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F1 2022-Round 13: Hungarian GP



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    Ok I see now you're now also trying to play down Kimi's credentials in order to justify your rather extreme bias against Vettel. Raikkonen was a deserving world champion and was still recognised as one of the fastest drivers in the world at that time for the world class drives he pulled off at Lotus which earned him a Ferrari return just a year before Vettel joined. At that time there was a pretty strong case that he was the next best driver on the grid after Vettel and Alonso.

    And again, you're then ignoring all of Vettel's drives between 2007 and 2019 and between 2021 and 2022 and instead homing in solely on 2020 to try to back up your otherwise baseless argument, which I already pointed was a massive outlier year and not remotely comparable to any other season in Vettel's career - the reason being that Binotto stabbed him in the back before the season even started so obviously he wasn't killing himself for the team and performing at his best in what was an utterly dreadful car and a team that did not have his back.

    The more reasonable comparison between Vettel and Leclerc is 2019 when there was basically nothing between them and it could have gone either way - again, there is no shame in that as Charles is clearly a top tier generational talent just like Seb is. Had Binotto not made a massive error of judgement and had kept Vettel on in 2020 then the two drivers would have continued to be close and Seb may well be have been leading this year's championship in the current car, as he combines Leclerc's speed with a much stronger ability to think for himself and overrule the many terrible tactical decisions the team has made. And even if he did end up a smidgeon behind Leclerc, that would still put him comfortably in the top 3 in the world alongside Charles and Max.

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    Kimi was a tip top driver back in his day. But by 2018, he wasn't anything like a tip top driver. You seem to be suggesting that kimi was always as fast as he was in his prime, and nobody would seriously make that case except to make a tangential point like you're doing here. Kimi was very fast, then he slowed down. He wasn't a top driver by the end of his second ferrari career. That's why Seb wanted kimi and not Charles as his teammate.

    I also don't doubt that Seb was a top driver in his prime. But he hasn't been a top driver for a while now. He was beaten by leclerc in only his second year in F1 and his first year with Ferrari. That's not insignificant. It foreshadowed the beating he gave Seb the following year when he had begun to find his feet in F1 and the team. Leclerc matching seb in their first year together was a massive win for leclerc.

    Seb has been poor since mid 2018. He beats stroll most weeks but you need to pretend Sterll is a good driver to turn that into an accomplishment. None of these points stand up on their own and they're not points you'd likely make if you weren't building the case to pretend seb is still a top driver.

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    The cheek of you accusing anyone of downplaying any other drivers credentials in order to justify an extreme bias.

    I honestly refuse to believe you said that with a straight face and without a hint of irony.

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