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Smoking should be banned in Pubs?



  • if studies come out suggesting 1000's of people are dying from candle smoke then i presume it will be banned. i think alcohol lamps create only CO2 and water vapour so are pretty harmless. i was thrown out of a pub years back for burning a piece of paper in an ashtray, bouncer was having none of my point that half the people in the place were also a "fire hazard", monkey men.

    there are restrictions on many toxic gases in the workplace, dont know why it took so long for this one to come around.

  • C'Mon. you know that they can prove anything with enough money.

    the next thing they will come out with it is that paying tax is bad for your health. and then they will show some scientific research to back it up so people will believe it.

    just cause people are scientists or doctors we tend to believe them. of course we should. they are doctors or scientists. how could they be unethical.

  • Once again this thread is not for debating the issue just putting your name forward for one of the teams.

  • For teams that have not been formed. This thread is nothing but a red herring. Either have a debate or close this thread.,

  • the teams have been formed me thinks!

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  • Does in matter if its is banned. Many laws in Ireland are not enforced.(smoking on bus, trains, cycling on foot path drinking in public, being drunk in public, begging etc)

    In principle I am against it. It should be up to the customer to decide if they want to got to smoking pub or nonsmoking Pub
    ex Smoker

  • RE; Smoking should be banned?

    The 'Debate' that is heading in the same direction as the legislation ?..


  • teams are picked and are getting ready...

    debate will start very very soon, was put back a day or two to suit one of the team members..

  • In favour.

  • I can argue againist the ban if you need someone.
    I've done this topic before in a debate so I know the side :)
    However I might not be able to do it due to dates, but i'll put my name down againist the ban.

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