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Shop refusing alcohol sales to under 21's

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    Registered Users Posts: 268 ✭✭ Jeremy Sproket

    Just curious about this one.

    I was in a convenience shop recently and purchasing some 0% Erdinger. The chap at the till asked for my ID, I handed over my Swedish ID and he mumbled something and called his manager to see if they could accept it, she examined it and conceded that it was OK.

    The lad apologised for the delay and said that they have an over 21's policy instead of the usual 18's. I was chuffed to be asked because I'm a 28 year old girl 😁

    Anyway, my query is in relation to the shop policy. Under Irish Law, the shop can refuse service as a private business to anyone for any reason except if it falls into the various counts of discrimination.... age being one of them. This age clause specifically does NOT apply t under 18's though. So are the shop actually breaking that discrimination rule by refusing sales to under 21's? From what I can see it's a clear violation of the age discrimination rule.

    If the shop is within their rights to refuse sales to people between the age of 18 and 21 could they refuse to people over 70 legally?

    Your opinions please 😊