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Chennai Olympiad



  • Registered Users Posts: 382 ✭✭macelligott

    Thanks for the links. Very interesting and instructive 👍

  • Registered Users Posts: 76 ✭✭corkcitychess

    Thanks Ficheall for the links and Rookspawn for the updates

    I have been saying for some time now

    that Conor Murphy will be Ireland's first home grown GM ! (no pressure Conor 😊 keep playing like this)

  • Registered Users Posts: 479 ✭✭Joedryan

    Some updates seem to now be appearing on ICU site

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,297 ✭✭✭sodacat11

    Considering you "don't care" about my views you seem to spend an awful lot of time writing about them. Why don't you just come up to me sometime at a tournament and introduce yourself and I will be glad to sort out your grievances face to face instead of you hiding behind your anonymity like the gutless little nerd you probably are?

    As for Alexander Baburin, I think that no one has done more for Irish chess than him and his coming to Ireland was the best think ever for Irish chess BUT he is Russian not Irish so in my opinion should not be on the Irish team and nor should anyone else who wasn't born here or doesn't have STRONG family ties (e.g both parents being Irish). You probably would never get to represent Ireland in any capacity unless wa_k_ng becomes an international sport but I am on the veteran's chess team and I would not be very amused to find in five years time that I get booted off it because we suddenly have six Ukrainians or Norwegians living here with higher ratings.

  • Registered Users Posts: 24 Millwall

    Decorum @sodacat11 ! We're all chess players, we're all nerds by default lol. I just don't agree with what your beef is with the whole thing with nationalities. Like you said, I do agree (wahey) with your views that Alex Baburin has made an immense impression on Irish chess, but saying he should not play for us is a bit of a kick in the head to him. So wait, strong family ties means both parents must be Irish? 1 parent being Irish is unacceptable you're saying yes? You're saying I should introduce myself to you instead of hiding on this; the irony. I would love for you to say in-person to GM Baburin why he shouldn't he on the team. I don't think that would go down very well for you. He whole heartedly belongs on it and has been a rock for us. Solution for not being booted off the farmers team? Be better. Simple.

    No one has a problem with this topic. It's such an insignificant thing to complain about. Now, if someone cheated in a chess Olympiad, then we'd have an actual topic to discuss, but this is just silly quite frankly. Just let people represent their countries. They're obviously citizens at the bare minimum, making a living and contributing to the countries society. If you had your way, I'd say all of Ireland's board would be red haired, milk white and wearing a leprechaun's hat with a pint of Guinness in hand.

    Besides the issue here, something we may not clash on. I don't think the City of Dublin is going ahead purely because there's no venue. Not sure if this has been said before but yeah, your beloved Eanna can't host for some reason, I'm not sure why. The next tournament will be the CUS weekender I believe, mid September.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 6 RandomDycicle

    Here is there any mods that can do some moderating? @sodacat11 Is literally just hurling abuse.

  • Registered Users Posts: 24 Millwall

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,297 ✭✭✭sodacat11

    Milwall has only ever posted in reply to things I've written. He has never voiced any opininion or made any comment except regarding to me. His name "milwall" was only adopted because he knows I'm a Chelsea fan and he thinks he's being smart. His whole raison detre is just to reply to me, he's like some sort of sick stalker.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,297 ✭✭✭sodacat11

    I see Milwall has toned down a bit in his latest post now that he realises he has made himself an enemy who can more than stand up for himself.

    Regarding Baburin, Alex and I are on very friendy terms and I was one of the very first people he coached when he came to Ireland. I would have no problem expressing my views to him because it is nothing personal and it would not affect our friendship. I know that he would just agree to differ. I hold exactly the same view when it comes to football, golf. athletics, tennis or any other sports and I am entitled to my opinion as others are to theirs. I promise though when someone like Milwall spends so much time trying to provoke me that I will respond in an appropriate manner and believe me when I find out who he is (and I will) I will confront him face to face like a man and make my views on his perverted "stalking" very very clear to him.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6 RandomDycicle

    Look we get it, you're xenophobic and you're making massive assumptions about what club Millwall identifies as. You're not right for the chess community in Ireland and you are giving chess a bad name with your slander towards 'non-irish' people who are definitely irish.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 382 ✭✭macelligott

    Can we get back to how the Irish team, as it stands, is doing?

    The team has been selected. Those who disagree with selection should voice their opinions prior to the next team selection. Too late to complain about this one now the Olympiad has started 😀

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,297 ✭✭✭sodacat11

    Good idea! But before peace prevails I have been told that Milwall and Sodabread (another handle chosen just to annoy me) are apparently one and the same person, now isn't that interesting?

  • Registered Users Posts: 479 ✭✭Joedryan

    There is a poster with a total of 14 posts on this thread, and another with 5 trying to back him up. Its all a bit pathetic really, but as G Mac says can we get back to the chess!

  • Registered Users Posts: 259 ✭✭RooksPawn

    Thanks for that.

    Away from home and not able to watch any of the games today apart from a few snapshots occasionally on my phone. Maybe somebody else can take over doing these reports please?

    Today was round 5 and two Irish wins as expected. Both are on 6 match points out of a possible 10 and the yo-yo seems to have come to an end since tomorrow they will both play opponents seeded somewhat lower than their initial ranking.

    India, Georgia and Romania are now the only women's teams to have won all their five matches.

    It was a clean sweep for the women's team against Tajikistan, Laura being rested. They are on 12.5 game points. Eibhia, the reserve and least experienced member of the team, has 3/3 which is excellent but she has yet to play against a high-rated opponent and it will be interesting to see how she copes when that happens. The others have all met two opponents significantly higher rated.

    The Open team won 3-1 against Zimbabwe. Ireland now have 14 game points and tomorrow will play South Korea in match 36. The Koreans have two IMs but we should out-rate them on each board. From now on there won't be any really easy matches as any team that has reached 6MP must have some strong and experienced (or fast-improving) players.

    Today, Mark Heidenfeld got on the scoreboard early after his opponent's 18th move allowed him to win a pawn by a simple but neat tactic (one of the few things I saw happen), after which the result was not in doubt.

    Conor, also playing Black, also took advantage of an oversight by his opponent around move 27 to win material and duly won so he has 4/4 and currently a rating performance of 3132.

    It was the players having White who only drew. Alex's opponent seems to have played a solid game but it was Tom's encounter on board 3 that gave me a fright (and probably his team-mates too). Around moves 20-25 he seems to have had a clear advantage but the first time I saw the game he had just blundered horribly by 30 Bxd4 and the chess24 assessment bar was showing solid Black (i.e., Tom was objectively totally lost).

    When I called up the game, Tom's opponent had hit him with 32...Rxg2!? which was shocking at first sight but far inferior to 32...Re8 or 32...Qg5. Instead Tom was able to reach a roughly equal ending which his opponent misplayed so maybe Tom could even have won it with best play.

    In other happenings, I see that Magnus Carslen did in fact do Zambia the courtesy of playing against them and duly recorded one of the day's quickest wins (time-wise). The Zambians got a draw on board 3.

    In the top matches, England went down to Armenia (Luke McShane lost), USA beat Israel (thanks to the Cuban, Dominguez), India-1 beat Romania, France drew with Poland, Cuba beat Azerbaijan (unexpected), and India-2 beat Spain (Gukesh had an answer to everything Shirov tried; Praag lost on board 3 but the relative veteran on their team, Adhiban, got the second win).

    So the only teams on five wins are India-2 and Armenia, who meet tomorrow, the last round before the rest day. Other top matches are: Uzbekistan-India-1, USA-Iran and Cuba-Spain.

  • Registered Users Posts: 285 ✭✭checknraise

    Both teams are playing well. The men have Korea tomorrow and you imagine Baburin will take a rest day as he has played every game so far. They are a good bit weaker with 2 IMs, 2200 and a couple of much weaker players. Tom survived a scare today as he was dead lost after he tried to grab a poisoned pawn. Thankfully his opponent went to grab the pawn back immediately instead of playing it slowly when Tom had no moves and no defence for his king.

    The women all played excellent today with a comfortable win. Ebhia in particular played a nice game. Both teams should have an upset or two in time before its over.

    The core of both teams is pretty young and it bodes well for the future. The standard should only go up and I expect in the future you will need a rating over 2400-2450 for the open and over 2000 for the women to be on the team.

  • Registered Users Posts: 24 Millwall

    @sodacat11 I don't live on boards, apologies for not posting as I was toning down. We'll do the grown up thing as you say, and agree to differ. I don't know where you're getting the stalker title form but alas, we move forward. For now, only chess talk, I agree with the others.

    I believe both Irish teams will win tomorrow. Hopefully Conor Murphy makes his GM norm, a true technician of the game.

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,027 ✭✭✭Ficheall

    Hmm.. No way to delete a message on here now?

    Just asked an easily googleable question (how many games for norm (=9)) - nothing juicy :P

  • Registered Users Posts: 119 ✭✭Past_Pawn_99

    Anybody know if the direct title provisions from 2017 are still in effective or if there were new ones released?

    I think Eibhia is only 1 win away from WCM presuming she only plays 3 or 4 of the remaining 5 rounds.

  • Registered Users Posts: 382 ✭✭macelligott

    Conor Murphy's position (white) might look great after 17 moves - big space advantage and all pieces developed. However, Black's position is dynamic and he has possible breakes in the centre (esp ...d5). So Conor will have to work hard to maintain the space advantage without the centre blowing up. It's hard to say which side is easier to play. I'm more familiar with playing similar positions with White. But I also know the dangers of ...d5 or even ....b5 or ....f5.

    But Conor certainly has good chances.

  • Registered Users Posts: 382 ✭✭macelligott

    Conor's opponent was, naturally, aware for the need to break in the centre at some point. But it seems black didn't have patience, and broke with 19....d5 too early. Now Black will have to worry about his isolated Queen's pawn on d5. Promising for Conor.

    Tom and Tarun seem to be doing well. And Mark has a solid and equal with Black. Mark's position might without great prospects for a win. But he plays this type of position very well and we might expect him to grind down his 1827 opponent.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 285 ✭✭checknraise

    I am expecting a big 4-0 win the men. Outside of Mark all of them have a nice advantage.

    To be awarded a title in the olympiad you now need to have a minimum rating requirement. 1800 for WCM and 1900 for WFM. Eibhia might be playing the most underrated opponent in the tournament. Just take a look at her game vs Croatia where she destroyed a 2000.

  • Registered Users Posts: 382 ✭✭macelligott

    Murphy now seems to be cruising to victory after 24 moves :-)

  • Registered Users Posts: 382 ✭✭macelligott

    and after 28 moves Murphy is on 5/5

    His play has been very powerful in this Olympiad.

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,027 ✭✭✭Ficheall

    Has he other GM norms already? (I'm sure that's the type of thing one should be able to look up, but I can't find it..)

  • Registered Users Posts: 76 ✭✭corkcitychess

    One Response to Conor Murphy qualifies for IM title

    Martin Crichton says:

    August 30, 2021 at 3:32 pm

    Conor just got a GM norm

    In my opinion he is the new favourite now ahead of Kelly, Collins and Lopez due to his age, hunger and talent to become Ireland’s first (non Russian) GM.

  • Registered Users Posts: 259 ✭✭RooksPawn

    The man who predicted a 4-0 win for the Open team was sadly over-optimistic. Conor has won and Tarun looks close to winning at the time control but...

    This is the second day in a row Tom has spoiled a good-to-winning position and blundered badly which is definitely not like him, as he's usually so sharp on tactics. he wasn't able to save this one and a narrow 2.5-1.5 win looks the most likely outcome, though maybe Mark can grind down his lower-rated opponent in what started as a dead level endgame.

    Conor is certainly well on track for another GM norm and getting his rating up to 2500 will be the main challenge. Sam got his norms but could never make the 2500 required. As for the others mentioned, Brian Kelly retired long ago so will certainly never become a GM and unless Alex Lopez and Sam return to serious chess in the next few years, they won't either. The trend is very much to get titles young, so after Conor the next best prospects are Tom, Tarun and Henry Li and after them we are probably talking kids who are still in primary school. But David Fitzsimons could prove me wrong since he's just got his first GM norm, as discussed elsewhere on this board.

    I agree with the post that soon it will be necessary to be over 2400 to be on the Open team and over 2000 for the women's. I doubt if in future the Irish Championship will be won by a player who isn't 2400.

    Today our women's team pulled off a 3-1 win which looked unlikely around move 30. Trisha and Eibhia were held to draws while Alice and Lara were both lost according to the engines but held their nerve and outplayed their opponents in the critical time trouble phase. Lara's opponent had a forced mate (a long, not obvious one) but panicked and exchanged queens into a lost ending. Our boards 2 and 3 are on track for WFM titles (Diana on 4 has it already) and WIM norms may not be out of the question.

  • Registered Users Posts: 24 Soda_Bread

    Yeah neither of those ones are true lad. Check with your sources and don't be bringing me up during online xenophobic / somewhat racist rants when I've no intention to get involved.

  • Registered Users Posts: 24 Millwall

    Unreal from Conor. Of course today was a walk in the park for him considering his recent form! What a man. Unlucky from Tom missing the two mover allowing the knight fork on the rooks, it happens. Lara got out of jail there though in the womens section! Mate in 16 according to the engine for her opponent but she blundered horrifically. We'll take it!! Onwards and upwards. Come on Ireland!

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,027 ✭✭✭Ficheall

    No nicely accessible database to scrape that I could find, so this was a lot of irritating clicking, but those who have won all their games so far are:

    GM Gukesh D. - India 2 - 6/6

    FM Nogerbek Kazybek - Kazakhstan - 6/6

    IM Conor E Murphy - Ireland - 5/5

    CM Bolanos Fernando - Bolivia - 4/4

    FM Yordanov Lachezar - Bulgaria - 4/4

    GM Banikas Hristos - Greece - 4/4

    GM Postny Evgeny - Israel - 3/3

    Tsephe Lebajoa - Lesotho - 3/3

    GM Shengelia David - Austria - 2/2

    GM Haria Ravi - England - 2/2

    FM Fejzullahu Afrim - Kosovo - 1/1

    Ahmed Aboobakuru - Maldives - 1/1

    Nicholas Arvin - Saint Lucia - 1/1

    GM Solak Dragan - Turkey - 1/1

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  • Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 7,170 Mod ✭✭✭✭cdeb

    Conor isn't home-grown though? His first ICU rating was 2350+ in late 2018. Isn't he American or English? He's only ever played the Irish Championships and the norm tournaments here. Though with a name like that, you have to imagine there's Irish background.

    Great performance so far all the same. Is there a direct award title at the Olympiad still?

    I'll have a look through the rest of the thread later - if people have a problem with a post, report it (although general functionality, including moderation, seems to have gone to shite with the update; I know there's posts reported before that I haven't seen)