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  • That was a pretty great Smackdown!

    The Brock/Roman intro was awesome and I'm still wondering what they'll do with Heyman and I'm enjoying face Brock so it has me more interested in a Roman/Brock feud than I thought I would be. 10 man tag was fun, after looking into the Trae Young stuff it was hilarious, amazing move to get him involved in NYC. Rollins vs Edge was an amazing match and the ending was really interesting, Guessing we won't see Edge till maybe Survivor Series now and wonder if that promo after was teasing Rollins turning face, although he could also go full psychopath. Tag match was good and I actually think Roman getting involved elevates that programme. Becky segment was okay, I really can't tell anymore if they are using fake boos for her though, would have been more interested if she hadn't signed but anyway.

    With all the 9/11 stuff, I genuinely thought of Zelina, I knew her father had died in the attack. The fact that the played 3 (maybe more) packages and didn't give her even a small promo or segment and cut the match is sad. I know she's not the biggest deal but that could have been a really great moment. WWE's handling of the women's division is in the dumps right now. Toni once again was not on the show (apparently she would have been in the tag match that was cut), Naomi's story doesn't appear to be going anywhere, Shotzi and Nox beat the tag team champs multiple times and there's no follow-up on it and they aren't even on tv consistently. Shambles.

    As for the demon thing, I'm really torn. I think it was too early to bring back the demon for Finn's return to main roster. He needed more time to establish the Prinxe gimmick to a wider audience, now he's just gone back to the demon schtick. I would love for him to get the belt off Roman in this way but I doubt it's happening, they're feeding the demon to Roman seemingly and that is a total joke.

  • really have no interest in Becky anymore.. find her cringe worthy promos are awful and this heel run so far has sucked

  • It's like Vince was watching Conor McGregor videos on YouTube and told Becky to do exactly what he does tbh.

  • Excellent smackdown.

    Loving viking Lesnar and pushing balor is great to see.

    Perhaps brock costs reigns the title at extreme rules.

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  • Pat is great on commentary

  • Liking Brock's new look too but I'll eat my fcuking hat if this Balor "push" actually leads to him winning the title.

  • I know Zelina should've been on, but it's bad when the only women's segment was the contract signing. Apart from that we got a sighting of Shotzi and Tegan.

    Apart from that we had a really long Edge/Seth match and then it was pretty much the Roman show. Long opening segment, multiple backstage segments with him or Paul on his own, then the match and segment at the end.

    I am enjoying Kayla's stalking of Heyman and Heyman's dislike of her.

  • Seeing how good Roman is at the moment makes it even more annoying that Vince forced him to be a babyface which just didn’t work.

  • She should have been on the show given the anniversary but I would think her reading out her dads name today at the memorial(she said in an interview she’s doing it this year) is more important to her.

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  • They finally managed to put on a good show from start to finish so I'm not really bothered if that came at the expense of dropping a nothing tag match between 4 fairly poor wrestlers. It's no loss.

    And as harsh as it sounds, Zelina made her bed. She got sacked once and had her pick of promotions and she went back to them despite knowing what they are like.

  • I haven't watched Smackdown yet or read the above comments. Is it worth watching? Marks out of 10 please

  • 8.

    Best episode of anything WWE have produced in a long while. Although it's not a high bar when Raw accounts for the majority of that.

  • High praise from a man of high standards. Cheers

  • Watching a WWE show d=for the first time since live crowds returned and jaysus the piped in fan cheers is terrible and so distracting and takes away from any natural pop the wrestlers might actually be getting.

    I love a good Signature.

  • Big Finn E Club on Smackdown

  • So there's over a week between Draft episodes. Sept 24th and Oct 4th.

  • Bianca getting a homecoming from Kane, she ain't champion, is every superstar going to get when in their hometown

  • Thought that was a decent show. Weird they're doing the IC match next week as opposed to the PPV, seems like it's one tailor made for Extreme Rules between Naka and Crews.

    I saw they announced the six man tag for Raw and I was a bit deflated cos honestly, a SS match between New Day and Bloodline would be brilliant BUT at least there is some semblance of booking there rather than Roman just showing up randomly next Monday. Nice for Big E to get a Smackdown appearance in too given he's still theoretically a roster members for the time being.

    Becky and Bianca is going like all of Bianca's feuds... She is bloody awful on the mic and I'm irrationally annoyed by her braid at this stage.

    Presumably Dom and Rey is building up to one or the other turning on each other (likely Dom though a heel Rey would be kinda interesting), otherwise it makes no real sense tbh.

    Decent episode all up imo.

  • Toni makes an appearance on Smackdown and doesn't get her entrance shown. Also looks like she's just a new partner for Liv.

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  • I saw something there on Reddit from Mojo Rawley that said they push people based on social media hits. It makes sense of their absolute persistence with Liv, the latest being a team with Toni.

    All the while there's Ruby who after a long injury they cut fairly sharply.

    I mean it as no disrespect to Liv, I just don't get how they've repackaged as much as they have yet it still hasn't landed to their satisfaction, but still retain her.

  • Yeah Toni has been an absolute after-thought and why they brought here up is beyond me.

    Enjoyed the episode overall. I actually might watch Raw for that 6 man too. Kevin Owens looks bored at this stage and I'm sick of Dominik Mysterio though.

    Of course WWE beat up the babyface in their hometown.

  • Following Naomi’s unruly approach towards Sonya Deville last night, the WWE Official spoke with Talking Smack correspondent Kayla Braxton about Naomi’s unspeakable actions. According to Deville, the former SmackDown Women’s Champion went a little too far while mentioning she should be lucky she only walked away with a (storyline) fine.

    “The way that Naomi talked to me tonight, the way that she treated me tonight, is absolutely unacceptable behavior,” Deville snapped. “Nobody is to talk to a WWE Official in that manner. She is lucky that she got a fine. I don’t know what she thinks stepping to me and getting aggressive in my face is going to do.”

    Wrestling Inc

    I thought we were going to see Naomi vs. Sonya

  • Is there really anyone she could put Naomi against as punishment? Raw has Nia who works as both storyline and non storyline punishment. Or even a handicap match. I wouldn't exactly look at the team of Carmella and Zelina as heavy hitters.

    Even though they're Smackdown talent, Natalya and Tamina are mainly Raw, which leaves only 3 active heels with Carmella, Zelina and Becky. Bayley is injured and Sasha has disappeared again

  • Let's hope Finn comes out good from his match against Roman as him getting squished could really damage the demon character.

    Hardly a swerve and he will win the title at ER but can imagine the Saudi's been unhappy that Roman vs Brock is not for a title. That title braun won at the Greatest Royal rumble is erased from history and not to be mentioned

  • I was sure they said the first night of the draft was on this week, but looking it up it's next week.

  • Maybe need a weekly game of "Spot the Toni". Thought she was gong to join Nak or Liv to the ring but nope.

    If they're going to use piped in noise while showing the crowd, they need to start finding the people who are chanting what they're piping in. I didn't see anyone chanting "EST". Would like to see a live report to see who the people were most behind in that segment.

    Speaking of piped in noise, I really wish they would stop using the one with the woman screaming. Unless she goes to every show now.

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  • Excellent show in fairness.