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Has the 1 week downtime & move to vanilla killed this place?



  • ok I am not blaming you for the site, I am saying you offered opinion on how ill supported they are due to numbers and to me it looked like offering excuses.

    BTW you have been very good at offering solutions and fixes, something that you definitely shouldn't have to be doing.

    There is a huge problem with the web design, it is poor, must posters will agree with that.

    Even if the project management was brilliant, even if it was tested to the nth degree, even if the rollout was flawless, you are still left with a design most users simply do not like.

    That is what i mean by poor design.

  • ADP, the new layout is already a decade out of date. It looks like a forum set up in 2010/2011.

  • It gets a big thumbs down from me.

    I'm not averse to change, it can be great, have experienced it on other websites that have improved by it and naturally there will be some hiccups.

    But this... This just seems like its been destructive in more ways than it has constructive. It feels like it was migrated really really badly and rushed massively.

    So far, I have no desire to come on, other than to see if its been improved and actually feel like

  • I've tried and tried to come back but it just isn't happening for me...

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  • I'm spending more time on r/Ireland now.

    I've had a good run here since 2003.

  • That Marty Whelan picture alone is worth the visit.

  • I don’t like the changes at all, I doubt many users would see it as an improvement. Which begs the question, why do it?

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  • Just about says it, doesn't it?

  • While I like the odd visit on reddit and like some of the subs r/Ireland is just to general, it's like someone abandoned a telex machine and came back to reams of stuff. Or am I missing something, is there sub subs?

    First they came for the socialists...

  • And heavily patrolled by auto moderators. A few ordinary posts were stopped, because I had not the longevity on reddit and had a free account. oh well.

  • Your post seems pretty cranky and moany to me, not to mention loaded with personal issues and generalisations. Please tell, what did denim jackets or receeding hairlines ever do to you?

    OP's question which you failed to answer was "Has the week of downtime & move to vanilla killed this place?"

    I will answer the first part of the question, the week of downtime did not kill this place in any shape or form, not even wounded it a small bit, IMHO. It was a week off, heads got fixes elsewhere.

    Why don't you try answer the second part of the question?

  • It would help if the people behind boards gave us more feedback as to what is going on. I'm sure the stress levels at Boards HQ are going through the roof at the moment but keeping people in the loop about what is happening would defuse some of this. At the moment we don't know what, if anything, they're trying to fix. Maybe they're happy with what they're presenting to us and that the existing user interface is what we're stuck with. Stop hiding, guys.

  • Maybe I'm doing something wrong, when I tap on a discussion on my phone I get the opening post but nothing else, no other posts, when I tap onto the next page, all I get is the comment box. Is this the same for everyone or is it just something on my phone? Im having to use my desktop, which I rarely use for anything except occasionally for work, so I read boards far less frequently.

    This new platform I dog ****.

  • I deal with software design and releases for a living and I just can't understand how we got here. There is a lot of missing functionality between the previous version and the current version, which itself is a big red flag, but also once they realised the release / migration wouldn't be done in the allocated time, they should have accepted their losses, rolled back, and organised a future date to try again.

    Maybe a lot of the problem is going with Vanilla. I don't anything about them I wish Boards had gone with Invision instead. I use a couple of forums that use that software that it is pretty much the Rolls Royce of forum software. It looks nice and modern with loads of good functionality. Probably much more expensive though.

  • I agree 100%, the plug should of been pulled on this when things started to go south, they could of re-grouped, figure out what the issues were and have another attempt in the future, it would of been a tough pill to swallow but i think more damage was done by continuing with the switchover.

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  • This never happens as it usually is someone at the top pushing these things so definitely no going back until they lose face when it goes to complete sh!t.

  • Does anyone know how to shut down your boards account? I tried looking it up, but since that link is now dead, I can't find it.

    I've tried this new layout-it's not working for me. So I'd rather just kill my account.

  • Well said.

    For what it's worth, although certainly not perfect at the moment, I welcome the move to a more modern, scaleable platform. It's actually what prompted me to sign up again.

    It will get better in time. I know first hand how difficult migrations can be. So well done Niamh and co on what was a difficult undertaking.

  • I found this on another thread - 'if you want to close your account you can email [email protected] or [email protected] and we'll do it for you manually here.'

  • Scalable, but in which direction? Given the user base is diminishing, will it be trimming the fat to make the experience load at a less than glacial pace?

    There's a certain irony that the ad that keeps popping up is one for a website builder (and its not vanilla)!

  • 😄 I'm not seeing any ads.

    I mean scalable in terms of its functionality and ability to upgrade. Of course if what you say it correct then scalability in terms of needing resources won't be a problem.

    Edit: Dynamic is the word I probably should've used.

  • Think of it like a building/bridge with a serious structrial defect. It's going to fall down eventually, so do you replace it now, or wait for the final collaspse.

  • I once had a post on Reddit deleted because I wasn't verified as BIPOC. There was a large discussion about Ireland on it. They wanted a picture of the colour of the skin on my arm before I could post...

  • The set up for some is different BUT the barometer that I am seeing is that the first page of after hours still has posts going back 2 days. Previously you might only see posts going back 6/7 hours before having to move on to page 2.

    A lack of m.boards has seen my usage decrease. Far too difficult to navigate.

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  • I miss the old format layout