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What happens when a hypocrite gets a dose of their own medicine?



  • I think most posters on boards (myself included) like their definitions to be tight and not interchangeable with other terms. In my mind a hypocrite is someone who voices their faux outrage about another person's behaviour BEFORE being caught out behaving the same way.

    What you are trying to describe (I think) is more like karma, comeuppance or someone getting a taste of their own medicine.

    Your language in general confuses me though. You sound like a character from the Wolf Of Wall Street script that got cut. Cooze, period, big ass job, world class bank, dude was a playboy, swinging dicks.

    I hope you have more stories tho. I find them oddly entertaining.

  • What you're describing is called "semantics", which means "signify" - i.e. what a word alludes to applied in a specific context.

    i.e. can have a variety of interpretations.

    Genuine word meaning, indisputable, is found in "etymology", actual word origin.

    I guess I'm as well to keep quoting it:


    The point is she was playing every swinging d**k in the office = all is right with the world = standard for herself.

    She got played herself by some enigmatic playboy = contemptible and condemned it outright = standard for others.


    i.e. two different standards, exactly the same behaviour:

    That's what you call a "double standard".

    "Hypo" = under/below

    "Critique" = to judge, pass judgement on.

    "Hypo-crisy" = an underhanded form of judgement = immoral = a double standard.

    i.e. she was a hypocrite, and when she got a dose of her own medicine (i.e. was subjected to the same behavior she subjected others to on a daily basis);

    She went nuclear and evacuated herself from the environment.


    Honestly I had no idea after-hours standards were so high but, I guess when it comes to a sensitive topic like this, "hypocrisy" (which so many of us are ourselves are guilty of), I guess said "definitions" as you say, must be....... unimpeachable.


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  • Jebus I can't even insert quote boxes anymore.

    I'm seriously beginning to second guess this new platform.

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  • A hypocrite isn't somebody who gets a taste of their own medicine. A hypocrite is somebody who condemns the very behaviour that they practice themselves.

    Can't you get that into your head?

  • "A hypocrite is somebody who condemns the very behavior that they themselves practice"


    i.e. one standard for themselves (being a proponent of said behavior, using it to their advantage or for their own gain, financial/status/empowerment/leverage/ego)

    Another standard for everyone else (condemning the very same behavior = judging others in a very underhanded manner, "hypo" - under, "critique" - to judge = hypocrite).

    aka "double standard".

    Are we all in agreement on this matter?

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  • So essentially the chap in the anecdote who left town wasn't even a hypocrite. He just had his head pure wrecked.

  • I see what you are getting at but not in the case of the behaviour being directed back to the person who is behaving the same. I would use the word hypocrite for someone gurning about similar behaviour by another person directed at someone else besides the hypocrite themselves.


  • The last couple posts here really make me question the long term affect of supposedly benign alcohol culture on the Irish populous cognitive function.

    They say it's harmless.

    The incomprehensible jibberish I've just read suggests otherwise.

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  • Mod - Thread is descending into personal abuse and it will be closed and cards handed out if this continues.

    Discuss the topic of the thread or don't post

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  • My last post gets removed but JohnJoeJames is allowed to say I post like I have brain damage? Ok.

  • The lack of self awareness is quite staggering to behold. As for discussing the topic at hand, the topic itself has been raised by someone who has a "quirky" - and that's being kind - view on the world. Discussion would be largely pointless. As it has so proved.

    Few enough were innocent in the past, few enough are innocent in the present, we just don’t know why yet.

  • Oh great, it's the dude who shows up in every thread I'm in or make.

    To be perfectly honest mate I'd feel more comfortable if you'd just stay away from me entirely in future; I've noticed you following me around and persistently posting intentionally disruptive and attention seeking material, which given you're a dude, creeps me out frankly.

    PS - say no to drugs.

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  • Hmph, last post removed.

    I know better than to second guess a moderator though.


    Moving swiftly on....

    I'm sure this concept applies to promiscuity in women also, in the more general sense....


    I'm sure there's some interdasting anecdotes to be had on that subject?

    I know I have a few (more), but I'd like to hear others perspectives;

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  • Alright let me give an example.

    I knew this gal, mmmkay? Hottie, real hot.

    You know how some gals, they like attention and use sexuality as a means to kind play games and get attention etc?

    She wasn't really like that, I mean, what she was doing - I'm sure on some level she did like the attention, but she was doing it cause of what her body craved.

    She simply liked to get down and dirty.

    I'd meet her in nightclubs etc., she'd just find a dude she thought was hot, grind up on him; if you saw her behavior you'd say, "promiscuous". You might even go as far as to say, "big slut".

    But again what I want to stress is, this wasn't validation or attention seeking game (like it typically is with 90% of gals that engage in that behavior). She was simply a horny gal who loved to have sex with different men. And because she was so hot and knew how to use that to her advantage, she could basically do it as she pleased;

    No harm no foul right? (and yes, I did sleep with her myself. And yes, she was AWESOME in bed. No gory details but WOW - mind = blown).

    So where's the hypocrisy?


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  • 2/

    She wasn't doing it to play mind games, but of course that behavior - it upsets other women, they immediately condemn her for being a slut.

    And of course dudes getting laid with her love it, but dudes NOT getting laid with her, it kind of messes with their head also.

    Frankly that's their problem.


    Point I'm making is that, despite the not-bad-intentions of this gal, despite her not endeavoring to play mind games, I mean the gal was just having some fun in her own mind, she was young, hot, enjoy it while it lasts, no harm no foul;

    When the same was done to her, i.e. she was subject to the same behavior she subjected others to (intentionally or otherwise),



    I mean I literally saw her well up in tears.

    She was uber sensitive to being exposed to what she exposed other to with reckless abandon - i.e. promiscuity and the mind f**kery with which it goes hand in sweet-lovin'-hand.


    Double standard.

    So, it's a complicated topic - not always applied with deleterious intention, but almost assured to have deleterious outcome regardless of circumstance.

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  • Why did this thread die?

    We haven't really got started yet.

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