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AIL 2022-2023



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    If Garryowen lose they will officially be relegated as mathematically wont be able to pass Shannon(they werent going to pass them any way...)


    Ballymena v Cashel - would expect Cashel to win

    Blackrock v Barnhall - should be super game 2nd v 1st.

    Dolphin v Nenagh - Nenagh should win

    Old Crescent v Bohs - Crescent to win

    Queens v Navan - Queens


    Galwegians v Rainey - Rainey

    Enniscorthy v Corinthians - Corinthians

    Dungannon v Malahide - Dungannon

    Greystones v Sligo - Stones

    Wanderers v Belfast Harlequins - Quins


    Ballina v Bruff - Bruff

    Bangor v Clonmel - Clonmel

    Instonians v Sundays Well - Inst

    Skerries v Midleton - Skerries

    Tullamore v Omagh - Tullamore

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    poor first half from lansdowne playing catch up ever since for the rest of the game tbh

  • Registered Users Posts: 10,889 ✭✭✭✭ Cookiemunster

    Would I correct in thinking that will leave Con as the only team who've been in the top division since it its first season?

    I'm pretty sure that every other club has either been relegated at some stage or got promoted into the division after its first season.

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    Yes. Everyone else has been relegated or started lower and promoted up to the top flight

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    Garryowen were in 1B a few seasons in 2014 so Con have been for some time

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,245 ✭✭✭ Red Silurian

    They've been playing piss poor all season, a single win from 14 games so far but a chance to rebuild in 1B will do them the world of good

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,855 ✭✭✭ Lost Ormond

    Bateman Cup final set for Friday week.

    Nure won coin toss so finals in Lakelands

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    Energia All-Ireland League Men’s Division 1A: Ballynahinch v Dublin University, at Ballymacarn Park, 14.30; Garryowen v Cork Constitution, at Dooradoyle, 14.30; Lansdowne v Young Munster, at Aviva Stadium, 14.30; Shannon v Clontarf, at Thomond Park, 14.30; UCD v Terenure College RFC, at Belfield, 14.30;

    Energia All-Ireland League Men’s Division 1B: City of Armagh v St Marys College RFC, at Palace Grounds, 14.30; Highfield v Old Wesley, at Woodleigh Park, 14.30; Malone v Naas, at Gibson Park, 14.30; Old Belvedere v Buccaneers, at Ollie Campbell Park, 14.30; UCC v Banbridge, at The Mardyke, 14.30;

    Energia All-Ireland League Men’s Division 2A: Blackrock College RFC v Queens University, at Stradbrook, 14.30; MU Barnhall v Cashel, at Parsonstown, 14.30; Navan v Old Crescent, at Balreask Old, 14.30; Nenagh Ormond v Ballymena, at New Ormond Park, 14.30; UL Bohemian v Dolphin, at Annacotty, 14.30;

    Energia All-Ireland League Men’s Division 2B: Belfast Harlequins v Greystones, at Deramore Park, 14.30; Galway Corinthians v Wanderers, at Corinthian Park, 14.30; Dungannon v Enniscorthy, at Stevenson Park, 14.30; Malahide v Rainey Old Boys, at Malahide, 14.30; Sligo v Galwegians, at Hamilton Park, 14.30;

    Energia All-Ireland League Men’s Division 2C: Bruff v Bangor, at Kilballyowen Park, 14.30; Clonmel v Skerries, at Ardgaoithe, 14.30; Instonians v Ballina, at Shaws Bridge, 14.30; Midleton v Tullamore, at Towns Park, 14.30; Sundays Well v Omagh Academicals, at Musgrave Park, 14.30;

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    No change in positions for 1A sides bar Lansdowne going above UCD. Shannon 3 behind UCD to get out of relegation semis with the 1B sides

    In 1B Belvo ahead of Buccs. Highfield 5 clear of Wesley for 4th and the last place in promotion playoffs.

    UCC win over Banbridge sees them 8 clear now of todays opponent which makes them safe(should bar a huge collapse)

    Nenaghs win over Ballymena with BP lifts them to 2nd on points difference. very tight at top with queens on 54, Nenagh and Rock on 52 and Barnhall 51. Cashel are 8 behind Barnhall so need a few results to go their way to make top 4.

    Bohs beat Dolphin by 3 and are 5 behind Navan as they try avoid the relegation playoffs.

    Corinthians lost to Wanderers in Galway so they couldnt take advantage of Greystones loss to Belfast Harlequins. Stones still lead by 9. Other 2 playoff spots still very much up for grabs. Dungannon on 40, Wanderers, Rainey on 37 with B Quins 36, Malahide 35 and Sligo 34 all looking for that final spot.

    Enniscorthy bottom on 21 and Wegians on 24 fighting to see who will be relegated and who will be in playoffs.

    Instonians champions. Skerries just went above Tullamore after Tullamores surprise loss to Midleton. These 2 will face each other in the promotion semi finals with the venue to be decided in the final rounds. Clonmel in 4th ahead of Bruff by 4. Sundays Well hammered Omagh but are 4 off Omagh so need another few wins in final rounds to avoid relegation to junior Omagh a point behind Ballina with 9th in playoffs with 2nd round robin

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    Junior leagues...

    Creggs won Connacht final last weekend 26-15. Bective won Leinster league today. Richmond beat Thomond last night to win Munster league and Clogher Valley are Ulster champions.

  • Registered Users Posts: 12,669 ✭✭✭✭ stephen_n

    Is first place in 2B straight up, or will Stones need to go through a play off?

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,855 ✭✭✭ Lost Ormond

    Yes. Straight up. 2nd/3rd/4th and 9th in the higher division playoff for final spot in the higher division

  • Registered Users Posts: 12,669 ✭✭✭✭ stephen_n

  • Registered Users Posts: 14,444 ✭✭✭✭ CIARAN_BOYLE

    Back last June it was mentioned that there was going to be an Ireland Club XV game this season in March. I can't find anything more recent mentioning it. Does anyone know anything?

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    Munster senior cup final tomorrow night in Thomond Park

    Young Munster v Nenagh

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    cookies won 27-24 with penalty last kick of game

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    Clontarf v Ballynahinch

    Cork Con v Shannon

    Trinity v Lansdowne

    Terenure v Garryowen

    Young Munster v UCD


    Banbridge v Malone

    Buccaneers v Highfield

    Naas v Old Belvedere

    Old Wesley v Armagh

    Marys v UCC


    Cashel v Nenagh - tonight

    Ballymena v Bohs

    Dolphin v Navan

    Crescent v Blackrock

    Queens v Barnhall


    Enniscorthy v Malahide

    Galwegians v Belfast Harlequins

    Greystones v Corinthians

    Rainey v Sligo

    Wanderers v Dungannon


    Ballina v Sundays Well

    Bangor v Instonians

    Omagh v Midleton

    Skerries v Bruff

    Tullamore v Clonmel

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    Would be nice to see a boost at attendances tomorrow following on from grand slam last week but how likely is that.....

    In tonights game Nenagh beat Cashel 21-17 in 2A. First win in AIL in Cashel for Nenagh which puts them top for tonght at least and nearly confirms the top 4 as the clubs who are in those positions now: Nenagh, Queens, Barnhall and Blackrock

  • Registered Users Posts: 12,669 ✭✭✭✭ stephen_n

    Maybe at provincial level but most of the casual fans who are attracted to the Slam. Wouldn’t even associate AiL with that at all.

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    Yes but thats where IRFU come in and work with clubs to get people into the clubs as members, going to games.. watch pro games in club house bars not pubs or whatever they can

  • Registered Users Posts: 12,669 ✭✭✭✭ stephen_n

    Work with the clubs in what way? The clubs will benefit from this, with the numbers of kids wanting to play. However this seems to have no relationship to the AIL. There is a strong disconnect in the clubs between youths rugby and Senior rugby. Maybe the clubs need to do more to bridge that gap. Get the parents who are there with their kids, more invested in the club overall and going to games.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,855 ✭✭✭ Lost Ormond

    Help more attracting members, get people in the gate to watch games. It has a relationship to AIL. Help get people to watch pro games from club house not a pub in town. there is some disconnect between youths and adult rugby. that comes down to formats of competitions and lot of other reasons. yes the clubs need to get parents who take kids to a club once, twice even three times a week to club for training and matches more but there needs to be a greater conversion of people who solely or nearly exclusively watch pro rugby and nothing else.

  • Registered Users Posts: 12,669 ✭✭✭✭ stephen_n

    Help how? You keep saying this but the IRFU can’t make people do what they don’t want to do. If the clubs can’t get the people who are already connected to them to go. What could the IRFU do? I get an email every week from my local club to get me to watch either AIL 6N/Leinster games. Trouble is my local club isn’t local anymore.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,855 ✭✭✭ Lost Ormond

    Of course but IRFU can assist clubs promote their games. Assist the clubs with digital marketing. get tv ads promoting the league. work with the title sponsor to get the league across media more.

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    1A: Tarf and Terenure 1st/2nd to be decided last 2 rounds. Con3rd. YM 4th. Shannon 9th unless they over turn 4 points and significant points deficit on UCD

    1B: Armagh 5 clear at top. then 3 points between Belvo, Buccs and Highfield. Bottom are Malone who are 4 behind Banbridge with UCC another 4 points gap. Malone relegated or in playoffs. Banbridge 4 points behind UCC with similar points difference

    2A:Queens 2 clear of Blackrock, Nenagh a point behind, 5 points to Barnhall then 7 to Cashel who need results to go their way so assume top 4 will be the sides in those places with order to change. Dolphin last and relegated. Bohs in relegation playoffs.

    2B; Greystones 1st and confirmed promotion today. Corinthians confirmed 2nd. 3rd/4th up for grabs with Dungannon on 44, B quins 41, Rainey and Sligo 38, Wanderers 37, Malahide 36. Galwegians and Enniscorthy fighting to avoid automatic relegation. Enniscorthy 1 point ahead with much better points difference

    2C: Instonians 1st and champions still yet to drop a point. have scored 679 in 16 games with points difference of +488!!! Skerries 2 clear of Tullamore for 2nd/3rd. Clonmel on 39 with Bruff 31 fighting for last playoff spot. Sundays well all but relegated. 7 off 9th now. Omagh, Ballina and Midleton1 point between 3 of them will be tight for 9th and playoff spot with round robin

  • Registered Users Posts: 674 ✭✭✭ amlinopta

    Important players pulled from the likes of Lansdowne, UCD and Trinity to play in a mickey mouse Leinster A game at the weekend. Very disrespectful towards the AIL clubs at an important time in the season

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,855 ✭✭✭ Lost Ormond

    4 Games tonight

    In 1A the Colours is on in Belfield. Lansdowne play Clontarf Aviva while the Galway Derby is in Cloonauncean in 2B with Sundays Well hosting Midleton in 2C


    1A: Cork Con v Terenure, Shannon v Ballynahinch, Garryowen v Young Munster(3.30)

    1B: Old Belvedere v Banbridge (2pm), Armagh v UCC, Highfield v Naas, Malone v St Marys, Old Wesley v Buccaneers

    2A: Blackrock v Dolphin, Barnhall v Nenagh, Navan v Ballymena, Queens v Old Crescent, UL Bohs v Cashel

    2B: Belfast Harlequins v Rainey, Dungannon v Greystones, Enniscorthy v Wanderers, Malahide v Sligo

    2C: Ballina v Bangor, Bruff v Tullamore, Clonmel v Omagh, Instonians v Skerries

    Young Munster should mathematically seal 4th as only need a point. Shannon will be hoping for a Trinity win tonight as they can go level with them if they beat Hinch

    Armagh should get closer to automatic promotion with win over UCC. Top 4 sorted as Wesley 6 behind Highfield with 50+ difference in points difference as well. Banbridge need 4 points more than UCC in last 2 games to avoid playoffs with 2A sides

    Queens will also get that bit closer to league title and automatic promotion as they play Crescent who are safe unless Bohs get 2 big wins. Blackrock should stay 2nd with win over Dolphin which would confirm their relegation. Game of day is Barnhall Nenagh. 3rd v 4th. If Nenagh win it could open door for Cashel to catch Barnhall for final playoff spot. Bohs need 2 wins over the tipp sides to avoid playoffs for relegation to 2B.

    Greystones promoted. Corinthians 2nd. Dungannon may hope stones arent too concerned now theyre promoted and a win for them would seal a playoff spot All Ulster clash with Quins and Rainey could knock Rainey out of push for final spot. Wegians will be trying to get above Enniscorthy to avoid automatic relegation

    If Sundays Well dont win tonight they are relegated to junior. Midleton win and they get huge boost as they try avoid relegation playoff. Omagh in 9th and playoff spot. just point behind Ballina, midleton.

    Round robin starts tomorrow. change to old format. now being played in 2 semi finals in Double header in Coolmine Clogher Valley v Bective, Richmond v Creggs. winners play for a spot in AIL with runner up of that final in playoff with 9th in 2C.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 674 ✭✭✭ amlinopta

    UCD 22 Trinity 19, Trinity had led 19-0