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Summer 2021 General Discussion



  • Another sunny morning in Leitrim. We've had a breeze the last few days which was more than welcome.

  • Another great day in west cork. Blue skies yet again, beach is packed, water is full. Brilliant.

  • Another beautiful day in North Dublin. Sunny blue skies and 24 degrees. Bliss

  • So this is it then we won't get another week like it this summer??

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  • Another week as good as it is highly unlikely but still plenty of time to get another nice spell of weather :)

  • The end of a great spell of weather is now touching Belmullet. By 9pm there will be more cloud in the West. Last night sleeping on the quilt instead of under it. Still think there will be many nice days in August too though the next week looks poor.

    Anyways 23c today seems as high as Sligo is going. Cloudless still.

  • After a considerably cooler day yesterday in Meath today is back with one last day of warmth. Got to 26C here earlier, currently 25C. Tomorrow could be the the last day to reach 20C or more for the forseeable future. The muck will be back from Tuesday and by next weekend this heatwave will be a distant memory. Hopefully we will start to see a sign of things warming up and settling down in the models over the course of the next two weeks. Very sad to see this warmth and sunshine go.

  • Thick fog this morning here in Achill, but it cleared quickly to a warm, clear breezy day. Much fresher this evening. I just closed the windows for the first time in over a week.

  • Blue skies on the Arran islands today and a lovely boat ride out

    Please never go away sunshine

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  • Personally delighted to see the end of this. This weather makes me feel ill and have absolutely awful headaches

  • That's what happens when you are Tom Cruises left nut.

  • I think with the ending of this spell its highly likely the main heat of this summer over now anyway.

  • Predicted temperature anomaly for the first week of August .

  • Beautiful evening in North kildare. Temperature peaked at 27.9° around 17:40 and boy did it feel gorgeous. Cooking pizza on the outside oven at the moment and it's still very pleasant even at this stage of the evening. Probably the most pleasant late evening in this part of the country anyway.

  • Is there any forecast to suggest we might get more heat this Summer or is that it? So sad to see it go, found it very hot but am sooo getting used to it!!!

  • Next week or two not much heat and heatwaves finishing tonight and tomorrow in the East.

    However there may be the odd pleasant day in the next few weeks just nothing like what wev just had....for another few YEARS probably

  • Said it before…any forecast beyond 4-5 days is absolute lottery. Going to enjoy the remaining nice day here tomorrow and then the garden will finally see rain.

    will really miss this amazing spell of weather but who is to say there won’t be another nice spell a week from now. I never trust long range forecasts. Chances of getting a spell like this again this summer is very remote but sunny and even low 20s I would take.

    Regardless of what happens from here June and July have been superb overall here in Dublin. This will go down as a nice summer regardless of what transpires in August. Getting 3 straight good months of weather is a very tall order in Ireland

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  • Looking at the GFS and ECM it's not looking too bad next weekend at the moment? Bit of ridging going on or am I seeing things?

  • You're right about long range forecast, I will live in hope of further warm spells and blue skies. It's been amazing and so needed after such a cold Spring and lockdown misery. Thanks for replies guys.

  • Next weekend is currently looking dry and maybe the Monday too, but we will be on the cool side with winds in from the north or north-west so it won't be warm but at least it should be dry. Temperatures mid to high teens and maybe a few eastern or southern areas might scrape a 20C if there are decent spells of sunshine.

  • looks wet for the coming week, that's the payoff i suppose😏

  • some difference this morning for sure. I will say a brief welcome change from the constant heat. I did say brief!!

  • Was hoping we would get some sunshine and low level warmth today in Meath but it's already over. Slate grey skies and temperature only 16C, will be lucky to see any sunshine today. Big band of rain waiting just off the west coast.

  • cloudy and a whole lot cooler here in cork city. i don't mind the respite from the heat. but can the sun come back?

  • Yup. missing the decent enough warmth (relative to Ireland) and sun big time already. Feels quite chilly out there (North Kildare), requiring a light jacket to keep the chill at bay. It's currently 12° colder in my back garden now compared to 18:00 yesterday!

    Already thinking about booking a week or two away somewhere warmer and sunnier with temperatures preferably in excess of 30°. Looking at a lovely quiet place I went to in southeast Sicily last year when restrictions were lifted for a while in late summer, where I just went for walks, lay in the sun, paddled in the pool and cooked outdoors at the villa....pure relaxation and always warm, day and night. I was 5 minutes walk away from a beautiful beach but funnily enough I never actually stepped foot on it as I wanted the proper heat to be felt as much as possible. Temperatures over the next week there are from the low to mid, sometimes high 30's.....the temptation is growing! Huge thunderstorms would form only a few kilometres inland every single day and I did drive out one of the days to experience one of them.

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  • Unfortunately I won't be able to travel abroad any time soon, not until things return to normal for everyone all over Europe with the only requirement being a normal traditional travel passport and no restrictions/mask wearing on a holiday. At least we got some southern European style heat over the past 7 to 10 days. I really enjoyed the warmth over the past 2 weeks and while the next 7 days looks fairly poor, I'd be more than happy to get another week of settled and sunny weather in August, even if temperatures only max out at 22 or 23C.