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Conor McGregor



  • That white has a hold of him and her in a big way. Train wreck couple.

  • I despise the tramp. And he's a mediocre fighter at best but that was an exceptional punch

  • His name is Conor McTapper

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  • narcissist be narcissing!

  • that is hilarious, i would love to be exploited to the tune of 150 million, he is worth basically as much as David Beckham

    that is seriously good business

    He doesn't need any more money

    Tiger is just as toxic and well Ronaldo has some juicy allegations also with payouts

    Beckham is squeaky clean and seems a nice lad

  • The Alvarez fight was completely legit, you can give him that much without buying into all the hype.

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  • He might not be a likable character but how the hell can anyone compare the two of them to each other. Havent seen McIlroy assault anyone

  • Whenever I picture McGregor fans, this comes to mind

    To think you could get banned from the MMA forum for saying a bad word about this absolute piece of sh1t until recently

    (video won't embed on boards so click link)

  • No-one was banned from the MMA for simply speaking negatively about him.

    However, a few posters who shall remain nameless were banned because they were obsessively posting about how much of a knacker/scumbag/lowlife he was non-stop, contributing absolutely zero to actual discussion about upcoming fights, previous fights, fighting camps, basically anything to do with fighting..... you know the actual point of the MMA forum.

    After repeated warnings by mods to give the same regurgitated crap a rest and focus on the actual event/sport, but continuing on regardless, they were eventually banned.

    I've said negative things about him countless times in the MMA forum amidst actual discussion about particular fight and or/fights, so have tons of people, and none of us were banned either. There's no great conspiracy to protect the great and mighty Conor.

    Go to any sports forum and invade a pile of threads with a singular, repeated focus on how X athlete is a lowlife scumbag without contributing anything to the discussion of the actual sport in question and you won't get too far either.

    Personally I think there's a few people have an unhealthy, borderline obsession with their hatred of the man. I don't like McGregor. I enjoy watching his fights. Outside of that I think he's an increasingly embarrassing clown and I couldn't give a **** what he's up to, what stupid things he's doing, what he's shoving up his nose or who he's riding, what money he's making.

    I just. Don't. Care. I don't get why the people who hate him have to invade every thread about him and make these crazy accusations like "He was never a good fighter he just had 15 fluke fights in a row" or "you will be banned from the mma forum if you dare criticise their idol".....or claim everyone that enjoys watching him fight is some sort of super-fan who blindly endorses everything he does.

    That same video of the "fans" above his been posted by this poster about 20 different times as if it's supposed to prove something. Look, no-one cares. Move on with your life, let the hate go.

    It only annoys me because as a massive MMA fan, completely independent of the fact that McGregor is an undisputed world champion dickhead, he was an amazing fighter and he has an incredible legacy, and has done huge amounts for the growth of the sport.

    Pretending he hasn't, and was in fact never good at all, is just complete embarrassing childishness.

  • He was and still is an average fighter that managed some impressive wins.

    Personally I think he could have been so much better had be moved camp and trained win a legit facility rather than sticking with SBG. No slight against the gym but he wasn't training with the top tier of opponent that he would have got in the states.

    Over the years has his stand up, wrestling, grapping, take down defense improved much... no not really.

    When you look at other fighters like Holloway and Poirier - if you compare their recent fights to 5-6 years ago the improvement is clear to see. No so much with McGregor which is a shame as he could have been remembered for so much more.

  • Rory is very well liked around the world, where is this idea that he is unlikable coming from?

    On McGregor, I think he has committed enough assaults on people he has to get jail sometime.

  • There were a lot of people banned from the MMA forum for speaking negatively about to a stage where you couldn't say anything other than stuff specifically about MMA there or you were banned..

    And while some of us were actually low key trolling, for a lot of people it wasn't fair..but shur, it's the way the site has gone..

    “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum....”

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  • A certain poster, that will remain nameless, seriously needs to get out of McGregors arse. If you cared about the sport as much as you think you do, you wouldn't be lauding this dirt bags behaviour around the sport.

    He's belittled the sport. Not enhanced it.

  • Chap can’t handle that not every girl is available simple as that , in his primitive world machine gun Kelly had Megan fox and that warranted a paddlin same for the DJ

  • Saw some footage of his elegant pals swanning through Dublin airport VIP terminal with bottles of his whiskey onto a chartered plane to head to the Vatican christening. Can only imagine how chaotic it must have been for the cabin crew on that flight and any other person waiting in the VIP terminal for their flight! 😷

  • People love him for the same reason traveler culture in Ireland is often revered - spirit.


    Tyson was a loco scumbag as well, and some countries still have marching parades in his honor.


    Uncultivated however it becomes..... deleterious.

    But in a world that doesn't understand cultivation, how to incorporate being civilized with being spirited is a paradox we haven't yet solved, so seeing that raw spirit is a breath of fresh air to so many.

    Win or lose his fights are BY FAR the most exciting in the world, and nothing else compares to them.

  • And yes his personality is somewhat "scrote" but comparing a world class athlete to some perpetual welfare sponging bum from Darndale that couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag, tries to start fights only to claim compensation money, is still inaccurate.

    He does have flair and charisma which those little runts and degenerates could never hope to have.

    I say this not to defend the dude, but honestly it elevates that trash Dublin demographic to try and conflate it with a world class sports person like McGregor.

    Suffice to say I have a lot more contempt for that human landfill (and their trash girlfriends) that populates Dublins streets and council housing estates than I could ever have for a dude whose main mistake is that he keeps forgetting to take his seroquel.

  • He is every bit as bad as those people you speak about.

    A common thug, but with money.

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