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Summer 2021 General Discussion



  • RTE really is Dublin centric.

    Im sitting out here in my back garden in the Midlands and it is still 22c here at 8.00 pm

    It was a smashing day with the kids able to enjoy it more as the temps were a just couple of degrees cooler than during the week.

    Tomorrow my Met Eireann app is giving me 28c in the afternoon so another day to look forward to, and heading out tomorrow evening with a few friends for drinks in what should be still balmy weather going by the app.

  • Yup to all the posts above; we are having a beautiful balmy evening here in Cork City, the air feels so soft.

  • Always has been crazily Dublin-centric. Sorry to bring up such an awful tragedy but the Berkeley balcony collapse accident in 2015 really highlighted this to me. I’ve never seen a TV station lose the run of itself like RTÉ did and some of the Dublin publications too. The Irish Independent still had a subheading for it THREE weeks after the accident - like “World | Home News | Sports | Berkeley Accident”. Crazy stuff. And it was such a tragedy that I felt like the media attention was really invasive and insensitive to the victims’ families too. Cameras set up at Dublin Airport to capture the hearses leaving the morgue, that kind of thing. No way in hell would you see that for any people outside of South County Dubliners. Nor should you but it just was eye-opening.

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  • Much cooler in East Cork today, max of 23.8C briefly, down now to 18C at half eight in the evening.

    About 3C colder than yesterday, and thats fine. It was a lovely day today.

  • I'm with all the western and southern folk affirming that the heat rocks on over here.😎 I'm in Tralee and it was another stunning day. Roasting in town this morning, lying out weather this afternoon which I did in my garden and wow was it hot! And another dinner out on the patio this evening. So no the heatwave isn't over here yet. I'm revelling in every minute of it, it's so rare.

  • I'm beginning to think that this heatwave will never be over. Another hot one tomorrow.

  • Still 22.3C in Castlebar, the nights after midnight have been my only gripe with the weather even with a fan in the bedroom.

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  • Hard to do a search now but as I recall you were angry with the spring and winter as well and hoping for a good summer. Well, here we are.

  • You can pop Durrow in there at a very pleasant 29.8c seven day average. We fell well short today though with a ~24c max moving us out of prolonged heatwave territory.

  • My interpretation of what is 'good' is not yours obviously. There is nothing good about this weather and this shows when people who always claim to enjoy it are the very people who will run to the beaches or turn the fans on the cool down. If this heat is so good and enjoyable, then why?

    I hope it pisses flooding rains for the rest of the summer. This will be good.

  • Beautiful evening on the coast taking a few pics earlier, down to 16.6C now and fog forming , looks like it could be fairly dense early morning but most should burn off by mid morning, looks like some might linger in the bay over the sea for a time.

  • It is done.

    Included Castlederg's value along with my own local met station readings. I'll try and include more of these Met Eireann ASW's readings in tomorrow's updated table. I'll include the likes of Arklow, Terryland and one or two midland or northern stations.

    Is your max reading today bang on 24c?

  • The moon has a noticeable reddish orange tinge to it tonight.

  • Have to wait 'till 10am for Saturday's maximum, too dark now to check!

  • "I hope it pisses flooding rains for the rest of the summer. This will be good."

    Ah now, no need to wash away a decent summer thus far.

  • I mean going to the beach is part of the fun. Bit weren’t you complaining about the lack of sun earlier on. There’s a very narrow range of weather that you enjoy.

  • People run to the beaches (and lakes) because lounging in water feels great in hot weather. What a strange question. It’s not about cooling off, it’s about enjoying the calming, restorative properties of water without it being baltic, something we rarely get to do in Ireland. And with a decent house fan, you get to enjoy the warmth without humidity. It’s not about completely eliminating the warmth, it’s about maximising it. Unlike others, I’ve had no sleepless nights this week due to my industrial fan but the room has still been warm and that warmth enjoyed.

    It’s like on sun holidays, I need my air con because, yes, I like to be able to control my room temperature and cool off at times. But that doesn’t negate the lounger + pool time I also want (and really enjoy) to get that warmth into my bones and the guaranteed blissful balmy evenings sitting outside eating dinner - another rarity in Ireland.

    People do complain about the heat in heatwaves more in Ireland because we simply don’t have the set ups in our homes to maximise and enjoy the heat like in other countries. The expense of installing air conditioning, tiling and shutters can’t be justified here, much like we can’t justify spending the money on the cold weather measures colder countries do to keep things running. They wouldn’t spend that money either if they didn’t have to.

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  • Even if RTE are Dublin centric, the heat wave was hardly over here either, it was a beautiful sunny day in Dublin again yesterday, cooler than past week but was still low 20. Today in Dublin is to be sunny and 24 degrees and tomorrow sunny and 23 degrees.

    cant even remember the last day we have had rain, grass in garden is gone brown in many parts.

    looks like everywhere to get some rain this week, badly needed to be fair. Hopefully good weather again from following week, anything beyond 4-5 days forecasts is always lottery balls

  • Did you here me complaining about the sun lately? I am complaining about this all encompassing heat and humidity that has come with it. Practically no sun up about the 15th July and then when it did come out, we get burnt alive.. literally, and not even the slightest bit of breeze the ease the misery.

    @Tilden, I like the cooling properties of water also, which is what I love summer rains. Most people don't it seems, but I find them cooling & replenishing and they also work well as a great chav repellent. The 'F.L.A.B' (C/O Su Campu) is mercifully washed away from our streets, if just for a all too short moment in time.

  • As another poster said, forecasting beyond 4-5 days is lottery balls, just checked MT'S forecast for July 12 as I just wanted to see when heatwave was forecast, he said

    "The current indications are that this warm interval will break down gradually in the first half of the following week (around Tuesday 20th) with heavier showers returning as temperatures fall back to more average July values."

  • ⚠️ Looks like today is the last day of 'Scorchio' folks,

    so make the most of it 😎

  • Amazing how you become acclimitised, first few days of high 20s is hard to take but few days later I'm out basking in it.

    Can maybe understand the Spanish/Italian tourists coming over here to normal Irish summer weather of 22/23C and wearing a heavyish jacket 😊

    Used to think the were nuts but i suppose being acclimitised to mid 30s weather 22/23C would feel cool.

  • Another sunny morning in Leitrim. We've had a breeze the last few days which was more than welcome.

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  • Another great day in west cork. Blue skies yet again, beach is packed, water is full. Brilliant.