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Anxiety and depression thread (Please read OP)



  • I'm similar here RabbleRouser, i don't quite understand, back to see psychologist next week, pysch outpatients end of month. Head down and chug on i guess.

    Have you any ideas or coping strategies set up?.

  • Managed to give myself a panic attack out of the blue. Just couldn't stop sweating, pulse racing, felt really hot and just sweating buckets. Seemed to come out of the blue, but the more I think about it, the more it wasn't. I slept for 20 hours-something that's been happening every few days. I wake up very irritable after. But something felt 'off' from the moment I got up on Thursday. Like that feeling you have when you've forgotten something very important (like your phone, or your wallet). It was like that the whole day.

    Went to the bathroom, suddenly I was sweating, not thinking logically. Heard my brother's dogs barking (not unusual-it was late at night, and they usually bark at anything from cars in the distance, to possible foxes) but they were making me worse. Started washing my hands, and kept doing so for an hour. Sweat pouring down my face. Not having eaten anything for so long didn't help me. Started to feel sick. Still a little 'on edge', still feel like I might get sick.

    Might try some meditation and breathing exercises, to get my mind on an even keel.

  • Oof that's rough. I know it's easy said but try to get some structure into your day, regain some control. My partner can be very similar so I can empathise with you somewhat..

  • Back to work today after a prolonged absence, feeling very anxious this morning

  • Still here to talk with you. The work landscape has changed for everyone a lot so depending on your place people are still finding their feet and for me anyway the social distance element is quite useful.. Best of luck..

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  • Does anyone have any alternatives to benzodiazipines in mind? Drinking camomile tea but it's limited enough



  • There are herbal tablets out there, I think one I used to use was 'Relax'. Used to help me sleep.

  • Sleep been erratic for the last few days. Getting really annoyed with it.

  • I'm the same, couldn't sleep barely at all but last three days i haven't been waking up for work.. Feel like i've started day badly then which just makes a mess of mood etc.

  • Mine's been almost too much sleep, then burnout, then too much sleep again.

    Might see about some herbal sleeping tabs. Hope they help out a bit.

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  • Snap, exactly that, i always had a habit of pushing a bit too much but this is every few days now. Really need to pay attention to sleep hygiene again.

  • Mag oil is very relaxing , magnesium chloride flakes dissolved in water and sprayed onto the skin , I have used it and slept like a baby , magnesium plays a role in muscle relaxation , search Mag Oil see what think .

  • Got an appointment for 2 weeks time. All in all I was waiting 9 weeks from the referrel. Thought it would be useful for other people to have an idea of the waiting time.

    €250 for initial phone call. A bit steep but I suppose that's the price. Would prefer to see in person. Like how can you gauge someone over the phone?

  • My sleep has always been bad and I'm up at 3 or 4am every morning which is a pain.

    But the past few years I'm on Sycrest which gives me a decent 4 or 5 hr sleep which is not ideal but good enough.

  • Just in case anyone is interested or has been prescribed similar and wants experiences I'm now around 7 or 8 weeks on from starting 10mg of Escitalopram daily for what was described as severe depressive episode. The first couple of weeks were slightly jittery, it defintely increased the insomnia I already had and gave me some anxiety but it wasn't overly terrible and was completely manageable. I'm still struggling with sleep, that's not necessarily the drug, could just be me. On the whole I am completely different to how I was 6-8 weeks ago, it's like night and day. It's strange because I don't really feel any effects from the drugs other than I am much better in myself and able to cope with daily life. Now, to be honest I don't know if I'm just over the episode naturally or if it's the drugs, all I can say is that I'm not interested in coming off them for the time being given how much better I feel. So this is a wholly positive story for anyone looking in who is interested in experiences.

  • I used to come on here all the time before. I was managing 0k for the last few years I suppose. Now I just feel so sad and alone again. I didn't want these feelings to come back. I need to bury them again. I'm rambling. I just have no one to talk to. I don't even know if I want to talk. I just want to hide away

  • Ruby I get home you feel, hit a bad slump over the weekend and it's heavy on me but I don't feel I can talk either.. Glad to have here when I'm like this

  • You've every reason to feel that way. Last year or two been absolutely energy sapping. I mean, these are not 'normal' times, and lord knows many of us struggled in normal times.

    Don't worry about rambling-let it all out. Some folks say journalling can help. (Tho it has to be pen and paper-don't worry about handwriting or whatever. It's the 'act' of writing that is often the most cathartic. Typing, for whatever reason, isn't as helpful when journaling).

  • I got violently sick this morning with anxiety over work, happening too often lately. At least I see my psychiatrist this week

  • Went shopping for groceries today, spent it walking pretty much everywhere, and burnt up a lot of energy. It weirdly helped. Somehow burning up all that excess energy helps calm me down, somewhat.

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  • How is everyone. Hope you've been well over the last few days.

  • I'm going back to work tomorrow after being off for six weeks. Very anxious and hope I'll be ok after I get a few days behind me.

  • Apache, best of luck, it does feel like being a noob again but you'll get into the swing of it fine..

  • Hi folks how's everyone doing? Quick question - has anyone here successfully come off antidepressants once on? I want off them completely (I don't enjoy things as much on them and don't feel myself, I'd rather be anxious than not feel like me) but struggling to get off Citalopram 10mg. I tried cutting it in half to make 5mg but experienced awful side effects within hours including the worst stomach cramps I've ever had. Can't do that again. So what other option do I have? Take it every second day? I can't get hold of 5mg tablets or liquid form, the NHS won't prescribe it. Thanks in advance :)

  • Not really. An 8am start. Up way too early....

    But I have to get my head together anyway before I start so I'm organised and not stressed.

  • You got this, I'm close to finishing up my stint at work but I'll check in later!

  • Thanks very much Grem. I appreciate it. Will update later. It's a 12 hr shift.

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