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Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse

  • 05-12-2021 7:23am
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    The inevitable sequel to the box office and critical success - and for me, one of the best superhero films of the last 10 years period - finally has a trailer.

    IIRC not all the same team are back, but hopefully this film can manage the same mix of character and visual inventiveness managed last time.



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    Even the film forum is getting in on the idea of many Spiders. The MCU thread was also bumped by flazio for ... The Spider-Man trailer 😂

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    I'd seen the clip turn up on Hailee Stienfelds instagram and I wondered to myself "Why is the Kate Bishop actor cross promoting another Marvel project?" then did a quick Google to realise she voiced Gwen and berated myself for not realising sooner. Second time D+ has gotten someone off this movie after Kathryn Hahn.

    Anyway still looks awesome and the direction style remains. October 2022 doesn't seem so far away now considering we have to wait until 2023 for Spider-man 2 videogame.

    Also it's officially called "Part One" which means we're going to get a third movie as well. 😁

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    Will we get a life action scene with the 3 live action Spider Men as he bounces across the Spiderverse.

  • Registered Users Posts: 12,681 ✭✭✭✭flazio

    Sony now just going all in Pixar on us. 😁

    Between this, the imminent No way home plus 3 more, Freshman year on D+ and the videogame. Good times ahead for the Web heads.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 5,774 ✭✭✭speedboatchase

    Finally, a new Spider-Man movie!

  • Registered Users Posts: 12,681 ✭✭✭✭flazio

    Dang it. Wonder what the problem is?

  • Registered Users Posts: 12,681 ✭✭✭✭flazio

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    Interesting how they're obviously trying to keep the new spider men/women under wraps; good to see mind you, hopefully they resist the urge to spoil the surprises with more tell-all trailers.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 5,886 ✭✭✭TheIrishGrover

    That looks SO pretty.

    Into the Spiderverse was my movie of 2018. And that was the year you had Three Billboards, The Shape of Water, Black Panther (Which I also loved), Infinity War... I've already harped on about how much I loved the original.

    It is interesting to see the impact this has had. Obviously The Mitchells vs the Machines took a lot of design elements from Spiderverse but that was to be expected: Sony made it, some of the people behind Spiderverse involved so that made sense. And it was heavily touted as being "from the people who brought you...". But I watched the latest Puss in Boots and it DEFINITELY took elements from Spiderverse. It's more noticeable in the action sequences. The film itself is pretty good. I was never really a fan of the Shrek series and spinoff(s?). I thought the first Shrek was pretty funny but then we very quickly copped on to the early Dreamworks formula: Eyebrow, already dated pop culture references. They have gotten better of course. How to train your dragon for example it great. But I quickly grew tired of the uh... shrekverse. I've seen 4. Not sure if there is a fifth. And I've seen bits of the first Puss in boots movie but Humpty Dumpty is creepy beyond words and freaked me out so I don't think I've seen it all. But the new Puss in Boots was actually pretty fun and, once again, looks REAL pretty. Less eyebrows and more heart.

    Interestingly, they seemed to have dropped all mention of this being part 1 of 2 (I think they renamed the last one Beyond the Spiderverse). I suppose to not put viewers off. People who have not being waiting for a sequel for ages :)... like us.

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    Interesting how the "villain" appears to be Spider-Man 2099 of all things; that's an interesting swing (as it were).

    The art-style remains as gorgeous as ever, though hopefully the larger scope and inserting even more Spider-People doesn't suffocate the story too much.

    It's kinda nuts that the studio that keeps dredging through its catalogue of Spidey villains nobody gives a shít about, also produces these movies. How do we go from Morbius, to this?

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,886 ✭✭✭TheIrishGrover

    I know nothing about the comics. At all. So I'll have to take your word on the use of particular characters over others. But I was (Pleasantly) surprised how well the first one was supported by Sony. I mean it wasn't a live action Spiderman. It wasn't Tom Holland doing a celebrity voice. Hell, it wasn't even Peter Parker. It wasn't Pixar/Dreamworks style. It wasn't even anime style (Although it was closer). It didn't have hugely famous actors doing press junkets. Nicholas Cage was the biggest name and even that was little more than a fun cameo. Hailee Steinfeld, Jake Johnson, John Manoney, Leiv Schreiber and Lily Tomlin all have pretty good careers but they are not the usual people you see flogging off Pixar or Disney movies (Although I'm sure they have voiced both).

    So it was good to see Sony having faith, giving the space and money and promoting it so heavily and giving the sequel(s) time to develop further (Even though the delay was heartbreaking at the time). I saw the first one in the cinema (Twice) and there was more the second time than the first. Word of mouth was the stuff of dreams. I don't know anybody who didn't like it. The worst I heard was a "Meh" and that's because I oversold it.

    So kudos to Sony for allowing the time and space to try something different. It could have sunk their animation department.

  • Registered Users Posts: 10,501 ✭✭✭✭Slydice

    Looks good. Guessing it's all solid by the in-depth Spiderman fans? They seemed pleased with the first film.

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    And yet another trailer pops up; I laugh at how these films' animation style is so dense, the YouTube video encoding breaks down during the busier moments.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,294 ✭✭✭santana75

    Judging by the reviews on RT this appears as though it's as good as the first one

  • Moderators, Category Moderators, Entertainment Moderators Posts: 35,145 CMod ✭✭✭✭pixelburp

    It looks as fun as the last, and retaining that beautiful comedic timing:

  • Registered Users Posts: 13,563 ✭✭✭✭peteeeed

    ‘Spider-Man’ Producers Tease Live-Action Miles Morales Movie and Animated ‘Spider-Woman’ Film: ‘It’s All Happening’

    As “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” finally hits theaters this weekend, the producers behind the trilogy have their attention set on the third installment, next year’s “Beyond the Spider-Verse.”

    However, that’s not the only web-slinging project that’s on their minds.

    Producer Amy Pascal says a Spider-Woman and live-action Miles Morales movie are in the works. “You’ll see all of it,” she told me Tuesday at the “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” premiere in Los Angeles. “It’s all happening.”

    Producer Avi Arad teased that moviegoers will see a “Spider-Woman” movie “sooner than you expect.”

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,886 ✭✭✭TheIrishGrover

    I've been avoiding the latest trailers as I want to go into this blind. I cannot wait for this.

    What I did find interesting was that this came up in casual conversation in work: "What ya doin' this weekend?" "I'm gonna see new Spiderman movie" "Oh yeah, that's out this week. I loved that Spiderverse movie". I'm.... reasonably nerdy: I have no problem going to see animation in the cinema. (Hell, I've been to the Ghibli museum 5 times). And the usual reaction is along the lines of "Yeah, I'd go to The Lion King and stuff but that's it". But most of the people I mentioned this to have seen Spiderverse and loved it. Was quite surprising.

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    It would have been easy to make a Spider-Verse sequel with the same basic art style and a few extra flourishes and do a victory lap. But fair play to the creative team here: they've delivered something a lot more ambitious than that. Switching art styles between different universes sounds a bit gimmicky, but in action it's anything but. Instead, it allows the film to not only feature all sorts of more dynamic action sequences and movement but also to more dynamically reflect the emotions and themes of the film. In Gwen's universe, for example, you have these gorgeous soft pastel hues that are constantly fluctuating between shots. It lends those scenes a totally different vibe befitting where they fit into the story, but also allows the animators to get even more expressive during moments of high emotion. It's not alone either: the film constantly finds new ways to express itself. Spider-Verse was a big step up for American animation stylistically, and this goes several steps further again. A joy to look at, and while it lacks a big 'What's Up Danger' signature musical moment, I did think the more diverse soundtrack choices also helped the film flirt with different registers and styles all the time.

    The story itself is both chaotic and half a story. There's a lot going on, not least the endless parade of cameos and fan service that is 'blink and you'll miss it' dense... and then some. There are some references that'll be nearly impossible to spot until the thing is available for freeze-framing. It's fun but also exhausting. And yes, this is very much a 'part one' with cliffhangers that just sort of halt the story mid-way through - which we knew going in, of course, but still can't help but feel somewhat unsatisfying. But there's also some lovely character work, and a long opening hour or so that is a lot more laid back and vibey than the more manic second half. And the action here is still a joy to witness - indeed, with some widly different art styles constantly overlapping and colliding (not least the glorious Spider-Punk), it's a couple steps more vibrant than its exceedingly vibrant predecessors.

    I had a great time, honestly, but will reserve at least some judgement until I see the second half. It's messy for sure, but also triumphant in how the creative team express themselves in ever more ambitious and even nuanced ways. Strange to say nuanced in a film so unashamedly maximalist, but here we are. Superhero fatigue has only increased since the last film's debut, and honestly American animation seems like an even more uncertain place given Pixar's ongoing inconsistency (and audience's indifference). This feels like another hand grenade thrown into the scene, and thankfully that grenade is filled with all sorts of paint.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 6,793 ✭✭✭FunLover18

    Judging from the reactions in a my screening, not a lot of people knew this was a part 1. Unlike Infinity War however this is definitely half a story and like johnny I don't think I can fully judge this until I've seen the next installment. There are things in this movie that seem to contradict the message of its predecessor and the villain goes from awkward funny to scary evil so quickly, it's jarring. The animation is outstanding, like this film is fúcking gorgeous but it's long and inconclusive.

  • Registered Users Posts: 12,681 ✭✭✭✭flazio

    I said previously, I'm not looking to be wowed by comic movies anymore just pleasantly entertained.

    I was wowed by this.

    It's not perfect however.

    I thought the end had a bit too many cliffhangers and suffered from the Return of The King problem of too many endings. When he escaped Miguel and got back to what he thought was his universe, was that the end? Or was it when Miguel sent Gwen back or was there going to be another big fight, you understand?

    Also the movie seems to be suggesting that there is only one Miles Morales across all 'verses because there shouldn't be any at all. We know that's not true as there have been a few Miles in the comics and the video game Spider-Man, who made a voiced cameo is currently alive and working with a Miles Morales.

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,828 ✭✭✭EoinMcLovin

    I think what he meant is

    that he is the only Spiderman to be bitten by a spider from a different Earth. All the other Spidermen got their power from their Earth . This means that he's an anomaly as a result of him get bitten, a Spiderman for Earth 42 could never exist.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,294 ✭✭✭santana75

    Saw this last night and I thought it wasn't as good as the first film. Its very busy, the animation that is, theres a lot going on, it zips along at a frantic pace. I think they went overboard to be honest, trying to push things too much. Into the spiderverse had a really strong narrative but this is weaker in the story dept and it seems like they tried to compensate with a lot of style. It was never boring but all in all I wasnt as taken with this as I was with the first film.

  • Registered Users Posts: 31,628 ✭✭✭✭gmisk

    Saw this evening thoroughly enjoyable, maybe not as coherent as the first one story wise, but moves at a cracking pace looks spectacular, funny too.

    It did very much feel like half a film (a long one!).

    Indian Spiderman was a highlight, loved the Lego section too, will definitely watch the next one. Will happily watch this one again as well, probably missed some jokes.

  • Registered Users Posts: 12,681 ✭✭✭✭flazio

  • Registered Users Posts: 33,043 ✭✭✭✭Penn

    Man, the audio was atrocious. I'd hoped it was just the first scene with Gwen drumming while talking, but it was terrible throughout. Really struggled with a lot of the dialogue even just in quiet scenes.

  • Registered Users Posts: 33,043 ✭✭✭✭Penn

    Overall I thought the film was really great. Visually stunning as expected, some great humour and character work. Doesn't hit the same highs as the first film though, mostly just because this is clearly a Part 1, which means a lot of setup and some characters come into it or you only start getting to know them pretty late in the film.

    I copped the computer screen saying Earth-42 so Miles ending up in the wrong Earth wasn't that much of a surprise. The whole thing about police captains dying and being canon... that just felt a bit flimsy. Gwen's father is now safe because he resigned, when surely the impact of the police captain dying is supposed to be the spider-person's emotional connection to them. Also, they changed Miles' father's surname I guess to simplify things by giving him the same last name as Miles even though he was Jefferson Davies in the first film, and his brother was Aaron Davis. Couldn't have just thrown in a line where another Spider mentions the police captain isn't related to you but then Miles says he is, his parents never married and he was given his mother's name? Small issues, I know. But the first film just felt so rock solid that these issues feel a bit more jarring.

    There were definitely a lot of highlights though. Spider-Man India and that whole sequence was terrific. Spider-Punk was great (when I could hear what he was saying) and the design of both were perfect. Spider-Woman was still heavily pregnant even though Gwen had been working with them for about 6 months if I remember right? Doesn't really matter. Would like to have seen more of her and presume we will in the next film. And the performances throughout were pitch-perfect (again, when I could hear them). The film was just lacking those moments like the entire sequence from the first film of Peter B telling Miles he wasn't ready, to his father's speech through the door, to the What's Up Danger scene. In that regard it does very much feel like a Part 1. But I'm sure as hell looking forward to Part 2.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 5,886 ✭✭✭TheIrishGrover

    I very much enjoyed that..... Apart from the fact that I bought a ticket for Sunday instead of Saturday. So to the person who saw that weirdo sitting in his seat £14 on Saturday, that was me. Sorry about that :)

    Anyway, I enjoyed that a lot. Maybe not as much as the first one 'cos that was such a bolt from the blue.

    I thought the dialogue was a little bit subdued. When I moved to a new seat (After exchanging mine) there was a father and kid beside me talking quite a bit. A bit distracting but not super loud and I always bear in mind that there are always going to be talking kids at family movies. If you don't like it then go to a later showing or don't go to a family movie at all.... Anyway, I thought the dialogue was a bit subdued, especially at the start and I missed some lines (Especially from some of the cameos and one in particular).

    The action was frenetic at times but still easy to follow. The story is great and it makes sense (Well, as much as any multiverse-type movie "makes sense"). It's obviously a bit more serious than the first: We're not talking "DC-Gritty" or anything but given the storyline, it's a little less jokey. It's still funny, especially the first half but there are just more serious bits I suppose.

    The voice casting is still spot on. Obviously the initial crew was spot on but the new members are excellent too.

    And finally the animation: It is still eye-bleedingly amazing. The ENERGY of the animation during the action scenes is simply stunning: It is frantic, dazzling but still coherent: No transformers transporting from the US to Jordan or to the Egypt simply 'cos the director wanted a cool shot of robots on the Pyramids. The backgrounds reacting to the action and even emotional states of characters. The different styles for different characters. All without aping anime styling.


    It is quite long and there are about 4 points where you think: "Ah, this is where it crashes to black screen - End of part one". It's hard to know where they could have trimmed it a bit. Maybe the action sequences could have been cut back just a smidge. Min or 2 here, min or 2 there. No SCENES could have been cut.

    And it does end on a cliffhanger (Most of us would have known this going in but younger kids might be a bit confused and frustrated with the end).

    And it's RIGHT AT THE EDGE of needing to reign the directors in: I've said it before that (IMHO) sometimes directors need to be reigned in: The Wachowskis made a tight little anime-styles action movie, The Matrix before being given all the money they wanted for the overblown sequels. Waitiki made a fun subversion of the Marvel movies before being given all the control he wanted for a confused and incoherent sequel. These guys juuuuust need to make sure they don't take that one step too far in part 2

    So: TLDR (Usual for me): Liked it a LOT. But as out-of-the-blue jaw-drop that was the first one and part 2 shold be careful not to go much larger but overall a great movie that will impact animation for years.... again.