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Paint for a GRP Rudder

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    Hi Guys.

    Looking to paint a GRP rudder in white - the rudder is basically sound, so I just want to brighten it up and add protection to it for the coming season - if we get going. Its off a sailing dinghy so will be out of the water when not in use.

    Any recommendations for 2 pack or 1 pack with primer?

    I have see appliance paint being receommended elsewhere, but would prefer something that will add layers and I don't mind sanding to a good finish.


  • I would go with pre-kote primer and then Toplac they are both made by international. If it still has a gelcoat try rubbing compound and see if you can bring it back.


  • Thanks Fergal

    I have ordered both paints that you recommended. Unfortunately the gelcoat has been worn away from various minor impacts, filling / rubbing down repairs over the years.

    Any advice for the best route to go with? I am going with:

    Give the rudder a rub down with 300 grit sandpaper to give key and fill in any chips, etc with gelcoat filler.

    Apply 1st coat primer foam roller - give a light rub down with 300 grit again once dry?

    Apply 2nd coat primer foam roller - give another rub down with 300 grit.

    Apply 1st + 2nd coat toplac foam roller - rub down once hard with 400 grit - moving up 600 / 800 / 1000 grit then polish with machine polisher?

    Would this be the right way to go - any tips welcome!

  • Sounds good, when rolling on the paint I like to tip it with a foam or fine hair brush to remove any lines "google roll & tipping" for a mirror finish I would also go from 1000-2000-3000 grit then rubbing compound and then wax.


  • Thanks again Fergal - beautiful finish on your boat - love the name:)