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Random Running Questions



  • I've been reading Jack Daniels running formula book recently and on his 5 to 10km training plan phase II. He has back to back Q sessions. Maybe I've missed it but what is the purpose of this? And would it not be higher risk? Most plans or coaches for distance athletes will have maybe two easy days between sessions. If someone could help explain what Daniels is trying to achieve here? I'd appreciate it, although this forum is a ghost town since the downgrade

  • Jack Daniels sessions are great. I find the 5k-10k probably the best training plan out there. The schedule is a guideline so you can switch them around during the week. The idea behind the 2 is you be a bit tired after the first day, but be sure the body is up to this and don't get injured. I am currently doing some of phase 2 as can't make the club at the moment

  • Looking for running routes in Tipperary, please. Near ish to Cashel, if possible.

  • How often do people get rub downs when running 6 times a week??

  • In Cashel it self.

    Starting arount the fire station head out the old Dublin Road past the new motorway roundabout and head towards the Horse and Jockey, turn left after the stud farm on the left, (there is a sign for Acorn Lodge to the right, continue down that road to Boherlahan, turn left brings you back to Cashel, (approximately 10 mile) .

    There is also Rockwell college on the Cahir road, approximately 1k loop on grass.

    Dumdum wood, locally known as "the Duck pond" have flat 2 loops of approximately 2k and 3k, on hard packed "mill waste"

    A lot of runners use the woods in Dundrum, and is an excellent place to run

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  • Yep, should really factor this in once a month but I just opt for the foam roller every time

  • Not sure if this is the right thread to post on. I'm looking for pros and cons of getting a personal coach.

    I'm a member of a running club but with family and work commitments at the moment, if I make it to 1 session a month I'm doing well. We get a weekly training schedule from the club coach but it's obviously generic as it's a large group.

    I have plenty of plans from a variety of running books, some which have worked very well for me in the past.

    The lack of races these last 18 months has really affected my motivation in completing any plans. While my mileage has been good and even increased, the quality I feel has nose-dived, and my times are slower over given distances. I feel I'm going backwards.

    So back on topic; I feel a coach might get me out of my slump. 2 questions.

    What are peoples experience of having a coach?

    How did you pick/find a coach that works for you?

  • I'm very tempted to quit running. I've only been running 6/7 months but I've seen very little improvement, if any in fact, in my speed and it's so frustrating going out to run when you're not improving.

    I don't have a designed plan. I just go out and attack the pavement 7 days per week and run between 4-8km. My pace is around 7-7:30km. Top end pace would be 5:45-6:10km/min but I'm dying at that pace. If it helps, I'm 183cm and 95kg.

    It's like hitting my head off a wall every time I go out. I've tried changing routes but that doesn't help either. No disrespect to anyone but I see men a lot older and who would be carrying a good bit of weight passing me by and I just feel like stopping and going home. It does my confidence no good at all.

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  • You've been making almost the exact same post to this thread for 6 months or so, and have basically ignored all the advice you received. What do you expect to be different this time?

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  • "I just go out and attack the pavement" Oh, dear. Now if 280 there is right and you've been making this complaint for the last six months and still insist on "attacking the pavement" each run, well what do you expect? He, or she, also says you've ignored all the advice you received. In which case, yeah, you probably do need to give up!

  • Omega, your posts are very frustrating to read. As pointed out above you have received plenty of advice over the last few months, and clearly haven't even considered it an option.

    How can you expect different results if you keep repeating the same mistake?

    Maybe reread the advice you have received in the past, give it a go and if in 6 months you see no progress then you can consider what you want to do re continuing or not.

  • I'd recommend a garmin training plan or others similar to it.

    Like you I used to just go out and run about 3/4 times a week, 5k time was 30 minutes and stayed at that for a year or so. Started the garmin 5k plan over 15 weeks and got down to 24 minutes. But alot of it is run longer for slower and then short sprints thrown in.

    As others have said just going running as fast as you can until you burn out isn't doing you any good.

  • Just looking to do a quick straw poll -

    how long (in hours) before a 9am HM or FM do you eat breakfast?

    I suffer from runners stitch about 6-8m into race efforts, but v rare in training. I can work it out after 1-2m and then try to get back on track. A personal trainer thinks my stomach has shut down after 6-8m, diverting blood to the muscles and therefore I need to be eating earlier, 3-4hrs (porridge and banana, for me), to ensure my stomach is empty.


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  • I struggle when running on anywhere near a full stomach. I'd do most of my eating the day before and then a light breakfast 2.5 to 3 hrs before a race.

  • If I'd a 9am marathon, I'd try to have breakfast (porridge with bananas and blueberries) and a full 500ml cafetiere by 6am at the latest. Maybe an excessive amount of coffee but makes sure everything is cleared out in good time before the start of the race.

  • When do you start fuelling during your race, maybe you need to start taking on fuel sooner to combat this. Just something to consider.

  • True - I wouldn’t usually take a gel for the first 10m of a race or long fast Sunday morning run, and I take it over the course of a mile or so. I’d usually have a stitch afterwards of some sort.

    for Antrim on Sunday (a test race for the Belfast FM), I’m going to try eating earlier, I usually eat 1.5-2hr before racing, and also test drinking less in the 2hrs before gun time. I’m usually well hydrated in the week leading to a race.

    doing tonnes of abdominal wall stretches too. It’s a plague on my races for years and on Sunday I’ve a good shout at a 1:30 HM.

    would you guys normally be hungry at the start line, or is that the point?

  • By trial and error I have figured out that I should eat 2 hours before race start. I can get away with 90 minutes but that's cutting it fine. It's definitely better to eat too early than too late, but under no circumstances should you be hungry at the start line. That's a recipe for disaster.

    Also, I always used to drink a sports drink in the last hour before the start but have recently read that you shouldn't do that as you might be spiking your blood sugar level before the start and already heading for a sugar crash when you start running. Haven't had the chance to revisit that in practice, though, due the obvious lack of racing this year.

  • Agreed, it’s a lot of trial and error.

    The test for Antrim on Sunday is:

    40g porridge & banana, 2hr before

    sipping water until 45min before

    do the first 3m 5-10sec above goal pace

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  • One thing you could try if all else is failing is drinking a Maurten 160 or 320 drink before the race. There is no need for breakfast as the drink provides all the carbs you'll need. I can't really stomach breakfast early in the morning so would drink a 320 if I had a long session or long race in the morning - works for me

  • A quick update, - no stitch for the first time ever, and a sub 1:30 pb!

    i ate 2.5hr before gun time, and drank nothing for 1.5hr beforehand. I was well hydrated in the days leading up and first thing in the morning.

    during the race I drank zero and sipped a large 70g hydro gel from mile 7-10

    great local support out, and the 1:30 pacer was spot on - If you’re reading this, thank you very much!

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  • Got back into running after 3 years off. I was enjoying it until yesterday. Felt a pain in the back of my lower right leg on the achilles. Hmmmm, must complete today's run said me so ran 5.6 miles on it and had to stop(5.30km pace).

    Can't walk since. How long does this type of injury take to heal?

    Yesterday's brought August running total's to 60k and another 439km's walking in work this month.

    So no wonder it's fecked

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  • The fastest way out of it is to see a physio and have it assessed. Resting tendons rarely has the affect of fixing an injury so if you just take the time off when you go back to running it may reappear.

    how old are your trainers?