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Smoking should be banned in Pubs?



  • All for it and I'm a smoker.

  • Would it be a good idea to get a smoker, non-smoker and ex-smoker on each team? (Might be hard to get an ex-smoker to be for it though!).

  • In favour of the ban.

  • In favour of it.

  • Do NOT, repeat do NOT start debating the topic, this is only for garnering who is interested in the debate and on which side.

    pyramid man .....your calling him stupid ?


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  • Against.

  • In favour.

  • Originally posted by pyramid man
    narrow minded
    Theres nothing narrow minded about law makers choosing to promote peoples health in the law they propose over and above peoples "rights" to blow a cacinogen in peoples faces.

    I'm For the Ban obviously.


  • <massive snip>
    Guys, can I debate ? (evidently... - DeV>


  • *cough*

    "Do NOT, repeat do NOT start debating the topic"

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  • I wasn't debating the topic, so much as troll baiting. And surely that's what boards in general is about ?


  • I'm an ex-Smoker and 100% for the ban. It's about bloody time to be honest!

  • All For the Ban

  • neutral / undecided

    i have reasons for why i would be with/against both

  • In Favour

  • You remember that bit where Dev said not to debate it in this thread? You do? Strange...

    Anyway, I'm a smoker and while I don't really mind either way, I love a good argument so I'll put my name down against the proposition.

  • against.

    Not willing to debate.

    Willing to fill an audience spot with rotten fruit though.

  • Nothing better then the roasted smell of smoke on ya fingers after a good night out.

    I'm against smoking been banned.

  • In favour (non-smoker)
    lived in a pub for 20 years of my life...

  • in favour . - ill just have a look and see how it goes

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  • Thread sanitised. No apologies to anyone who feels hard done by that their essays were deleted without trace. Tough sh*t.

    John, Boards is NOT about trolling or baiting. Its not big and its not clever and people will think you are 13. ....

    Still need a couple more of "againsts" who are willing to argue (Dustaz you f*ckin' GURL!)


  • Vehemently in favour of the ban.

  • As Stated before Against and I am WILLING to ARGUE:horned:

  • Excellent. I think we are almost there....

    I'll appoint Captains soon and they will pick lieutenants and we'll commence things!

    I still have to find a decent independant third judge but I'll do that during the week probably!


  • Will the smoking team be allowed take periodic breaks during the debate to hang around outside, looking furtive & cold, struggling to light their cancer sticks in the Force 8 gales?

  • Yeah, we'll give them 5 Min breaks every hour.... but they MUST smoke while typing their replies :)


  • I'd like to withdraw my name from consideration for this debate.


  • I hereby withdraw my name as a possible participant, in the proposed "Smoking should be banned in Pubs " debate.


  • In Favour, I dont want to be on the debating team

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  • In favour