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F1 2021 Round 10 : Silverstone



  • Anyone see the affect of the down draft from the camera helicopter on Lance stroll car . You can see the car compress as it goes under . Way too low . Cool footage and also a little bit dangerous

  • ...but sure that's racing drivers for you. Among sportspeople they must rank as being some of the most selfish. Could you imagine the likes of Alonso, Raikonnen, Perez, Vettel or even Max himself immediately on the radio enquiring about the welfare of a rival who has ended up in the barriers?

  • Interestingly, the bookies still have Lewis at 3/1 to win the championship.

    I was expecting to see it lessened significantly but that's pretty much the same as what he was pre-race.

    Ultimately, they don't think yesterday will make all that much difference.

  • its the team thats wrong.

    they shold have told hamilton that max was in hospital and to act acordingly.

    he could have celebrated by mentioned how dangerous racing is and praised all the work the engineers do that allow them to race and be as safe.

    then wish max a speedy recovery and be able to race next time out

  • Really good analysis of the Incident. Btw this Scott Mansell ( Nigel's son).

    *** Watch till the end for some unbelievable trackside fan views of the crash

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  • You mean like Grosjean? Every driver was enquiring about his safety, Charles in particular was shook up about it. No driver is selfish to the point that they don't care if their rivals are injured or killed and I hope no formula1 fan is either.

  • You’re right about it being good analysis, but Scott isn’t Nigel’s son im afraid

  • Sorry about that... you're right. Even looks a bit like him.

  • This is pretty much my take on it. Lewis knew exactly what he was doing. Hopefully Max repays the favour. It's definitely worth it for a ten second penalty and in reality it's just another way of gaining a competitive edge.

  • While I do think the 10s penalty wasn't severe enough, I think anyone saying Hamilton did this on purpose is bonkers. They were going 160MPH+, there's no way Hamilton could take Max out and know he wouldn't take himself out. The cars are so fragile I just don't think it's possible. As was said earlier in the thread, if the championship points were reversed I'd say maybe since it would benefit Hamilton to take them both out, but at those speeds anything could happen. There's as much chance of Hamilton doing damage to his own car as there was Max's. As much as I don't like Hamilton I'd also like to believe he's not going to purposely put another driver in a wall at those speeds.

    I'd call it careless/dangerous driving.

    I still think Max will win the championship. He and the RB have the better of Hamilton and Merc. He might have caught up a little this week but it's likely, in my opinion, that Max will win out in a majority of the remaining races.

    Delighted to see LeClerc on the podium, fantastic race. I honestly thought Hamilton was letting him lead to begin with to avoid the possibility of another crash and taking himself or both out. Managing to hold Hamilton off for so long was great driving. If Ferrari can kick on next year we should see him win a few more.

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  • I've just learned from elsewhere it was actually the medical helicopter, which is a bit ironic.

    As far as I know the TV helicopter pilot is trained to keep their downdraft off the track, understandable that the medical pilot was overlooked but I'm sure they'll be briefed in future.

  • In fairness it's akin to the English football team and the media and Lewis can do no wrong, if anyone thinks that they are severely blinkered and believe everything that's fed to them.

    I can't remember but did Hamilton ask was he okay before the stop or after? I'm only stirring the pot btw, I don't think people are that malicious in the sport but would seem strange he didn't ask that over the radio immediately after the instance.

    These days every is on the radio so you'd nearly want to take most of it with a pinch of salt as the other teams and then of course fans can also hear it!

  • In fairness he probably only realised there was something serious when the red flag went out.

    Bono needed to give him a better message than that as well. It smacked of ‘yeah he’s grand’ to me when he was clearly very visibly shaken.

  • Last time we saw something like this? Isn't one of the crucial difference between the incidents the fact that Schumacher steered into Villenuve?

    I dislike Hamilton, I was sour watching him win after his mistake took max out of the race, but let's try to keep the criticism based in reality.

    It's a bit embarrassing to see people suggest things like Hamilton tried to kill Max or this is like Jerez 97. Ridiculous stuff that even the posters would cringe if they look back on these posts in a week.

  • Just my view and I'm slightly conflicted on it , I used to love in the 80's when things like this happened and you'd see drivers racing (running) back to the pits to get the 3rd car it was all part of the excitement for me , seeing mercedes bandage up the car is not exciting but if the bandaged up the car and had to start from the pit and then take a 10sec penalty on their next stop well that might work.

    This mostly comes down to a racing incident from driver mis-judgement , as good as a driver as Hamilton is he is not great at these close battles at best of times as we've seen especially drawn out over a good few corners ,Max is a better but does take more risks at times so still causes crashes ,think the rules need to change for these instances somewhat ,in that a if a race is red flagged like the weekend then no work should be done on a car unless deemed otherwise dangerous by the race stewards ,i.e flat mangled tire hanging of nose wing etc. and maybe a pit start if you have to rechange.

    The bigger problem for me is not the penalty that was issued* if it was a stop go then you have to do it within 2-3 laps but the 10secound penalty can be taken at the next stop or if close to the end of the race added to your time this is nonsensical as the penalty can be managed away some what with race progression by the time Lewis had to take it the field was spread out and penalty somewhat mitigated.

    I think this is were motogp have been clever they have a longer lap for penalties so just say you get a 5 second penalty then you have to do this extra stretch of lap within 2 laps and complete you penalty 10 seconds do it back to back. I know its probably not doable on some circuts but the timed penalty is a bit of a farce really.

  • I actually have no problem at all with how it played out, Hamilton asked about Max and Bono told him enough to keep his mind on the rest of the race.

    I think there’s a lot you can dislike about Hamilton, but some people really have invented a comically evil character of him in their heads!

  • He’s creating his own comically evil character all by himself with his actions in this race and previous ones. Couple that with how fake he comes across it’s not hard to see how people have lost the rag on this one.

    He has to be the most insincere person on the planet.

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  • People are saying he hit him on purpose, tried to kill him and that he was fed a line to ask if Max is ok.

    Not for the first time, you completely ignore all of that and instead say Lewis asks for it, when he absolutely doesn’t.

    Accusing a driver of trying to kill another on is an absolutely disgraceful thing to say, regardless on your opinion of that driver.

  • Hamilton was definitely at fault here, though off course I don’t believe that he was there to deliberately bump off max - I don’t think he would have wanted to take a chance on getting his own car damaged. He seemed just a tad bit desperate to get past Max on that lap itself, knowing it might be difficult to do it later on. I also feel that the penalty should have been a StopGo one to be taken immediately, the 10 sec one was a bit lenient seeing that he had already got his car repaired during the red flag session which was also an advantage in a way.

    But apparently FIA explained that the penalty is based on the incident itself and not the consequence of the incident as explained in the link.

    "He wasn't seen as wholly to blame for it but he was seen as predominantly to blame. He could have tucked in further and that could have changed the outcome but we don't know, we judge it on the incident itself."

    "So when they are judging incidents, they judge the incident itself and the narrative of the incident and not what happens afterwards as a consequence.”

  • @debub , and as your post outlines its the incident it self , 10 secs seems to be the norm , which I was surprised with

    Bottas V Ricciardo in Hungry Bottas 10 second Penalty

    Vettel V Bottas in France , Vettel 10 second Penalty

    Verstappen V Ricciardo in Hungry , Verstappen 10 Second Penalty

    Kvyatt V Hulkenberg in Mexico , Kvyatt 10 Second Penalty

    The incident reports are similar regardless of what happens afterwards as a consequence .

    The Penalties get longer depending on what you do as well ,

    Vettel bumping Hamilton behind the Saftey car , that was a Stop Go Penalty

    Perez Bumping Sirotkin , Drive Through Penalty . Both seen as intentional so more severe

  • I haven’t once accused him of trying to kill Max.

    But could it have been a byproduct of his careless driving I’d suggest yes.

    Ultimately he got over racey in a place he shouldn’t have.

    Would Max have attempted the same? Maybe but on this occasion it was Hamilton.

    Any actual F1 fan can see what happened here.

    The racism that followed was bonkers.

    The calls of unsportsmanlike etc though were spot on.

    Going to be an interesting end to the season that’s for sure.

    Both will have their elbows out now.

    Both will need their second driver helping them.

    For that reason I’d say Hamilton will be an 8 time champ at the end of all of this.

    If I didn’t despise him so much I’d have a flutter on him. Someone said he was 3/1 !! Those odds are insane.

  • Where did I accuse you of saying that? I never.

    I said you were ignoring what people were saying and instead implying that Hamilton asks for it. No driver asks for that.

    Vast majority of people here (myself included) know whose fault it was. The problem I have are those who are eager to just go one step too far for the simple reason that it's Lewis Hamilton.

    Hamilton gives people plenty of reasons to dislike him and yet some fools here think it's alright to just make up disgraceful lies like that.

  • Decent post,this place can be odd as fcuk with the hate dished out on trivial things,cant attack his car or skill then they go after his clothes or him being insecere,as a fan of the sport and not any particular team/drivers it hilarious watching the lengths some go to!

  • The Grosjean incident was life threatening. His car pierced an unprotected metal barrier head on and was engulfed in flames so he could have been decapitated or burnt to death. Verstappen hit a tyre barrier side on so the risk to his life would have been far less given the strength of the cockpit surrounding him. It was not that serious a shunt. Drivers know the difference. If anything I think Max may have been play acting a little in the aftermath.

  • That may be true but the sheer amount of defending the indefensible at times also is ridiculous so place can be odd as fcuk from that perspective and on balance it's even moreso!

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  • You see, I prefer to visit the motorsport boards to discuss things like "great drive by LeClerc" "Oh look Mazepin has spun again", "Lando is owning Ricciardo right now", "I wonder where Russell is driving next year" and not rubbish like "I hate that fooking woke monkey and heres why everyone on Boards should do too"

    I was proud that F1 fans don't go down to the murky levels of England football fan haters, that Lewis and Max fans could mix together in Silverstone safely and have a ball.

    That pride has been shattered this week. 🙁