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Too many people would have to keep it a secret...



  • So looks like we'll not be getting any answers from Alan about any of the points he's avoiding.

    Again this behaviour and these points highlight the argument we're making.

    Alan claims that no wreckage from Flight 93 was found. He also repeats his claim that the items that were found can't possibly be real.

    The only two relevant options for the existence of these objects are either they are real and from the flight, or they are faked and planted. If there's other options, no one is suggesting them and I can't think of any that make logical sense.

    Note however that Alan deliberately and purposefully avoids saying where he believes those items came from. He doesn't want to outright say that the items were fake and planted even though that's the only option open to him.

    I'm sure he'll whine about being "on the fence" or something, but this is made transparent by his repeated dismissal of the official explanation.

    So he believes that the items, passports, wedding bands etc are fake. He doesn't want to admit this though because doing so means he might have to defend this notion against the many, many problems with it.

    If the conspirators faked these items, then it means they needed people to design the items to fit into their narrative about who died, where and when. Then all of these items need people to manufacture and craft them to look like they'd been in a plane crash. Then they would need people to go out and plant these in the rights spots or have them handed over. Then they would need people on the inside of the investigation teams in various agencies to overlook the fact that these items are fake and announce they were real.

    This would require at least hundreds of people all working in complete knowledge of what they were doing and why. All of who stayed completely silent.

    And according to Alan, these hundreds of people all worked for nothing. This is because according to him, all of these items couldn't survive the plane crashes and therefore give away the fact they're fake without need of any other evidence. Did none of the people working on these plot realise this?

    And then, we still don't know why doing any of this would actually benefit ad conspiracy. Adding these items, even if it wasn't "obvious they couldn't survive", doesn't really help the conspirators.

    And then, Alan is also arguing that none of the blackboxes were found even though he believes they all should have survived and should have been found. So according to him, the conspirators spend a huge amount of resources and manpower to fake items that don't benefit them and actually expose the conspiracy, but at the same time, they didn't bother trying to fake blackboxes that would have benefitted them and wouldn't give the game away.

    This clearly does not make any sense.

    It could be that Alan knows this too, hence why he wants to avoid the topic. But I think it's more that he didn't think this deeply about his claim, but knows that because of this, he wouldn't be able to explain it when someone did.

    So again, we have 100s of people being added to the conspiracy for no reason just to make a piece of "evidence" fit.

    And this is before we also add in the 100s or people required to help make Flight 93 and all the people aboard disappear.

    Again conspiracy theorists show that their conspiracy theories are impossible because they require ridiculous amounts of people involved in plots that don't make any sense.