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Has the 1 week downtime & move to vanilla killed this place?



  • It's a load of bollix...

  • I've been on this site for years and while not the most prolific poster I did spend a lot of time browsing various forums and topics. This new layout and navigation is horrendous. There's and old saying , " if it ain't broke , don't fix it " .

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  • How was it broken? And if so, fine, its broken or its out grown the previous platform.

    But migrate to something better, not some bag of sh1t platform.

  • It was very unstable and the whole thing was a patchwork of add ons and sticky plasters that could (and did) topple over at any moment. A change was needed. Unfortunately it does not seem to be going well

  • Does anybody know where one can obtain the list of moderators of a particular forum... maybes I’m going blind but I’m not seeing it.

  • It is not available at the moment. If you want a list for a specific forum I can find out for you. Just pm me

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  • There’s more wrong with this site now then what’s right with it.

    its an awful pity.boards was great.could they not shut it down for another week and put it back the way it was.

  • I only use the mobile site, and since the upgrade, it's absolutely sh1te.

    Its rotten looking, weird scrolling motion, there's no proper separation to the posts, it's just horrible to use.

    The lack of activity and usability here has driven me to the other site (I'm not gonna spam it) which is easy on the eyes, easy to use and is gaining in nunbers of users (including prolific and known users) so that it FEELS like being back on

  • I fully agree with you. Any migration plan should have include a trial "pre-migration" with some QA and at least some minimal UAT with either the mods or some trusted users.

  • Resource issue I would guess. There are only a couple of people employed by

  • To be fair and to be obvious, there is a massive resource that was always available - users of the site.

    Some of them even have professional knowledge, imagine that!

  • They're popping up on the threads in the feedback forum frequently enough. They've acknowledged that people are frustrated.

    The whole thing has been badly handled that's as clear as day, but it's easy for us to speculate and say what we would have done differently without having any first hand knowledge. We haven't a clue what behind the scenes goings on set of circumstances led to the current state of affairs.

  • Is there any forum where we can provide feedback?

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  • I think someone is going to take advantage of this and setup a new Irish forum site which users will flock to.

    Just copy the list of forums here and set it up on another forum software and to save money only allowed embedded images.

    I can see it happening with the right person doing it.

  • Boards. What have you done? This new platform is about as good as a kick in the nutsack. It looks similar to the old platform, but has none of the useful functions of the old. I mainly use desktop version. Multi-quote is missing and I can't find my previous posts...only threads I started. I'll give it a week or two in the hope this sheetshow get's fixed. If not, goodbye boardsies. It was fun....moreso in the early days when mods in some of the forums didn't let the power get to their heads. I think a lot of people won't return here. Booooards!

  • No info now from a username about who is a mod or what forums they are on.

    Can't figure out how to search within a thread, the old advanced search was great if you were looking for a particular post.

    Drafts are saved whether you want to save them or not.

    How can you see what posts you've thanked?

  • I don’t doubt that a change was needed and the site was being held together with sticky tape, but I’m not sure why they went the direction they did. The software is shite and I’m not sure it was the best option for a community platform. Someone on another thread mentioned Xenforo and at a quick glance, what they offer is far superior to what Boards has gone for with Vanilla. Xenforo was even created by the lads behind VBulletin. So while a change was needed and a move understandable, this ain’t it

  • Looks pretty good. Just registered.

    See a few familiar names there.

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  • I guess I'm starting to understand the frustrations. I've never a prolific poster in the past, but I suppose if I was and had invested as much time as some I'd feel the same.

    Still hope they manage to recover the situation.