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Timeless watch channel



  • Yeah I know what a normal distribution and standard deviation are 😂

  • Should save time so next time you are talking about having bigger than normal wirsts. 😆

    893bet....yes I try to leech any sembliance of cool or fun out of any topic

  • @Fitz II yes I try to leech any sembliance of cool or fun out of any topic

    See this is why people don't like going to the dentist . Its not cause ye are scary ,its because you are all boring gits!

  • I liked the sotc video a lot, and the wine stuff interested me but I can see why it would bore the willy off people who aren’t into that. His collection is great IMO. Rolex heavy for sure but he has some beautiful Omegas to balance it out, plus I love the reverso and have regretted passing up on it in the past. The Vacheron is a gorgeous watch IMO and looks better than many of Franck Muller’s similar watches.

    I think a gs snowflake would fit in well, or after making a very enjoyable Panerai video how about get a specchio blu kid? Would that not hit the mark for him in many ways? That was the only part that bugged me, why wax lyrical about Panerai and not have one in the collection?

  • I was surprised as well there was no panerai .He had the big video about Panerai and he’s shown another model on his Instagram a few times .I thought he had at least one

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  • I have a nice reverso for sale on adverts at the moment. discount for person

  • He hinted that he bought a 210 in the Panerai vid. But it's not in the collection, so either he didn't buy it or has sold it on

    BTW Fitz of this parish has a reverso for sale, did you spot that?

  • Latest Q&A.

    Where do i get my money? - Q&A 9 - YouTube

    Inspired me to wear my Aqua Terra today.

  • He doesn't know what Schrödinger's equation is....doesn't stop him trying to explain it. Passive income is not what he thinks it is either. Still nice scenery behind a man talking crap.

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  • State of the Collection Part 3.

    State Of The Collection - 3 - SURPRISE ENDING!! - Rolex, Omega, Seiko - YouTube

    Oisín being a bit controversial comparing the Omega AT with the Rolex OP & DJ.

  • I would have thought the op was an expected comparison if both were available to buy from AD

  • It came to me today....he is the David Brent of watches.

    Don't see an issue comparing an at to an op but DJ is a different type of watch altogether.

  • Saw bits of a livestream last night on PT's channel with Oisin in it. Turns out he only just recovered from a second dose of COVID that he picked up during the London watch show (looks like most of the watch youtubers who went got infected). Oisin said it got him really bad "it nearly killed me", with PT hinting that Oisin isn't vaccinated.

    If that is true, the man has lost most of the respect I had left for him, what an idiot. A middle aged man carrying a bit of weight is a prime target to die from COVID if not vaccinated. What was he thinking, he had COVID early last year so would be forever protected even against these new strains? Seriously?

  • A total and utter fool.

    After saying that he almost died…….Archie was sympathetic asking if his medical insurance kicked in etc as at that point you would be assuming he got ventilated etc.

    Oisin didnt even have to go to a doctor or hospital. Self isolated in a hotel, no wait…a 4 star hotel…..**** lol

    Nearly **** died so he did.

    And he is going on about the London watch show next year needs to up its Covid protocols etc. They sure do…..not letting in those with out a vaccine pass or PCR test be a good start.

    Nearly **** died!!!!

  • That London Watch Show from what I saw of it was an obvious super-spreader event and anyone who went to it was behaving irresponsibly.

  • Oh dear me. I wouldhave thought anyway that the watch community would have a larger than average amount of self obsessed cock wombles who know better than to be vaccinated. So its no surprise. These chaps live in their own bubble where they surround themselves with people who think every excrementory. utterance out of their mouth is gospel.

    I saw vids of the show. Chaps hugging, shaking hands and handling the same unsanitary watches. No masks, no antigen testing, no PCR tests, no distancing. No clue.

    Agree with Unkle, middle aged man, out of shape, smokes is a prime candidate for a hard covid journey. Before he lectures us on quantum mechanics, musical taste and art appreciation he should sort his sh1t out.

  • Have just watched the video I think Unkle is referring to Christmas Watches ... If Money Was No Object. ;) - YouTube and skipping through it you get a Covid discussion around the 1 hour 9 min. mark where Oisín says out straight he wasn't vaccinated and asks whether they should be holding these "super-spreader events". It's being wise after the fact but some people feel they're invulnerable until they find out they aren't, that's the nature of human behaviour.

  • Not really, Cyclingtourist. It's plain ignorance. The overwhelming evidence of the benefits of vaccination has long been before us. People who choose not to be vaccinated should be treated like the pariahs that they are and should not be allowed to enter any building or vehicle that they don't own.

  • "Not really, Cyclingtourist. It's plain ignorance."

    Well he had Covid already which scientifically is the equivalent to being double jabbed. It's the type of event I personally wouldn't attend and I'm triple jabbed but not everyone is as careful as me.

    My best friend isn't vaccinated (says he's relying on his natural immunity) but I'm not going to ostracise him.

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  • Think Unkle is referring to this vid

    TLDR : 100% in character, an unvaccinated minor youtube celebrity chooses to travel by plane to London to press the flesh, get photographed, fawned over and have dinner out with 100's of like minded men. Gets covid and now has the opinion that these events should be safer and people should be more careful or he wont go in future....WTAF, its was obvious beforehand and totally obviates his own role in all of this and this is an attempt to virtue signal. Super spreaders are rarely vaccinated individuals.

    Unkle I am with you, No vaccine = no fun, no travel, no pints. Everyone has the right to decide their health autonomy but the everyone else has the right to exclude. We dont allow people to drive a car after drinking, give blood if they have contagious diseases or do certain jobs without vaccination like being a healthcare worker, so limiting an individuals options is part of the social contract.

    I have had COVID, I am also triple jabbed. And I still spent the weekend isolating as I was feeling bad and awaiting a PCR test. My wife a doctor had to stay home from work, my kids stayed home. That anyone thinks its OK to go to an event like this unvaccinated and then later pontificate after the fact is a danger to others.

  • A customer of mine said the same thing about his best friend. Who is now dead from COVID, aged 60 and in good health. If you really are his best friend, tell him to cop the fukc on.

  • He's well aware of my opinions but he's an adult and he's responsible for his behaviour, I'm responsible for mine.

  • So "artistic" type, who tend to be histrionic, hysterical and fragile of ego as a mark of the breed* catches covid, has a few days feeling sorry for himself, in a hotel no less, claims he nearly died? Mhahahahahahhahahah. Twat. There was a twit on Newstalk who came out with similar. A couple of days off, bit of a cough and sniffle, claimed he felt he was dying. 🙄 Let's face it, unless you're already fecked health wise, or horribly unlucky even tubby feckers like him have a tiny chance of pegging it from the pox. In Ireland in the 45-55 sge group out of the confirmed positive cases the death rate was 0.1. Even the risk of a hospital stay is 3% and the bulk of those stats were in play before vaccines. If you've been vaccinated, drop those risks by a massive factor.

    And on top of that he attends a mass circle jerk of people from all corners, indoors with no basic precautions in sight, man hugging, back slapping each other and pressing flesh and isn't vaccinated or recently recovered from the pox and is surprised he caught a sniffle? Poor dear. Double twat. Actually outside of an Eyes Wide Shut type orgy, which would be fair bit more interesting, it would be hard enough to imagine a better event to spread a respiratory virus.

    I haven't been at a watch fair for over two decades and to be fair it was a vintage watch event, but complete chalk and cheese compared to that show. Like an antiques gig really. Mostly an older crowd, a bookish, nerdy, very quiet affair, with as many reference books on show as watches. I'd say the fairs our Irishplayer recently attended would be of that sort and I'd further bet bugger all came down with covid after it. More actual experts on show too, not just reference number rattlers like Nic O'Subsecondsisacomplication selling snake oil to other montebanks and the gullible revving each other up like a revival meeting crossed with Amway.

    *About the main reason why it's long fascinated me why people listen to and put such store in the utterances of celebs.

    Few enough were innocent in the past, few enough are innocent in the present, we just don’t know why yet.

  • I watched the bit of the vid where he says he's not vaccinated and he didn't get around to it because he's not resident in Italy and this requires more paperwork. Now Italy had its issues with getting needles in arms initially, but he must not have tried very hard. I know an Italian lass who I've been in contact with off and on throughout this pox(her brother is an ICU nurse in a badly effected region, so you can imagine what he saw in the early days), who's friend is going out with an English guy who is not resident in Italy "officially" and he was able to get a walk in dose. J&J IIRC. Now this was in Milan so maybe it's different in Venice, but I doubt it. My impression is he just put it on the long finger, thought he was golden after having it the once and threw all caution to the wind.

    I had it early in the year, asymptomatic, until I realised I couldn't smell my morning espresso*. Got vaccinated in September. At no point did I drop my guard with masks indoors, washing hands, rubbing things down I touched with alcohol etc. Not to some OCD level either, just basic habits that are easy peasy. In the last couple of months I've been exposed to covid a few times in a couple of close enough indoor situations and got tested and negative each time. In one case I was the only one who came back negative(I was the only one wearing a mask throughout). I'd be willing to bet my habits were a large part of that. Not having kids or having to deal with the public face to face on a daily basis another big factor too of course so it's easier for people like me. Would I attend a watch fair? Vintage old farts type yep. Hepped up on goofballs type shows? Not a chance.

    Maybe wearing one of these:

    But then it would be illegal if I tried on anything but a Speedy. Still with so many special editions coming from Omega that would still fill my day. 😂

    *That came back with a bang this week funny enough. After a dose of a headcold(confirmed negative for the pox). Can smell feck all else though. Coffee, fresh cut grass and roses of all things. That's it. Strong chemicals like acetone, petrol, isopropyl? Nope. Someone who's into that sorta thing gave me some essential oils(Mobil 1 is the only essential oil as far as I'm concerned) to sniff to retrain my brain. Nada. Mad.

    Few enough were innocent in the past, few enough are innocent in the present, we just don’t know why yet.

  • I like this acerbic Wibbs, very amusing post.....My bout with Covid seems to have permanently rid me of my sense of smell and taste too. I can smell some things but they smell wrong, and coffee tastes bitter and strange, no improvement in 18 months. Still a minor price to pay. I had a huge antibody reaction to Covid and had the dubious honour of the second highest antibody titre in Ireland for a short period. Seems these antibodies cross reacts with your nasal receptors in some people and kill them off.

    Oisin has gone in my estimations from Suave cool man around town into narcissistic bullsh1tting plonker over this and a number of less than gentlemanly incidents heavily publicised by himself. In general the entirety of the watch youtube community are filled with people I would actively avoid IRL, and even by my high standards or tolerance. the douchbaggery is intolerable. If anything Thorpe is coming up in my estimations, Adrian Barker remains calm and collected too. But the rest act like overexcited 12 year old girls that are going through the pubertal excitement of having "friends" for the first time.

    Trying to livestream hours a day on the watch hobby is shockingly boring, there is not that much to it really. I think this is why Oisin feels the need to force history, cigar, wine, music and movie appreciation lessons upon us all because lets me honest....once you have seen a dozen Rolex you have seen them all, and the sycophantic pandering to the ever vocal and dangerous "affordable watch crew" is transparent and half hearted. Watches are fun to get into, but by god its hard stay interested at that level for a long time. Once you spot the dung starts to be all you can see.

  • I dunno, if you expect high things you should prepare to be disappointed. I just expect to be entertained while the video is running.

  • Interesting about the antibodies nuking the nasals. I have no idea what levels mine were at. Low I would have thought as I had zero symptoms, that I noticed anyway. Nada from the vaccine either. One chap I knew who caught it last year ended up in bed for a few days sick as a pig, but he didn't lose the sense of smell/taste and when he got his first vaccine jab it laid him so low he never got the second. Interesting how it varies so much.

    I never liked Thorpe, but it was clear from the get go he was playing to the gallery for laughs, the problem these days is so many are not. They're being serious. 😮😁 Watches are a hard sell for youtube minus the BS, even now when it's trending. So you have to have Oisin rambling around Venice talking about dollybirds and vino, or Nic cursing like a docker shouting about god tier nonsense looking at rapper's watch collections, because like you say one watch starts to look like another. Especially as the trend de jour is Rolex and Patek, with the occasional Omega(Speedy) and AP. Those get the views but after a while if you've seen one Royal Oak you've seen them all. It's a self limiting market. On the other hand at least the cheap as chips lads have variety, but their brands don't get nearly the same views so they're self limiting too. The vintage crowd have pretty much zero presence on the Tube, or anywhere else really, but that market has stagnated in a big way. Nobody's buying and nobody's selling.

    The watch hobby used to be tiny, a bunch of collectors and nerds with a much wider spread of subject matter and just enough of an audience to sustain it and it wasn't nearly so expensive to buy into and the aspirational stuff was minimal. Oh you always had the "check out what I've got" guys, but they were much more of a minority. Go back ten or fifteen years on say TZUK or further back on the Timezone forums and there were fewer posters but a much wider spread of stuff in general. When the big money and dealers and wider audience got involved and then flippers and escalating prices and then new social media look at me stuff like instagram took off the ecosystem changed a lot and contrarily the focus narrowed, and I think much of the BS we're seeing today is down to that. I can see it going back to the nerds in time.

    Few enough were innocent in the past, few enough are innocent in the present, we just don’t know why yet.