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  • Will mega rich Corbin be celebrating

  • Brock kills the WWE Universe

    Really hoping for a post Wrestlemania vibe tonight get the road to Survivor Series starting with maybe some surprises too.

  • Seems Brock has only signed on with an 8 match deal this time.

  • We still have Extreme Rules and Crown Jewel before Survivor Series. Will they have a US PPV as well or is Crown Jewel the only October PPV?

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  • Finn will prob get his title shot at Extreme Rules, Its possible Crown Jewel might be the exclusive October PPV to try and get more viewers

    His talking smack interview was week was so lame 'whoever wins between Reigns and Cena will wish i was still smiling'

  • Lose the title and comes out dancing, smiling and swinging her hair. Typical.

  • Yes Bianca should have came out mad, angry and attack Becky, demanding a rematch

  • What is this shyte they are doing to NXT. Nickelodeon paint and crap rap music.

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  • Another amazing coat from Seth Rollins

  • Suppose it's better having this Finn instead of the smiling version. Obviously he's not beating Roman but hopefully he's gains something from the feud

    by the time Cenas make a wwe return Finn could be gone

  • Happy Corbin is brilliant.

  • Wasn't there a rumour ages ago about Corbin's story leading to being called Happy Corbin?

    Bianca really needs to start acting like she's taking things seriously. Wondering do they sell a fake ponytail as merch so she has to do all that? Surprised they didn't go the Nikki route and just move her on, but I guess no one else lined up. She always just acts like such a fangirl as well. Like as we saw in the recap when Becky came out she had a big smile instead of acting like she knew she was going to challenge. As for Becky, was her saying "Nah" meant to be part of her supposed heelish turn?

    Owens seemed to be supporting Liv anyway. Arguing how it wouldn't be an upset if she won and she deserves it.

    And now they bring in Naomi. Are they leaving any women on Raw, with Mandy gone to NXT by the look of it as well.

    Balor is likely just being used as filler until they're building to Brock at Crown Jewel. Maybe Edge and Rollins at Extreme Rules?

  • I guess Adam Cole is heading to RAW since he didn't turn up here.

  • Becky's return at least lead to more spotlight on the women's division, Smackdown's womens roster is stacked. Enjoyed the opener but if this was their attempt at Becky being a heel they're screwed. I know people are saying Bianca was being cheered but I'm not sure if she was cheered anymore than usual tbh and have to agree about ther coming out like she did considering she lost her title but still that's WWE for you. Toni is once again on the missing list, assuming (hoping) she'll be the opponent for Naomi.

    Happy Corbin which was long rumoured is official and I think I like it, as weird as it is. Although it does remind me a lot of Cameron Grimes in NXT and honestly feel like they could have gotten some more out of Broke Baron Corbin but I'm sure half the fun will be in seeing him go broke again. It seems like the only thing they do with the IC title nowadays is put the champion in a tag match which is weird. Dominik is going solo, guessing this was the solution to Rey not wanting to feud with his son. I think I finally realised what feels off to me about Dominik and it's his selling, it just seems off or very casual. Cesaro showed up and lost, wish he'd get out of WWE to be honest.

    The Heyman stuff is interesting, I wonder if he did betray Roman and know Brock was going to show up. The Tribal Chief stuff on Smackdown is still excellent and it feels like in the last few weeks they've made an effort for it not to be the only focus on the show and it's working. Finn will probably be the feud just for Extreme Rules which is a shame, not sure I loved his promo delivery but think it could make a good feud and really elevate him. I reckon he'll be an opponent for Nakamura in the future for the IC title.

  • They probably would've dragged the Broke Corbin story out longer since we know they love to run popular storylines far into the ground but since they were in Vegas they had to do it there or drag it out until the next time they hit Vegas.

    Should we really be surprised at the lack of Toni? Not only did she come from NXT but NXT UK before that. It's strange that some of the ones who do the best on the main roster are those that didn't have a more successful run on NXT. Elias wasn't really over from what I remember and Rick Boogz made very few appearances. There are others I can't remember but had thought it before. Maybe it means they don't have high fan expectations

  • Did Becky just use McGregor's apologise not line and is still over

    The bloodline tshirt is pretty cool

  • The absolute silence to Becky dissing Bianca. Heel turn going well.

  • Seeing Smackdown did a fairly significant rating. I suspect the Becky heel turn will be nixed completely in the coming weeks

    Bianca doing the things that annoyed me as champ after losing the belt just show that she isn't on the same level. Take it seriously and stop swinging your braid like a demented mongoose and maybe people might back her.

    Seriously though. Why are they continuing to make Smackdown decent and Raw an unwatchable pile of dung? I'm absolutely baffled about the whole situation.

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  • Liv seems more over than Bianca

    How come Naomi didn't come out as a challenger

  • Was thinking as well, remember Mia Yim? Think she was meant to have moved to Smackdown as well

  • I thought both her and Keith were for Smackdown

  • Finn title match tonight but doubt Roman is losing or is it changed to triple tag match instead

  • Reckon there'll be shenanigans and they drag that match out till Extreme Rules.

  • Depends. If they decide to open with it, there'll be shenanigans to either delay it and/or turn the match into a tag match

  • Roman just doesn't wrestle often on TV and I think they set-up for Street Profits vs Usos last week so wonder if we get a 6 man tag or something and they'll face off at the PPV.

  • Becky looking well

    Big E been mysterious is entertaining

  • Dolph playing the game

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  • So big time Becks only fights for big time cheques