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What happens when a hypocrite gets a dose of their own medicine?

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    Not a rhetorical question.

    I genuinely want to know your experiences.

    Basically the question is, "what happens to a hypocrites brain when their own degeneracy backfires into their face"?

    i.e. they're forced to bear witness to the dog shit they subject others to on a whim and on a daily basis?

    It happened to me and another dude a couple years ago.

    I can't give details but essentially I thought his brain was going to melt, he literally went into "code red" mode.

    What ultimately happened was he basically "made nice" with me after he realized there was no way he could sway the situation in his favour (poisoning others minds against me etc), but under the surface I could always feel he was just waiting for a weakness to emerge so he could strike.

    It's the most bizarre thing, the degree of sugar coating and charades that goes on on the surface, where as the genuine motives underpinning the actions of so many are literally not a jot short of asinine.


    I will also add that, whilst I don't think I've ever intentionally gone out of my way to make a hypocrite eat their own crap, when it does in actual fact happen (by default) it feels like in an indirect way you're putting so many long standing wrongs to right (albeit the fallout can be tumultuous) - I guess that's only ever a good thing?