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Licence query

  • 22-09-2022 3:19pm
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    I hope you can guide me. My dad died and had 2 guns which I need to sort out, so I have some questions. Firstly, they are currently in locked in a safe per his licence requirements, is it alright to leave them there until I sort my licence out or do I have to bring them to a dealer?

    The proof of competence on the form, I assume as I never had a gun licence I will have to do a course, is there any that are recommended or I should avoid?



  • Registered Users Posts: 592 ✭✭✭slipperyox

    Guns must be brought to AGS or a RFD immediately.

    Then your application begins, and they can be retrieved thereafter.

    A target range or nargc will offer a competence course, and each will offer satisfactory tuition, though guessing the nargc one better for hunting.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 6 hogroast

    I wish I read your post sooner, I didn't want to bring to AGS so brought them into a local dealer who I felt saw me coming with storage fees and his own course prices. I was also not overly impressed with him having me call out my eircode to him while other customers are standing beside me and a bunch of young lads looking at fishing gear about 3 feet away. I know it's nothing but I didn't intend publicly announcing my intention to keep guns at my address. There was also a rifle left leaning against a wall in a public-ish area that could have gone for a walk without too much effort.

    Hopefully I can get my licence quickly.

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    I know this is well intentioned, but it’s a bit naive. AGS are not out to steal your guns and encouraging that mentality is hardly helping.

    Not every local RFD is a friendly local dealer.

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    I for one would not be following this advice.

    A bit of speculation there in the first 3 paragraphs as to what conditions may or may not be like for storage in a station or what the advanced competencies or lack thereof may be of the guard you're dealing with or what the Supers attitude to storage might be. Baring in mind what is in fact the law relating to these firearms.

    And if you're not used to the firearms yourself, why would you say you are on the form(as per the advice there in the last) and not go gain some competence and ability before using firearms?

    I know you may be well intended with advice for the OP but to be honest that's not the best to give anyone.

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    It's immaterial now as the gun is in a gun dealers but I agree with ssmember20 that leaving guns into the Gardai isn't a good idea. They aren't set up for storing guns. I'd rather store my gun in a gun dealers. Gun dealers are equipped for storing guns. And if you change your mind about keeping it, you can sell it and people can view it in the gun dealers. You don't have that facility with the Gardai. I've heard of one person near me who left his gun into the local station and when he went to get it, he had to wait more than a month as it had been transferred to another station and the person who deals with the guns was difficult/nearly impossible to get hold of. That is unlikely to happen with a dealer.

    With regard to keeping the gun without a licence in the safe until one is sorted, I'd advise against that 100% of the time. Yes, some Gardai mightn't bother you but strictly speaking, you are in possession of an unlicenced firearm and could potentially be prosecuted. Granted, it would want to be an evil spirited Garda to charge you in those circumstances but it's possible so I'd always play it safe and hand in the gun to a gun dealer (as the OP has done) and then apply for the licence.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6 hogroast

    In fairness I didn't initially want to go to AGS as I felt going to a dealer might be a smoother way of doing it but the dealer I went to would not be one I recommend.

    I would be used to firearms to a degree, I have been around them growing up and shot (at) hundreds of clays over the years. I'm far from an expert but would be confident I have a basic level of competency. I did the course to ease the process of application.

    From doing the process myself, it appears there's a lot of room for improvement. At the point of bereavement, the guns became unlicensed and legally I shouldn't have been handling them at all. AGS should have come out and collected them until they were licensed, destroyed, sold, etc. But maybe they would have if I had contacted them first, the RFD I contacted told me to bring them to him.

    The proof of competency is so vague, there seems to be a cottage industry offering "courses" for it which vary wildly in actual usefulness and even then apparently may not necessarily be needed for a first time licence. If I was learning to drive a car again, I would have to sit a theory test, take at least 12 lessons from a registered driving instructor and pass a practical test before I could get a driving licence. For its faults the process is at least unambiguous.

  • Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 28,350 Mod ✭✭✭✭Cass

    There is no arguing that the competency aspect of licensing needs overhauling. The unregulated nature allows for anyone to run such a course as opposed to, using your example, driving which is regulated.

    However the competency course is only one of the four accepted ways to prove competence with the problem being the course is the easiest way for AGS to accept proof of competence. The other three ways are:

    • Previous experience with firearms
    • Training license
    • Letters of support from other license holders testifying to your competence.

    The training license has its limitations and is aimed primarily, but not solely, at those under 16 and the other two ways require "legwork" on behalf of AGS.

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    Re storage with aGS.

    Assuming he has a safe and house alarm?

    Why not pre-arrange to drop in all the known KEYS to the gun cabinet to your local FO or Super if it is not possible /inconvenient to get them into a dealer, which are now few and far between?

    If the OP's late father's house is still occupied, it's not like they are unattended, and if aGS want to go belt& braces an anti-tamper seal ,which is plentiful and used on most evidence bags,can be put on the door of the safe . Word this right with your locals and it saves everyone a lot of hassle and time. Saves having to get an order of removal sorted out which can take weeks or months betimes in some divisions. Agree that the keys are kept in the custody of your local FO at your local station until you either want to license ,and get a license granted to them or get the removal order to a GD for sale.

    AGS themselves are very reluctant to store firearms, as they don't really have the facilities to do so and can be held responsible for damage if they are doing so on a volunteer basis.

    Worth a try.

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    The gun has already been left in a gun dealers.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6 hogroast

    This would have been ideal and had half crossed my mind afterwards. I did the most tried and tested route which was a bit of a waste of time and money but hopefully it will be worth it in the end.