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What happens when a hypocrite gets a dose of their own medicine?

  • 11-08-2021 4:05pm
    Posts: 0 ✭✭ [Deleted User]

    Not a rhetorical question.

    I genuinely want to know your experiences.

    Basically the question is, "what happens to a hypocrites brain when their own degeneracy backfires into their face"?

    i.e. they're forced to bear witness to the dog shit they subject others to on a whim and on a daily basis?

    It happened to me and another dude a couple years ago.

    I can't give details but essentially I thought his brain was going to melt, he literally went into "code red" mode.

    What ultimately happened was he basically "made nice" with me after he realized there was no way he could sway the situation in his favour (poisoning others minds against me etc), but under the surface I could always feel he was just waiting for a weakness to emerge so he could strike.

    It's the most bizarre thing, the degree of sugar coating and charades that goes on on the surface, where as the genuine motives underpinning the actions of so many are literally not a jot short of asinine.


    I will also add that, whilst I don't think I've ever intentionally gone out of my way to make a hypocrite eat their own crap, when it does in actual fact happen (by default) it feels like in an indirect way you're putting so many long standing wrongs to right (albeit the fallout can be tumultuous) - I guess that's only ever a good thing?



  • Other things is, with far gone hypocrites, it's like their entire sense of self worth and thus almost physiological functionality depends on this deluded sense of self status, validation, ego?

    And when that's tampered with it effects them to their soul.

    For that reason I've always been super cautious about saying and doing certain things to expose some low lifes immoral actions, just cause I mean, who takes joy in making grief for another person (even if they deserve it)?

    And when it does happen it's only cause they push me right up to the line and it's either them or me, and I'm not about to placate someone whose actions distinctly victimize a weaker demographic, just to spare their feelings - period.

    Like that dude I mentioned above?

    I can't tell you the grief he used to cause to so so many other people just to indulge his own sense of grandeur.

    He tried to pull the same stunt with me and it basically bounced back and hit him square between the eyes - the dude almost went into a depression over it.

    It's a quandary for me, really; I don't like hurting anyone's feelings, I don't enjoy making anyone feel bad, life is hard and if something (even if its degenerative and hypocritical) makes someone feel a little better about what may otherwise be a difficult life in some respects, are there times when a dude should just stand back and say - "you know what? I'm gonna let you have that one"..... ?

  • I know Matt Serra's opinion at least:

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  • Trivial....

    lol, you're obviously out of touch.

    It was a case of condemnation where "loser leaves town".

    Wars have been fought over less.

  • I hate hypocrites.

    After ruining my day now grrrr

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  • Really - no more anecdotes here at least?

    Let me give another.

    I used to work on this big ass job site but the consultancy sector for the project was actually located exactly adjacent to it so I was constantly in and out of their office space (about 40 or so cubicles, 10 or so side officies).

    You know how them office spaces with men and women get, it's one festering mess of sexual tension/innuendo.

    The receptionist was a big slut, no surprise there but everyone expects that.

    One of the consultants, young gal about 22, she was hot and basically had every dude in the place wrapped around her finger - for real, it was disgusting.

    Grown ass men wrapped around this little cooze's finger, was enough to make me sick; for real you'd see less depravity in a brothel.

    Anyways unfortunately I can't say I was Casanova enough back then to make the situation backfire on her (though she hated my guts so, obviously I was going the right direction).

    However I was kind of young then also so didn't really understand how this game was played but the manager for the trucking company that was hired by the firm, whatever he had the gals would just gravitate toward him.

    Whatever he said or did one day, it was like effortless, he called her out on her behaviour, basically exposed her for her crap.


    Maybe it was the public humiliation or what but, I kid you not, the next day she transferred to another office space (same job site but entirely different working crew).

    Not the damnedest thing? She could play the harlot for months on end, but the moment she meets a dude who can handle it and respond in kind she runs and hides.

    Ask me she should have transferred out of the country, not just to another office space.

  • Define hypocrisy:

    Practicing or advocating for something oneself personally, which one will condemn outwardly when practiced or advocated by someone else.

    i.e. this gal loved to play the harlot.

    But when she herself got played like a harlot she lost her mind.

    They give it but can't take it, and when forced to take it either run and hide, or pull depraved BS to try and undermine the person who gave it to them.

  • This sounds like a topic for LiveLine, talk to Joe, 1850715815

  • But your story mentions nothing about her publicly or privately condemning slutty behaviour (no mention of her calling out the the receptionist you call a "slut" for instance) whilst behaving the same herself. If either is the case, which I doubt very much now!

    Being called out for being a "harlot" in public and losing her mind is not hypocrisy.

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  • I really don't think people understand what a hypocrite is judging the posts here.

    a hypocrite would be a car driver giving out about cyclists breaking the rules of the road while breaking the rules of the road themselves. They don't really get a comeuppance because they just don't ever believe they are wrong.

    The girl wasn't a hypocrite in the case above she was just badly behaved and got treated the same. She is only a hypocrite is she claims he did something and it was wrong but the same as her. Still not a comeuppance for being a hypocrite

  • *sigh*

    This is in response to you and the above posters.

    Staying with the cooze example, she claimed to be some nasty gal knowing that no dude in that environment has the mineral to actually call her out on it.

    Then some legit Casanova put her to the test, exposed her and she ran off to cry about it - probably out of shame, lol.

    This is the strict meaning, but it's generally used in terms of being a self contained contradiction as a means to attain status/validation/empowerment/ego-trip through immoral behavior.

    They get exposed then run off a throw a sissy fit.

    Obviously it's ya'll that struggle with semantics and comprehension (no offense).

  • Yes, OP. Everyone else is the problem

  • Confusion aside with what an actual hypocrite is, in my experience they tend to not even acknowledge their own hypocrisy and change the subject, lose the plot and start going off on one or engage in some serious mental gymnastics.

  • Wow. You have yet to show she was a hypocrite and it is a hissy fit. She was a harlot and some guy called her out on it and she took offense. I don't know how you consider this as a hypocrite reaction. Where is she doing something contra to what she says??????

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  • What are you on about ?

    This is shaping up to be one of the best threads ever .