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Do you like the smell of your own farts?



  • No

  • Had a bit of an upset stomach yesterday. The vile smell coming from my anus at night was unbelievable. A kind of sweet, sickly smell.

    However, I kept ducking my head under the sheets and inhaling deeply. I rather enjoyed it. Certainly cleared my lungs.

  • Love letting off rotten SBDs, especially in shop queues( bit ofa bummer now with social distancing) and then walking off and leaving the rest turn their noses up at each other.

  • FANTAPANTS wrote: »
    hands down jocks...fart into hand cup grasp it and fling into missus face and tell her its a snowball with flavour...wait for reaction :D:D:D:D:D

    My favourite was farting in bed and pulling covers over her head. (Perfume especially for you love) I told her it was a new brand of perfume called Farte, or the slightly ****aae. Well she just wouldn't wear it.

  • If i've beans and eggs this morning. Tonight I could win an olympic medal for ireland in the rancid 3metre farting event, and maybe also in the loudest ripper farting event

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  • Was ‘up country’ on important business and pulled into a carvery for a lash of boiled beef , onions and spuds.

    Had three packets of ‘Bombay Mix’ as snacks on the way home.

    Blew an epic ‘rifter’ in the car with a fugg you could sew a button on.

    Had to finish the trip with all the windows open.

    Kids wouldn’t get into the car the next day for school…….

  • Only fart in a lift if there are more than two other people in it

  • Blew out a thick fetid rifter in the motor today, strong bang of boiled cabbage off the fookher.