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What's acceptable noise at 5am?



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    And I actually can’t let this stupid comment go unchecked

    The day is defined by coffee rituals: a cappuccino with breakfast, a caffè macchiato – or two – as an afternoon pick-me-up, and espresso after dinner. And like any culture, that of Italian coffee comes with seemingly mysterious laws. Order a latte, and you’ll receive a glass of milk (which is exactly what you ordered). Ask for a to-go cup or order a cappuccino after 11 a.m., and risk an instant tourist label.

    please don’t speak about someone you clearly know nothing about. The fact of the matter is in Italy you start your day with a cappuccino. Lattes are also common enough, but you need to be specific and ask for a Cafe latte.

    italian coffee culture is huge, ask one of them about how espresso tastes the same from a flask 8 hours old. 😂

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    Did an Italian write that article? Nope.

    Just face it. Nobody who respects coffee adds milk to it and true Italians drink espressos.

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  • Registered Users, Subscribers Posts: 2,865 ✭✭✭ Raichu

    Are you constipated or just full of shite always?

    just face it: you’re wrong, you know you’re wrong & you’re just digging yourself a hole at this point.

    Are you even Italian? Do you even drink coffee? I doubt either. Respecting coffee is about recognising it’s potential for greatness when combined with other things. A cafe latte or cappuccino can (if done properly) elevate your coffee to another level and unlock hidden flavours and sweetness. The sweet milk, steamed correctly, mixed with a freshly pulled espresso is one of life’s great pleasures.

    but what would you know anyway, especially being as bitter as cheap instant coffee.

    don’t tell me about coffee like you’re an expert, you know nothing and have nothing useful to contribute bar total lies and outright nonsense. Pipe down with your pure rubbish and don’t @ me again.

    true Italians only drink espresso.. Jesus Christ. Equivalent of saying true Irish people only drink Guinness. Absolute clown.

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  • Registered Users, Subscribers Posts: 2,865 ✭✭✭ Raichu

    I can’t believe it’s still going!

    god give me strength reading some of the shite posted here tho 😂

  • Registered Users Posts: 585 ✭✭✭ PeaSea

    Knock yourself out :

    Pay special attention to "In Italia ogni mattina vengono preparati milioni di espressi e quasi il 50% di queste estrazioni di caffè è utilizzata per servire cappuccini."

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    I can't actually believe I have someone who ads milk to their coffee waffling on about it. It's the same as someone putting ketchup on their steak.

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    U okay hun?

    Do you need a coffee to settle your nerves... just not ground coffee at 5am.

    I’m in love with him and I feel fine.

    ^^^ although, I’m okay with getting back to winning ways, Jurgen.

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    I only drink coffee that has been roasted a maximum of 30 days before consuming. You add milk, please don't talk to me about coffee. You couldn't afford the stuff I buy.

    Treat yourself. But you probably would add coke to a €300 bottle of whiskey.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 7,642 ✭✭✭ Chinese whospers

    *insert Michael Jackson eating popcorn gif*

    I’m in love with him and I feel fine.

    ^^^ although, I’m okay with getting back to winning ways, Jurgen.

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    The sweet milk, steamed correctly, mixed with a freshly pulled espresso is one of life’s great pleasures.

    Is without a doubt the dumbest thing I have read on the internet. I'm out too, can't be arguing with someone that stupid.

    OP, make your coffee whenever you want. I'm up at 5am sometimes too but my Baratza Virtuoso grinder isn't to loud.

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    Look friend if you think you’re so unique and special cos you drink £19 bags of coffee, let me be the first to tell you, you’re not.

    secondly, please don’t try and just avoid the bullshit you’ve been spreading. Tell me more about how Italians only drink espresso?

    And finally, a bag of coffee for around €20 is not unaffordable to most people, I’d love to know why you think buying it makes you a coffee expert?

    you’re not a coffee expert, you’re a typical cranky donkey who thinks their way is the only right way. You don’t know what you’re on about and want to feel better than everyone else.

    You simply can’t be told you’re wrong, that’s your problem. You can rant and rave and make assumptions about what I can and can’t afford all day long, I do love though how you’ve decided to try and move past the generalised comments you (wrongly) asserted about Italian coffee culture and these generalisations you’re making regarding adding milk to espresso are wrong also.

    but please tell me more about your €20 coffee and how cool you are and better than everyone!


  • Registered Users, Subscribers Posts: 2,865 ✭✭✭ Raichu


    I love this. No wonder the clown doesn’t wanna educate us all on Italian coffee culture anymore, typical internet expert on absolutely nothing talking pure shite.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,503 ✭✭✭ rolling boh

    this indeed is a great thread could end up covering all the topics on boards in a few weeks at the rate its going we will have to ring joe i think .

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,260 ✭✭✭ JustJoe7240

    Ah mate! This is absolutely tragic! 20 GBP is unaffordable? Surely you could have found a more expensive coffee to brag about?

    I like my coffee with milk, I don't particularly like espresso. If that makes me a neanderthal of the coffee world then I can live with that.

    Carry on like what you've been sprouting are the reasons us bean grinders have been called pretentious pricks on this thread.

  • Registered Users Posts: 21,517 ✭✭✭✭ Esel

    Is there a coffee waankers thread somewhere to which all this drivel could be moved?

    Seriously, GAL.

    Not your ornery onager

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    This thread has run its course. I'm going to have to look back and see if there's any warnings required.

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