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Coveney claims to have previously been hacked.

  • 01-09-2021 12:16pm
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    This would flow with Zappone thread but the latest claim by Simon Coveney is of absolutely huge import with regard Ireland's national security and diplomacy.

    Coveney has claimed that he clears his phone regularly as he has previously been victim of a hack. Now this is vitally important as this man holds 2 of the most security sensitive ministerial posts in Foreign Affairs and Defence...

    Yet, the issue that brings this man's security being breached into the public domain? Is his excusing deleting texts, as he regularly "clears" his phone?

    It gives the impression he regularly resets his device? In the age of 2FA, SCA and server side retention?

    None of this makes sense, in particular any and all ministerial communication should be subject to preservation order and archive. Not the whim of the recipient.

    I don't believe him, I think this is a ridiculous hill to stake ones political career on and I do hope that given this man is the arbiter of our state security and intelligence service as well as privy to all our diplomatic Comms.

    I would hope that that this is investigated in the full light of day by the Dail Committees with oversight of Defence and FA, and journalists ensure a satisfactory answer is provided to the Who, What, Where and when of this massive breach of our national security.

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