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Have you ever had Sympathy for a prostitute or a serial killer?



  • This question is beyond stupid.

    I knew a few prostitutes back in the day (long story) and they all had different stories. Most were doing it because it paid so well (why be a cleaner when you can make a cleaner's weekly wage in one hour as a prostitute?), whereas others were doing it because they enjoyed it.

    Did I have sympathy for them? They didn't need my sympathy, they were choosing to do it.

    Did I see them as real people who deserved to be treated as real people? Sure.

    EDIT: I guess I would have sympathy for a prostitute who is doing it because she's an addict and trapped by her addiction.

  • i understand why the OP used the tag, Referring to a specific case but Prostitution and Serial killers are not comparable in anyway.

    It Makes me think of the death penalty. I don’t get why some see it as Barbaric if you have undeniable proof of things like this. You put down a rabid animal with no conscience or concern. I don’t get why people feel some sense of moral duty to not put down people who will threaten others lives for as long as they breath. Is locking them in a cage for life more “humane”? Seems like any exercise in optics , looking more civilised to feel good about yourself when it fact it’s not really.

    I feel sympathy for anybody who suffers pain that is not of their doing. Especially children who have no help and are innocent to these corruptions. Everybody is a child at some stage , so even people who grow up corrupted or “evil” were once innocent children.

    But I’d extend it out to drug addicts and anybody with additctions. Society is awfully close minded and ignorant to addiction and why people would choose to destroy their lives with a substance. Usually there is unbearable pain behind the addiction and the way society treats them is with contempt. Such a fickle, shallow ,uninformed, pathetic society in many regards. Keeping up appearances, the look of civility and no interest in anything they don’t fully understand.

    You will see some suburban or upper middle class family suffer something awful and the collective pain felt will be ridiculously over blown. A junkie or alcoholic who was abused as a Child, never had any support (or a chance) and was demonised by society, succumbes to the addiction and nobody cares. Not just that “they deserved it” would be the sentiments of many on some level.

    I think most of it is ignorance and people just absorbed in their own lives and what they can personally relate to. There is only so much we can care about but the problem is when most people don’t care about something they don’t care to understand it. It’s easier to presume addicts are people of poor character who choose a life of crime and pain rather then understand why a person would do that.

  • Yes he did kill, all child abusers and wife killers etc. no loss in my opinion. Plus he had a horrific childhood. but what the prison system are doing to him is inhumane, no matter how bad someone is, They should be allowed read a book if they want to. I suppose it is a serious warning to other inmates to never kill other prisoners.

    Anders Behring Breivik who killed 77 people in Norway was complaining a few years ago that he only had a PS2 in his prison cell, he wanted a PS3.

  • To be fair, they have a lot to overcome in those circumstances, and it's not as easy as saying that they should get help. There is going to be huge trust issues with the rest of society

  • Always wondered about serial killers,people who have to go out and kill to be satisfied and do it over and over,often not even knowing the victim

    Its awlful business killing people and i know a few who killed.someone in accidents etc (have done their time in jail etc),it knocks.fcuk outta em

    but to have the need/want to do it for personal happiness,is perplexing and i wonder is it widespread,but thankfully most dont act upon it

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  • That is probably very true, but the rest of society can’t fix their problems for them though. If their instinct for survival isn’t strong enough then they will perish.

  • The playing field is not going to be the same level though as someone who has had a caring childhood. The bigger the baggage, the bigger the vessel and thus, the harder to turn the ship around

  • I can't post links but take a look for the interview Howard Stern did with a serial killer, it's pretty much this thread in a nutshell.

  • He made is hell and now he will just have to survive in it. I might have had sympathy for him if he had tried to change once he got to prison instead of trying to impose his own law and killing them other prisoners.

    Yes he had a bad upbringing but he made the choice to kill an innocent person which got him sent to prison. He should have tried to change.

  • Yes I understand that. But what difference does it actually make whether you feel sympathy or n not? Essentially the drive still has to come from the effected person themselves.

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  • I was propositioned by a man one day, who thought I was a prostitute. I know that doesn't speak well of me but in truth he thought I was a prostitute because I was friends with a man who unbeknowns to me, was using prostitutes. He was what you would call an incel, through no fault of his own and physical deformities at birth which resulted in a lot of idio synchronicities which made him appear more intellectually challenged than he actually was.

    I don't really have anything to do with him anymore, but I saw it as more of an insult to him that no one would believe a woman would be in his company unless she was being paid.

    For what it's worth I'd never decide to have (probably really bad and definitely unwanted) sex with a complete stranger (very likely to be physically repulsive and potentially criminal in nature) for money or place myself in a situation where my life would be in danger because of it.

  • My friends' clients tended to be older, wealthy, divorced men. Not criminal or dangerous.

    I remember meeting two of them: one was a lawyer working for a big tech multinational, the other was C-level at another big tech company.

    If I had to stereotype them (negatively) I'd say they were lonely and had low self esteem.

  • So you have sympathy for the seriel killer in your OP even though she killed innocent men but not this guy who killed 2 nonces and a wife killer.

  • Interesting that she was put down despite having received psychiatric treatment during incarceration, which is would have given her defense Team more credit.

    I don’t know enough about psychosis to comment, but there is no denying that her actions had been calculated and well planned in advance, which probably clashed with the defense strategy.

    Her siblings comments were very enlightening as to the background though.

  • Yeah she created a fake name and email address and built a friendship with the pregnant woman, which didn't help at all.

    I used to have a neighbour with a brain injury (car crash) though, and he was as conniving and manipulative as could be.

    A friend of mine sustained a brain injury (because of a fall) and outwardly he's the same person he always was.

    It's complex for sure.

  • Maybe your neighbour was also manipulative before the accident. I guess every case is different and therefore difficult to evaluate

  • Most prostitutes are women, most serial killers are men.

    Most women become prostitutes because of men, most serial killers kill prostitutes because they're women.

    I have full sympathy for these women, I have no sympathy for these men.

  • But you could say the very same about Aileen Wuornos yet you have empathy for her.

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  • Most women become prostitutes because of men, 

    Really, why? Could you explain a little bit further?

  • I never said I has empathy for her only sympathy. She was raped by her grandfather and one of his friends as well as been thrown out of the house when she was only 15. So she was homeless.

    She started to see men as bad the same way most male serial killers see women as something to be used and then thrown away like trash.

    She only had sex with them because she needed the money. I doubt she enjoyed it.

    She had a girlfriend who she loved.

  • You are oversimplifying though. People kill for countless reasons, and the same applies to serial killers.

    It makes sense to pick prostitutes as prey because they live a high risk lifestyle and are less likely to be missed, or reported as missing for a while. Whatever your intentions it makes perfect sense to pick someone who is disposable. It does not necessarily mean that regular people are seen in higher regard, just because they aren’t picked.

  • Sorry I meant sympathy.

    But I think the same can be applied to the guy who is in a glass case. Because of the severe abuse he experienced as a child, he targeted child abusers, just like Wuornos targeted men due to the abuse she endured from her grandfather.

  • This an odd question. The two things on very different moral levels. Prostitution seems a somewhat frequent resort for the desperate and a person should try to have sympathy. I cannot have much understanding for someone who repeatedly murders, obviously.

  • On a side note this makes me think of Vigilantes and where their actions are understandable. Parents or communities ganging up against drug dealers or anti social behaviour when the laws leave innocent people vulnerable to thugs.

    This is one thing I’m surprised we don’t see more of to be honest. There’s plenty of injustices where criminals get off on technicalities or the police know who’s doing bad stuff but just can’t nail them.

    I think of the tv series Dexter aswell with some of this talk. It’s hard to feel sympathy with bad guys who don’t get caught , getting killed.

  • Hang on... what do you mean "fair play to her"? And please stop using the word 'done' in place of 'did'. I don't care how badly you were brought up; it sounds disgusting.

    Then you should have left out the word prostitute entirely from the title. You could have chose a title like "Would you have sympathy for a serial killer with a bad upbringing?" OR "Would you have sympathy for a female serial killer?"

  • Not a serial killer but I felt bad Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme. Abused by her father, kicked out of her house at 18, self-harmed in school, then brainwashed by Charles Manson and to top it of was locked up for 40 years for protesting about global warming in front of the president, that's gotta suck.

  • Yep. The worst aspects of prostitution (human traficking, rapes, organized crime links) is because of its illegality. The same way the worst aspects of marijuana is also with its illegality.

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  •  i'll probably get a lot of flak for this but - Brendan O'Donnell - the guy involved in the Whitegate murders in Co Clare back in the 90's - yes what he did was truly horrific but he was in need of care for years he had serious mental health issues which was obvious to all - spending nights sleeping on his mother's grave who passed away when he was a child