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Has the 1 week downtime & move to vanilla killed this place?



  • yes we missed the chance to gloat @ england's car crash

  • Maybe I have missed something but it looks like you joined boards the day before you wrote this...

  • This new boards site is very bad. I want the pop-down menus instead of searching for them.

    Also seems fewer people are posting on here. This could be the start of the death of boards

  • Had a look at the other site mentioned earlier & there are an awful lot of familiar user names from boards on there.

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  • Yes you missed my first posted where I said ‘prompted me to sign up again’ :)

  • I've had to re-reg to reply 🙄

    Whilst *definitely* not logged in I clicked on another user's profile only to be able to see their email address, then googled that email address and found their real name age and LinkedIn profile.

    I them checked my own profile, only for my own email address to be also visible.

    I then logged in and checked my privacy setting, only to confirm it **was** set to private.

    I then immediately changed my email address only to loose the ability to post.

  • Yes, it should be like that now

    I have replied to an earlier post but I had to make un-private and then private again for it to take effect.

    Privacy setting seems to have been lost in the clusterfuck changeover

  • Another annoying thing, on the old site clicking a link would open up a new tab, now I have to right click the link and choose 'open another tab' what you get is a message saying you are leaving and you have to click the link again. The older style was much easier to use.

    If you want to get into it, you got to get out of it. (Hawkwind 1982)

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  • Looks like a cut down cost cutting version of because its number of users was dwindling. Sites change to something basic like this when they're on the way out. End of an era.

  • Concur with previous comments. New forum style is crap and really difficult to find threads you follow.

  • Site is absolutely awful to view on a smartphone. I will miss the banter on the soccer match threads but the site is finished for me. A shame, I didn't feel there was anything wrong with the previous setup. The amount of white space and lack of info on it have meant I don't even think about logging in that much anymore.

  • Great shout for ****.

    I don't have to request the desktop site every single time because the mobile site which causes issues elsewhere (a big no no if you want my ad data and email etc..) AND it has a dark mode. Tremendous.

    Whoever signed off on this scutter should be ashamed. You're stealing a living.


  • It’s a shambles. Whomever sold them the idea of this being the way forward must be laughing all the way to the bank. They seem to have really killed it off.

  • +1 for ****. Signed up last week and it's not over moderated neither which is a bonus.

  • The person running it is great to directly deal with queries or suggestions too, even if it's not a yes they'll explain why. Early days and not a huge user base yet, but it makes for a good atmosphere. The software is light years ahead too.

  • The funny thing is... It's not...

    The base software (phpBB) is 21 years old.. And the current phpbb 3.0 version is 7 years old.

    The functionality of it as a discussion board though is eons ahead of this crap that vanilla has served up.

    Of course, phpbb is very limited in what it does, and probably couldn't support a site as big as boards. But the powers that be here should be doing all they can to get a UI and UX as close to the current phpbb version as they can.

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  • Yeah I probably should have said usability more so than software. It's like they used to say about iphones - it just works. Boards is currently like 2014 touchwiz.

  • Well, not a lot of traffic to moderate so far, plus newbies maybe on good behaviour

  • I've seen a few different changes and policies declared as the thing that would kill boards (And some of the smaller fora have been dead or dying for a while), but I do worry this may actually kill boards.

    Posting is way down across the site, in a way I've never seen before. The soccer forum in particular is a disaster as it is designated a group instead of a forum.

    The longer this goes on, the more you'll wonder can things recover.

    Cake, and grief counseling, will be available at the conclusion of the test

  • Well that's pretty shocking if it is the case. How on earth could someone make such an ill-informed decision with something so big?

    I'd expect to be looking for a new job if I did something like that.

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  • Not true about most of the discussions yakking about here.

    There's one or two threads and I think it's extremely normal for an Irish based site to discuss something happening in Ireland that affects mostly Irish people.