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Man arrested after violent incident in Kongsberg; Norway



  • So.. Norwegian police held a press conference about the incident.

    They said the perpetrator, Espen Andersen Bråthen, also used "stabbing weapons" in the attack, so not everything was done with a bow and arrow. He started with the bow inside the supermarket, but then lost it at some point during the event, and didn't have it with him later when he was attacking people in the street.

    They also said their theory about the perpetrator's conversion to Islam has "weakened" and that mental illness was the main reason behind the attack.

  • Have the Norwegian Police mentioned how he got the other weapons into his possession when he was attacking other people outside the supermarket?

  • I am no fan of Islam, but I was thinking the same since I saw the video, the guy looked more like a nutter that just said he was a Muslim to cause controversy more than anything, I'd say he believes in it as much as I believe in Scientology.

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  • I agree Islam should be treated like all other religions, try and find a single comment from me suggesting otherwise, please.

    But the comment I replied to stated

    "Just maybe there is a problem with the idealogy. While most Muslims are good people trying to livedtheir lives, more Islam generally means a more violent society in Europe and the middle east.

    Ireland needs to make changes now before we see more sh1t like this attack here"

    How does treating Islam like any other religion avert that posters fears?

    How does stating that there is a problem with Islamic ideology treat it the same as all other religions?

  • Or they simply didn't know him well. The time of close knit communities has mostly disappeared, and it's very easy nowadays to not know your neighbors beyond a few facts about his career, family, etc. To know someone's personality, you'd have to spend repeated or extended periods with that person.. that's hard to do with people you have no real connection with.