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  • 02-01-2022 8:16am
    Registered Users Posts: 135 ✭✭ Glock17

    We're constantly told about climate change and other environmental problems. We had COP 26 last year which discussed the environment. Greta Thunberg is constantly on the telly complaining (she never seems to have any solutions though). However no one ever discusses a key cure for protecting the environment....

    Virtually every single environmental problem is made worse by overpopulation....... overpopulation increases greenhouse gasses, causes overfishing, causes species extinction, reduces forest etc.

    It's time reducing the population was a world priority. There's little point trying to reduce the amount you drive etc if the world population is going up millions a week....



  • China did it with their forced one child policy - now reversed

  • It's still a problem in developed countries. Children born in developed countries produce far more CO2 waste than in the 3rd World. US leads the way.

    More education indeed leads to smaller families, but all western countries have growing populations and their infrastructure is strained. A global 1 child policy would ameliorate the impacts of global warming to some degree at this point, but it's likely too late.

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  • Covid is mother nature's solution.

  • Population is still rising so its a pretty poor solution.

  • Countries don't have infrastructure to provide clean running water. I'd worry about that first before putting everyone in some sort of urban utopia that you're talking about. Plus, do you relo all those people living in areas that can't be terraformed to the environment you want?

    Better to limit childbearing to reduce the number of humans suffering in the future.

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  • The real mistake made was moving away from ZPG in the 60's. Pro-natalism is what's destroyed the environment. Too damn many people. We don't need more of them to produce 'smarter' ones. There are more than enough people. Should've been investing in reducing CO2 emissions when Keeling started publishing his data in the early 1960's.

  • Could actually cause the opposite, with new medical technology developed from the covid crisis

  • People in developed countries can't afford to have 7 kids.

  • Is that you Kevin Myers?

    (He got villified for some articles on the topic a decade or so ago)

  • ...its clearly obvious we re over producing, over consuming, and ultimately wasting an enormous amount of resources, its clearly obvious, our economic ideologies and beliefs are pure bullsh1t!

  • I don't think you got the point I was making. Most of the infrastructure we use at the moment was made in the last 150 years. Alot of it has been made to bring resources to area's where there were city's or towns and rebuild those cities and towns. This aslo includes fuel for heating and water. There are better locations on earth to build cities that would require less energy and resources for the long term. Also it is more economical from a transportation of resources point of view to have as many people in one area rather then spread out. You wouldn't be terraforming anything in the sense of the word. It's more important for humanity to begin working on long term projects. Like building a new city. You would pick the most ideal location for a city. Then you build the infrastructure required for the city i.e a rail line, water lines, electrical infrastructure ect and then you build the buildings on top of the infrastructure.

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  • Ah, I'd be wiling to place a large wager that your average person is this world doesn't care one bit about environmental issues.

    I mean, people are wrapped up in their own lives. Self interested. Self gain. Can you really expect someone like that to look past themselves....

  • People are living far too long nowadays, them nursing homes are like a zombie apocalypse these days.

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