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Any other women here vote NO for the 8th?

  • 26-08-2021 7:38pm
    Registered Users Posts: 386 ✭✭ Jeremy Sproket

    I'm a 28 year old girl, half Swedish, half Irish. I grew up in (very progressive LOL) Sweden until I was about 18 and moved here about 10 years ago.

    I voted no to the 8th specifically because I knew where it would lead. Unconditional and limitless abortions and essentially being used as a contraceptive.

    It should strictly be limited (in my opinion) to rape, FFA, ectopic pregnancies etc.

    Am I alone?



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  • That's the issue. Unless you are sure in your conviction as to when an abortion is morally ok, then you are neither pro choice or pro life.

    You either believe life begins at conception, birth or where brain function/viability applies.

    Brain function and viability differ with each individual instance.

    If you were to criminalise abortion at 12 weeks, would 11 weeks and 6 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes be ok?

    Could you explain why not?

  • Bin? Dumplings? Dog food? The sky is the limit.

    Now rinse repeat like any other thread on this topic.

  • I'm opposed to abortion under any circumstances past the point of where the life inside can feel - process pain.

    The exception being when the mother's life is in danger

    I abstained from voting as nobody could answer my question, when does the life inside start to register pain

    Prior to that point , I don't oppose abortion

  • Unborn baby is a contradiction in terms.

    But, I do agree with not aborting late stage pregnancies. 12 weeks is still early.

  • You do know that voting against the 8th Amendment in 1983 essentially meant that one was voting not to tighten up the already draconian and archaic Victorian era abortion laws? Those Irish voters who did not agree with abortion being completely illegal would all have voted against the 8th back then.

    I also voted to repeal the 8th, and have been pro-choice since my college years in the 1990s, so I think you got the completely wrong impression from my first post...

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  • Apologies, that post wasn't actually aimed at you, iykwim .... I wish they would bring back selective quoting!

  • You're not alone OP. Just very much in the minority.

  • The answer I find intriguing is the type that just about brought themselves around to vote for it and believe it should be safe, legal, and rare, fair enough but once rare is added to the argument it's still trying to control women choice over their own bodies and its form of doublespeak why can't they stop at safe and legal.

  • Nah, you weren’t and aren’t alone by any stretch. I know of a few women who voted against repealing the 8th amendment precisely for the reasons you did, and a few more of their own besides.

    Don’t know any women who are half Swedish, half Irish who moved to Ireland 10 years after growing up in Sweden though, but you’re probably not alone there either 😏

  • That's not an argument of a 'pro aborts' whatever one of those is.

    There is no argument.

    Women can now have total control over their own bodies.

    It's basic human rights.

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  • Only the 8th amendment went in favour of restricting abortion.

    The subsequent attempts to restrict information or the right to travel, and to remove suicide as a grounds for abortion went in favour of the pro choice side.