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  • Yeah was going to post earlier saying predicable enough result with Apollo retaining but I was wrong

    Nakamura definitely getting a new lease of life with Rick Boogs

  • Baron Corbin has to be one of the most underrated guys in the business today.

  • "You ran Dean Ambrose out of WWE!

  • I actually thought the title change was predictable. They didn't even give Apollo an entrance. Assume they wanted a title change because they expected Rampage would have one and didn't want to feel like the less important show.

    I'm sure the Cena/Reigns promo will probably rub some people the wrong way for being a bit meta but I loved it. Really great to see Reigns keep up on the mic as well, shows how far he's come from the last feud they had. The Corbin stuff is still really entertaining, wondering where him and the Money in the Bank stuff goes. Tag matches were solid even if we've seen them all before. Bianca/Banks signing was what you'd expect but sure they'll bring it in the ring. Pretty solid show.

    So glad they hyped up and debuted Toni Storm for nothing. Guess the forgot Finn this week too, hopefully it's so it can be more surprising if he gets involved at Summerslam. Also where the hell is Cesaro?

  • My problem with the Cena and Reigns segment is that, just like their last feud where they were being "edgy" on the mic, it's obviously all scripted.

    Not a hope in hell either one of them went off script.

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  • Where was Sasha's stamp she used to use at these signings?

  • To each their own with the promo. I don't mind if it was off script or not, if it leads to better more believable promos where they can say things they shouldn't then I don't see the problem.

    Granted I don't think they'd be as willing to let someone aside from Cena or Reigns have 'edgy' promos.

  • Carmella and Zelina gave up chasing a title shot to be Sasha's back up

  • Only thing to be cautious about with that rating is that apparently in some major markets Smackdown was pre-empted with football and that may mess with the numbers. Be interesting when the adjusted numbers come in because if that's anywhere near true it's a massive number.

    Very curious to see what the Rampage numbers will be.

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  • This Corbin angle is one of the most entertaining things they ever done with him. Will he end up cashing in the MITB that he stole ?

    Dominik turning on Rey is a big possibility down the line

  • They did the MitB theft thing last year as well. Pat asked Cole if he could cash in and Cole said no. Maybe Corbin challenges Big E for it and loses another chance at making money.

    Speaking of Pat, what type of feedback is he getting? After all the complaints about Cole and co being so robotic we now have Pat playing air guitar on the desk

  • Definitely feels like he's given free reign atm but Vince will probably get sick of him at some stage for being so off the cuff and start yelling in his ear.

  • It made Meltzer a salty bitch and that's all that matters.

  • Big E has basically been doing nothing since winning it tbf, I'm just glad they're giving him or appear to be giving him some sort of feud to tide him over. I'd say they will have a match at SummerSlam now which is great for both.

    Thought they would hold off until SS to pull the trigger on Nak as IC champ but it's the right decision, Nak and Boogs are super over and Apollo just plain sucks. A rematch on the pre-show probably beckons.

    All in all it was a good show. I'm very much over this Sasha/Bianca feud though, they've as much chemistry together on the mic as a pair of wet socks. They're having to throw out Carmella and Zelina to gain any sort of reaction for Bianca as well, we're what 4 months or so into her reign and it's already feeling much longer. She'll be eaten alive by Becky if she comes back to Smackdown

  • I wouldn't be surprised if Apollo is released now he has lost the title

  • Edges entrance is still outstanding

  • Excellent stuff from Edge

  • Looked fairly constipated at the end of it pulling those mad heads. Like he was sitting on the jacks/

    I hate how WWE are ruining Seth Rollins.

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  • Wow was not expecting that

    Brood Edge baby

  • Darn, no Gangrel. ☹️

  • I thought it was the return of the fiend 😑

  • That was class, bar the fact that it was the wrong colour. FFS "Broodbath"

  • insane strenghth their from bianca their catching her from top rope with her ankles around her neck

  • Okay Smackdown at best.

    Edge's segments were the highlight. Even though I feel like any time his feuds need some heat, they just plonk him in a chair give him an extreme close-up and he goes super intense. The Brood stuff was kinda great, shout out to Seth for flopping around some more to cover himself in the the 'Broodbath' (seriously?). A lot of the stuff on the show felt like we'd seen it before in previous weeks.

    Was nice to see Shotzi and Nox get a good pop, because their use of them has been spotty at best. Bianca looked strong, no sign of Sasha which is a little suspicious. Wonder if this match is really going to happen Speaking of talent disappearing, it's now officially been 4 weeks since Toni Storm debuted. After weeks of hyping her up, they gave her one match and now she's disappeared, great work! Finn has also now vanished for the second week in a row despite having a reason to pick a fight with Cena. Sami has also been banished from television seemingly. Not sure what the end game with the Corbin stuff is, expected a match for the briefcase at Summerslam but apparently not.

    I did enjoy Cena and Reign's face-off. Even though we got it last week, it was still great here even if adding the stipulation that Roman will leave WWE is a pointless one. Where's he gonna go like? Summerslam has shaped up to be a real disappointment, feels like a one or two match card if even. Not sure I'll even bother myself watching it live.

  • I never saw Edge in the Brood phase so wasn't sure what was going on. Though doing it the night before the match seems strange rather than taking the time to psyche him out. I assume Edge will turn up looking similar to how he was back then or it would just have been a weird once off thing.

    Just remembered while watching that the MitB contract should be valid for Corbin if the title match contract was valid for Cena. Would like to see Corbin try to cash it in at some point. Or maybe sell or ransom it.

  • Will Brock, Cena and Finn be on tonight?

  • Cena is done. Brock I imagine has a limited schedule so Roman might carry that feud for a while and Finn they couldn’t care less about.

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  • Brock is advertised.

    No Cena.

    Finn unknown.

    Curious about the crowd reaction for Becky and the prospect of Brock doing face promos on his own.