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F1 2021 Round 14: Monza



  • Norris on soft will make it am interesting start for him.

  • Missed qualifying yesterday evening but know the results and obviously the sprint race grid shows how it went. Anyway this should be good stuff.

  • Lewis goes backwards.

    Yellow flag for Gasly going off.

    Safety car out

    Kubica spins out.

    Some start.

  • Well this was eventful from the start.

  • Gaslys front wing comes off, lucky that didn't take anyone behind.

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  • Hamilton back up to 5th, pity.

  • Lewis had a shocking start there. Great overhead footage.

  • Couple of Safety Cars could leave the McLarens with a better chance to stay ahead of Hamilton.

    McLaren are becoming the fun team this season. :P

  • Norris with some balls going down the inside of Hamiltom there.

  • He did and then had Lando norris up his inside and as was pointed out he wasn’t sure what to do.

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  • I think we're seeing some evidence here with Bottas running his own race rather than trying to back Verstappen into the McLarens and Lewis that his attitude has shifted now he has an Alfa contract, no way would he be driving like this a few races ago. How long before Mercedes are on the radio telling him he needs to slow down to "preserve tyres"?

  • Well bottas can run his own race because of Lewis getting an awful start.

  • I would hope Bottas would ignore any such request, but he is so obedient you never know.

  • Looking good for Max. Lewis can't seem to get close enough to these McClarens.

    With Bottas starting from the back tomorrow it would mean pole, and unless the McClaren tyres drop off soon he could have a two car buffer.

  • Sprint race has been dog awful

    Has ruined the significance of qualifying for me

  • So Perez is under investigation for not giving the place back soon enough.

  • Should make for an interesting race tomorrow. Hamilton ought to clear the McLarens quick-ish and should have the pace over Verstappen so it could depend on how much advantage he can take in free air at the start.

  • Lewis will have a sleepless night tonight.

    That is a huge gap that Bottas and Max have made over the 18 laps of this race.

    He certainly doesn't need another start like today, and starts on the same side of the track.

    Redbull with a good day, but might have hoped Perez might have made a few places.

  • Right that’s the F1 part of the day done. Now it’s on to the all Ireland football final where hopefully Mayo do the business.

  • Well, Red Bull couldn't have asked for much more! Pole tomorrow and Hamilton stuck behind two pretty quick McLarens. Delighted for Ricardo

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  • Bar the start it was a pretty crap race...

  • I enjoyed that, good result. Mercedes look quick. I wonder how hard Max tried to close the gap to Bottas?

  • Pretty incredible performance from Max to start on pole tomorrow in a car that's half a second off the Mercedes and arguably slower than the McLaren around this circuit. Amazing own goal for Mercedes taking a tactical penalty for Bottas on the assumption that Lewis wouldn't completely mess up and throw away the car advantage he has.

    Should be interesting to see how the McLarens fair tomorrow, nice to see Ricciardo performing well again. Another very impressive performance from Giovannizzi too, probably the star of the weekend so far.

  • He didn't try at all as he didn't need to. He knew he'd be on pole as long as he stayed in second behind Bottas.

  • It was clear from the RB radio comms that was the case, no point in taking any risks when he was de facto leading anyway!

  • Ricciardo starting on the front row just puts a smile on your face, hopefully he has the pace to keep it that end of the field for the race. Hamilton will obviously have his work cut out for him tomorrow, you'd imagine by the time he in theory gets past the mclarens max should have built up a decent lead.

  • Enjoyed that Sprint, especially with the results. Feel sorry for Gasly though. I’d say Merc are kicking themselves with the Bottas decision but imagine Lewis will still be in the running for a win.

    What’s the story with starting tyres tomorrow? Do they still have to use their Q2 tyres from yesterday or is there a free choice?

  • Agreed, that he decided this. Howeve he could have opted to try to win the extra point.

  • The joys of Risk v reward eh! Max will likely need another engine before the seasons out so it makes sense not to run it more than it needs to be and try and build a lead before that change needs to be made

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  • hamilton is expected to take an engine penalty at some point?

    Would the RB strategy be to try take the engine penalty at the same weekend as Hamilton? It looks like even on a track suited to merc they can still stay within touching distance so it wouldn't make sense to me to pick a certain track to take it.