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Kids in coffee shops - yay or nay

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    Simple question - have you any issue with taking small kids into coffee shops?

    I always have taken mine and have never had any issues as my one and two-year-old can normally stay in their seats and tend not to disturb anyone.

    Today, we headed to our local Costa at 10am as it was raining and we needed to get out of the house after a stressful week on a number of fronts.

    Normally lots of families and kids in there but it was still early and so was quiet.

    One lady in 60s near us reading a paper and man in his 60s/70s arrived and sat near us.

    Kids were fine for first 15 minutes but one year old got antsy and wanted out of the high seat. The man started getting antsy himself and started staring and flapping his paper.

    I took her out and we walked around to see if that would settle her. She didn't go near anyone.

    Then the two paper readers, who didn't know each other, started exchanging audible comments about the suitability of the place for kids. The male started huffing about it not being a creche, and the lady said we had arrived at the wrong place at the wrong time. They were both very put out.

    As it happens, we had decided to make our escape already as I am always conscious of disturbing others. But I couldn't leave without walking past the man and saying pointedly that I hoped he could read his paper in peace now. I also said the library was just up the road if he needed quietness. He seemed shocked that I challenged him and nearly fell off his chair.

    My two year old asked if we could stay as he was happy out and my wife said we had to go as there were some ignorant people in the shop. Both heard her pointed comment.

    Anyway, who's right and who's wrong in this situation?

    I ask here as I know if I ask in a parenting forum I'll probably just get one perspective.