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You've been looking in the wrong direction, the dangers are coming from the right.

  • 13-03-2022 5:12pm
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    There are no shortage of real world negative if not outright disastrous and terrifying ongoing situations that demand our attention right now, and it feels like this has been the case for at least a few years, if not all the way back to the financial crash in 08.

    The situation in Ukraine, the ongoing Covid pandemic situation, the impact of Brexit are all very significant events which if they were being dealt with on their own would still be a memorable time in ones life, moreso depending on your proximity to them obviously. Having them all happen at the same time has been like some sort of nightmare that keeps getting worse.

    Over the last 5-10 years, we've seen a growing conversation, including to a very significant level on here, suggesting that the things to be concerned about in the world have been liberal initiatives such as advocating for the climate, considering women's experience in society, multiculturalism, conversations about identity and so on. These have all been lumped together as 'woke/progressive/liberal/leftist/socialist/communist' agendas' that must be stopped or at least we should be wary of.

    And yet, none of the significant life events that we are experiencing and suffering through are the cause of these topics that have fueled huge amounts of conversation as being something we need to be guarded against. And I don't think this is an accident. I believe that many of the influential people who have tried to focus peoples concern towards 'woke/liberal/progressive' topics have inflamed these mostly 'false flag' topics to both distract from what they themselves have been doing or what others that they agree with, have been doing and to paint anything that can be considered as progressive to be viewed warily as something to be concerned about and on guard against.

    Russia is a central player in the whole conversation and not just because of what they are doing in Ukraine. The links between Russian operatives and key people in the UK (more of which is emerging hour by hour right now), in Europe, in the US and how those people have been involved in events in their own countries. The influence from prominent media platforms in the UK and USA for Russian positions. The admiration from influential conservative mouthpieces for Russia and Putin being very much non-woke and these people trying to promote the same ideals elsewhere. Many online bot and malware initiatives which emerge out of Russia. All these points are just some of the things that have influenced how we have experienced things such as US elections, the whole Brexit conversation, the Covid pandemic and the situation in Ukraine since 2014 and particularly now.

    The promoting of uber-nationalism, minimal regulation at a corporate level with increased regulation at a personal level, media and free speech control and the downplaying of educated and experienced voices on various topics has shown to be a dangerous path to go down, and that is the path we are on in some instances and attempts to put us on it in more. The ongoing demonisation of any sort of progressive or compassionate ideal is a deliberate act to motivate people to align with a predominantly right wing view so that when people talk about some of the more serious things that are going on within that right wing, it is dismissed as just a liberal/woke narrative and those who got riled up about gender neutral bathrooms or whatever just fall in to line and dismiss the serious claims that need attention.

    Some people tried to highlight where the real dangers were and have suffered greatly for doing so in having been targeted directly by the people they were warning about or their friends in the media and an army of largely anonymous, but often not, profiles online. And hundreds of millions are suffering from the impact that these manipulators have had on our societies. It's way past time for people to stop and think about who exactly has been encouraging people to fight on comparatively non-impactful topics while they themselves affect the world in very negative ways.

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    Tell me how

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    Hitler and the Nazis rose long before modern media and the internet.

    Is progress a myth?

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    So you can diagnose the problem but do you have the answer?

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    the right do tend to have a more dichotomous view of the world, but the political left has been atrocious to

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    An interesting read surrounding a right wing conspiracy theory.

    There is another factor to consider, that of Klaus Schwab and his great reset that practically all Western leaders have bought into ("build back better") or more realistically Communism 2.0, the return of command and control under the auspices of the Green new deal. Part of its aims were to try and exercise control over Russia and China through the Carbon market, not going to happen - President Putin of Russia pressed his own reset button.

    Can we talk more about what it is you think klaus Schwab and the WEF are really doing?

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    First it was The Rothschilds. Then George Soros. Now Klaus Schwab.

    I'm sure I'll wake up one day and someone will link Joe Costello to being the latest scapegoat to people's own failures.

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    They are going after the Census now..