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Cruiser restoration and wheelchair adaption



  • Whaletastic Fergal.

  • The dash was a faded blue so I covered it in white car wrapping it might be a bit bright but when I throw all my crap on it it should be alright :)


    Also added some wood trim everywhere :)



    I carpeted the kids walls and fitted 12v sockets and 240v with usb.


    And most exciting of all I built a step :D


  • We know it's Friday evening when we get the Fergal Report :D

    Nice work as ever!

  • Just a little reminder it's Friday :) Not much to show with the holidays, I started cutting strips out of any of the wood I had leftover to cover the ceiling in the main bedroom.


    I had saved the old panel to use as a template.


    I used fibreglass cloth on the back to hold it together.


    With the clinker sides and the wooden ceiling I hope to give it the feel of an old wooden boat.


  • Friday fix :)

    Wired in the LED strip lights.


    Collected some twigs.


    And made a shelf with a little hanger :)


    Finished off the beds and put in more storage lockers.


    Mr Noodles has now moved to the playground and sensory garden in Kyle's school, he seems quite happy there :)


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  • great job fergal

  • It's Friday and I think I'm going to enjoy this one :D

    Cutting up the cousins I got from Lidl.


    and a memory foam topper.


    Also finished off the lights in the kids room.


    Spent most of the week cleaning up the place and gathering up the tools that I wont need anymore.


  • Hold on to them you’ll need them next week for the new project:eek:

  • Great night thanks for dropping by :D first time seeing the boat at night.


    Simey learning another new trade :)

  • Fergal

    It was great to see the boat, such a huge undertaking, best of luck with the launch.

    Thanks again.

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  • Great bit of weather so I gave the boat a light sanding and another coat of paint I also got the antifoul done using a rabbit hair brush.





    Nice little present from my brother to kit out the crew :)


    Changing the impeller before we hit the water, just as well by the looks of it.

    Well thats just about it for this post hope you enjoyed it, I'm going to try and do a live video on my Facebook page of the launch on the 20th so tune in if you like. :)


  • Jeez, that's some transformation when you see the before and after pics! A real work of beauty and passion.

    Will you be posting the FB live link here? Would love to see the launch.

  • FanadMan wrote: »
    Jeez, that's some transformation when you see the before and after pics! A real work of beauty and passion.

    Will you be posting the FB live link here? Would love to see the launch.

    Don't think I can do that but I might upload a video at a later date.


  • As usual fergal, inspirational and most encouraging. Hope the launch goes well and she passes her sea trials with flying colours. Looking forward to seeing the splash! Enjoy and maybe now you can retrieve the other boat.

  • Found an old bit of timber and thought "that would make a nice flag pole.


    Bottom cut off and sanded, now just to cut a bow out of the top.


    There is no such thing as scrap wood just pieces not used yet :)


  • That's the problem. Half of my main work shed is cluttered with things that "may be useful some day". I hate to throw things out, but very often find my actions justified. So many things you need can't be bought.

  • Looks fantastic Fergal, best of luck with the launch. Hope we get some decent weather for you all to enjoy the fruits of your labour!

  • Using up the last of the scraps of wood on a wind vane :D Only two more sleeps, getting nervous and excited.


  • Can't wait to see her in the water where she belongs. Best of luck Fergal.

  • I literally tripped over this thread and have been enthralled as I read it end to end this evening. Wonderful epic project, Fergal I wish you and your family many happy moments out on the water. Thanks for all the details posted.

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  • Best of luck with the launch tomorrow Fergal....looking forward to seeing you on the water after all the hard work, well deserved

  • Best of luck with it all Fergal - if I wasn't up to my eyeballs in work and sailing duties I'd nearly travel down to spectate!

    Hope it all goes swimmingly and you have many many years of happy sailing in her. (And find Old's Cool, of course!)

  • Will raise a beer for you!

  • Best of wishes for the launch fergal. Great to see the culmination of all your efforts
    Lots of pics please!

  • This was a great thread to follow,as are all Fergals threads. You and your family are going to have a great time because of your brilliant hard work. Fergal back on the water just as it should be. Kudos to you sir

  • Thanks for the best wishes and to all who helped out over the year and voted for me I couldn't have done it without you.


  • Tick tock tick tock.....�� Sleep tight my friend see you in the morning !!

  • Fergal I hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow, the culmination of all of your hard work :)

    Enjoy every minute :)

  • Best of thoughts from here going to you and your family, enjoy it, its deserved.

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  • Bring a bung or two and a hammer in case a skin fitting fails, best of luck Ferg, awesome project to bring to fruition! :)