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Are you concerned about the destruction of the natural world and climate change?

  • 07-08-2021 9:47am
    Registered Users Posts: 9,546 ✭✭✭ Thelonious Monk

    It looks like we're in a spot of bother.

    In a world where all that seems to matter is consumption and growth, we seem to be wearing blinkers when it comes to the shape our planet is in.

    I think things are going to get increasingly worse in the coming years and it will start to properly hit home. It seems denying climate change and pollution has been replaced by doomism by many, as in we're Fd anyway so why bother.

    People don't seem to want to entertain even minor inconveniences to make things better, so are we royally screwed? It seems to me we're fastly going towards inevitable resource shortages and wars, soon, not in 50 years.

    It's a source of anxiety for me, have we any reason to be hopeful?



  • I've no kids, how do people with young kids feel about their futures?

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  • It's an interesting question btw so thanks for posting it. It makes me anxious too. I used be more optimistic about the future before covid but the last year has made me very cynical I think. I despair whenever I see people posting the "we can wait until country X or Y does something" comments (on the journal or Twitter).

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  • If you do these things the opposing parties will get voted in in the next election. I dont think democracy can fix things at this stage tbh.

  • Yeah fair enough, I guess I've just been having a hard time with it lately.

  • Yes, I agree entirely that we need to act regardless of what other countries do.

  • Isn’t England and possibly Ireland’s farming land under threat in the next 90 years? It’s remarkable how utterly irresponsible we are as a species. We love to praise ourselves for how clever we are but we really are a mess.

  • I haven't entirely despaired of democracy yet! I suspect any other system would be even more reluctant to change.

  • Focusing on carbon is a massive distraction and will do nothing to improve things. If you hear any politician talking about carbon taxes or carbon credits you can be sure they are a fraud who doesn’t care about the planet.

    To improve things we need to protect and restore habitats, reduce pollution (focus on the real toxic pollution rather than carbon) and do something about the unsustainable population (by far the hardest thing to resolve).

  • I hope this thread doesn't dissolve to the usual squabbling, even if climate change isn't real the destruction if the natural world is, and that means game over at some stage.

    The IPCC publish a report on Monday, it is going to be some seriously grim reading.

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  • I think the population need to be presented with much clearer information about the amount of carbon dioxide or methane associated with each product they buy. I understand that this would be quite difficult and also would put the onus of change onto the end consumer instead of producers but it might still help if consumers started seeking out the lowest impact version of a product.

  • How do we convince the world to buy and produce less stuff? GDP should not be something to be proud of, it doesn't measure happiness.

  • Democracy is not ideal during a crisis. The ideal scenario is a philanthropic leader that genuinely tries to run a country in a fair manner.

    I also think what we think of democracy is kind of a myth. If I’m a billionaire or even a millionaire and do crimes, I can possibly buy my way out of trouble. Also major corporations and financial institutions get preferential treatments and are exempt from rules/laws the Rest of us have to follow, in the interest of the greater good of course.

    When people profess that democracy is the best, I refer back to the problem with every system and thing you can think of. People will corrupt everything, there is nothing sacred. People who want power and want to abuse will do that to everything.

    Theres this conflicting feeling I have on society’s indulgence of corruption and serious crimes. For example Why should people who cause great pain (serial rapists, killers, drug dealers) with zero regard for their victims be allowed to live? I don’t get it. Is locking people up for life (in USA at least) of a few years really better? I feel we often let perception (it’s more humane) over ride common sense (serial offenders who will have more victims).

  • You won't really. We either adapt to creating non polluting forms of consumption or we run our course as a species.

    Population controls would be the biggest winner but you won't get that in democracies. I mean in 100 years earth's population increased 4 fold. If that rate of increase continues nothings going to stop our destruction.

  • the big problems will come from inside the earth or from the sun not the money making racket

  • I don't get why people making money from greenwashing matters

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  • Good to know that you regard our dependence on coal, oil and gas from inside the earth combined with solar radiation trapped by an increasing blanket of greenhouse gases as a threat! You're also right that the well funded fossil fuel companies are a money making racket.