviation of the mean. Once you are 2 or 3 SD away from the mean you are an outlier. (assuming the trait follows a normal distribution which wrist size and most biological measurements do).

    1. The mean (or average) of all the answers is 7.28 inch or 18.49 cm.
    2. This was found by adding wrists sizes and diving by the number of answers. We tend not to use this value though, because discrete ranges skew the results. A mean value would be more truthful, so there you go.
    3. The median (or 50th percentile) – a more statistically correct average wrist size for a man – is 7.25 inch or 18.42 cm.
    4. That means that 50% of men have smaller wrist than 7.25″ and 50% of men have a larger wrist than 7.25″.
    5. The 20th percentile is 6.75 inch or 17.15 cm
    6. 80% of men have a wrist size bigger than 6.75″ (and 20% have a smaller wrist)
    7. The 80th percentile is 7.75 inch 19.67 cm
    8. 20% of men have a wrist size bigger than 7.75″ (and 80% have a smaller wrist)
    9. The standard deviation is 0.70 inch or 1.78 cm
    10. which gives us the last 3 statistics :
    11. 68% of men have a wrist size between 6.55 and 7.95 inch or 16.64 and 20.19 cm
    12. That is 7.25″ (the mean) +- 1 time 0.70″ (the standard deviation)
    13. 95% of men have a wrist size between 5.85 and 8.65 inch or 14.86 and 21.97 cm
    14. That is 7.25″ +- 2 times 0.70″ (the standard deviation)
    15. 99.7% of men have a wrist size between 5.05 and 9.35 inch or 12.83 and 23.75 cm
    16. That is 7.25″ +- 3 times 0.70″

    So at 7.75'' you join nearly 70% of men who are within one Standard deviation of the your wrist is a very ordinary size. Sorry but you are not a special snowflake :) Someone was nicking links on you I would think. A rolex will fit an 8'' wrist out of the box (usually 12 full links on a oyster)

    Post edited by Fitz II on

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  • And that’s why watches are cool folks!

    Think the gentleman forum is looking for that kind of analysis also.