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Clerical Officer 2020



  • Hi, this is my first time on here, I hope you don't mind that I didn't read through 121 pages of posts, but I have an interview next week for a clerical position and I am slightly freaking out. Would anyone have any interview tips or suggestions. I've never been in an interview other than the job I am currently in (6 years) any help is greatly needed and appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Ktryan,

    Same here; Waterford panel, batch 8, OOM 5. Received an email being asked if ready to report for duty and start the training on October 18. i have sent already references, DSP letter and completed the garda vetting form.



  • I’ll give you a breakdown, know your weak and high points, know your CV, be able to talk about what the civil service do as a whole, know something about GDPR, base your questions on the STAR method of interviewing (you’ll find it on google and have the answers formatted). The interview is formal but the interviewers in my opinion are lovely. If they stop you and ask you to move on to another question, don’t get flustered and think you messed up. Most of the time that means you’ve already given them the answer they want. Learn what BCC means as they use it as a trick question and lastly best of luck, you got this 😀

  • Hi, just go back to page 98 and you'll find the info. Best of luck!

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  • Hi ccp26

    That is good to hear that a few of us will be starting same time.

    Hopefully Garda clearance wont take too long.

  • Yes, indeed. I'm confident the Garda clearance won't take too long; there is plenty of time anyway.

  • Any word on how The Galway OOM is progressing?

  • They’re on batch 14 OOM2 as of Thursday . Ive been interviewed and passed that just waiting for my number to come up .

  • See the advice above and remember they want to pass you! They really do.

    If your job is an office job then you can say stuff after your STAR example like "and I already process emails where I work presently", if it's not, show you know how office jobs work by saying something like this after your example "listening to the customer is a really important part of being a shoe salesperson and that would be very relevant to work I could do as a CO like resolving phone queries". Remember they take people with no experience at all so just show you know what the job is about and have some solid examples. Google "CO competencies" and when you practice answering your questions, would you think you have showed you have those skillls? I helped a colleague get CO recently and I've passed the CO interview myself and it's not a scary interview, if you have 6 years work experience I'm sure you have loads of examples I had about 3 months part time experience!

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  • @Icbaby @ccp26 @Wonderstruck Cant thank you all enough, I am very nervous. I've been prepping all week, reading different questions, comparing different situations that I've been in myself. Still feel like I am not prepared enough but I think thats just my anxiety. Thanks again everyone.

  • Don't be nervous, my AP says it's like going to hospital talking to PAS and I agree, they're all like "take some more water, this is thirsty work!", they know loads of people get really nervous. If you don't hear a question, ask them to repeat, same if you don't understand.

    At the end, remind them how great you are and you want to start your civil service career right now. If you didn't get a chance earlier in the interview dont be afraid to quickly add you can also do something else relevant to the job (e.g you're great at excel or you're real through with accountants because you were a treasurer of a club or whatever you've done in your life so far).

    And in your examples, use a story about how you handled rote work or made rote work easier for others. That's a thing COs have to do a lot.

    And really practice the "tell me about yourself question" you'll feel so much less nervous as you have question 1 done what helped my colleague, once she had that done she absolutely aced the interview!

  • Hey all.. Just curious, I emailed recently looking for an update on the numbers in donegal and it looks like they have jumped up quite a lot in the last couple months. Unsure if it may be a mistype.. Has anyone got in touch regarding the numbers for donegal and what was the response? Thanks in advance

  • Hi all. Does anyone know if employment with an ETB counts towards CS history for incremental pay purposes, or would I start on point 1 of the scale again if I was placed in the DSP or a Department?

    "Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts"

  • Any idea of Limerick and Tipp numbers for interview stages. Beginning to think by the time they reach me they will be opening a new panel and I'll have to apply again.

  • I'm in Dublin and got an email yesterday to fill out the form for an interview. Roughly how long till interview after this and then till they advise a position if you pass (general time frame) thank you!

  • Was told I passed interview on a Friday for the EO panel. My OOM was under 10. Received an email the following Monday advising me that they had a position for me. It may take longer depending on OOM; but I imagine the timing would be quicker as they seem to be taking more COs than EOs.

  • Hi everyone

    Does anyone know what batch and oom they are up to for tipperary?

    Also, could someone tell me what the email address is for enquiring about what batch/oom they are on?


  • Morning all

    I got an email from PAS asking me to fill in an "expression of interest " form for CO -CUSTOMS I . Would anyone have a link to the terms of employment eg, shift times ,shift pay.

    I'm torn over what to do I currently work in private sector construction and a job in civil service would nearly be a 50%drop in wage .but can't do construction forever

  • Hi, I'm starting with AGS, just signing all the paperwork :)

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  • Hi guys.

    Just wondering where in Dublin are people being offered positions?

  • That's great, congrats!!! Have you completed the Garda vetting?

    Been assigned to Revenue and waiting for more details now.

  • 123

    Hi ccp26,

    Revenue sounds good, are you staring in Waterford or Kilkenny.

  • Had interview during the week. Must say I found the format a bit strange compared to interviews I completed in the past for private sector. Interview panel were very nice but I felt a bit rushed at times when detailing my examples. Fingers crossed I passed it but wouldn't be too confident. Anyway it was good experience for future campaigns.

  • I'm sure you did great!

    The interview panel have a time frame that they stick to quite rigidly. I found it good as the replies were quick and to the point, they weren't looking at me to expand too much, and I didn't waffle on and get myself all in a fluster.

    "Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts"

  • Hi Everyone, just wondering if anyone knows where they are at with calling people from the Dublin panel? I am in batch 27 and OOM 49 :-)

  • Anyone on the CO Irish panel get a message with Order of merit ?

  • Anyone get results for Offaly interviews today or know what batch they are on at the moment? I had my interview last week, waiting on results

  • Would anyone happen to have a copy of the information booklet for this competition?

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  • Any estimate on how long the background check takes after all documents are submitted?