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Tokyo 2020: Athletics Thread



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    I'm not even talking about the generational talents like Sonia and I don't expect us to even win medals as I know how incredibly competitive it is but surely we should be expecting to get a few athletes out of the heats into semi finals. Our aspirations have to be higher than just qualifying.

    In order for Ireland to be more competitive we need a strong base of children taking part in Athletics and good structures at a grassroot level. There are a small scattering of clubs with elite juvenile structures and historically I don't think Athletics Ireland have done a good job of getting children involved in the sport compared to the likes of the GAA where games development officers are sent to the schools to promote their sports.

    If we are to forget about children for the moment can we say Athletics Ireland did a good job in helping elite athletes this past 18 months? Did they provide our elite athletes with meaningful competitions? Were some of our athletes forced abroad to secure qualification times because Athletics Ireland couldn't be arsed organising an event themselves? When Eamonn Christie put on a race for elite athletes they fcuked him around for an administrative error. Did that really help our athletes?

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    Just seeing the US had no camp in Japan prior to the Olympics. Not surprising to see so many underperforming.

    Very surprised they didn't have at least a two week camp for acclimatisation.

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    Surprising alright. Wonder what the basis was for that. Interesting too that Sonia O'Sullivan was suggesting some of the Irish athletes were too long in camp this morning, think that was in reference to Sarah Healys run in the 1500 but was aimed as a general comment too. That was her opinion anyway.

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    When the trailing leg goes around the hurdle rather than over it.

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    But aside from the US in practically every distance, Jamaica in the sprints and different sides of Africa in the distance events there isn't any country which you'd consistently expect to see with people in any track final.

    There will be the occasional smattering of the bigger European countries getting someone into a final, but no country that you'd be surprised for them to not make a final. Individual superstars from random countries every now and again, just the same as O'Sullivan, but just because Farah was around for a few years, it's not odd that the UK has nobody else following along behind. It won't be odd when Italy doesn't have someone in the 100m final in Paris, but it would be if the US didn't.

    I don't think you could overly criticise Ireland for a lack of finalists, when no other country is particularly consistently getting into finals either, except for the US and a couple of other countries in specific distances which would be odd if not present.

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    The secret to Olympic success is mainly money. The British copped on to this and decided to invest for success. It worked for them.

    I also agree with the sentiments of the late Jerry Kiernan with respect to GAA. These games promote mediocrity, in my opinion. Being the best at a sport, in your county, is a very low bar to be considered elite.

    Whilst I admire the GAA for its part in getting kids active, I think we should be trying harder to have more athletics clubs, cycling clubs, swimming clubs, badminton clubs etc etc. The only way to do this is to invest in the infrastructure.

    We need to think globally, not locally if we are ever going to compete internationally.

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    Felix looks relax.

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    Prefontaine didn't win NCAA and US trials same year?

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    Some messy moments in the mens 1500 heats. Lewandowski falls but is later reinstated. El Bakkali returned after winning the steeplechase less than 24 hours ago but pulled out after looking very laboured. Told a reporter afterwards he didn't get to bed until 5am last night!

    Nick Willis made the SF's at the age of 38 and Ireland's Andrew Coscoran also made the SF's.

    Phil Healy unfortunately didn't make the womens 400m SF's after missing a time qualifier by 0.07.

    Adam Gemili pulled up immediately after starting his 200m heat.

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    World record could go in the 400m hurdles final here. Should be between Warholm and Benjamin, and I think Dos Santos could get on the podium also.

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    WARHOLM SUB 46!!!

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    Benjamin smashed the world record in second place......that's practically unheard of

    You could tell the WR was on when Warholm had a huge lead 200m out

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    He ran 46.17 for second place, and Dos Santos very nearly broke it for bronze, missing it by .02 of a second. Fuuuck!

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    I think the fact that Benjamin came at Warholm all the way down the home straight and nearly went past him forced him to run even faster than he would have done otherwise.

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    Derval O'Rourke didn't want to go into the camp as it didn't suit here (2012) she preferred to do her own thing and flew into London 2 days before the games and left after her semi's,

    What suits one person may not suit the next.

    Kenny Egan was saying that Harrington is in Tokyo now over a month and that it's way too long.

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    It's cometely different being in Ireland and swanning over two days before the Olympics in the UK. You are doing your normal thing.

    You need a camp in Japan to acclimatise. The heat, breathing etc. is different.

    You need to change diet, drink more fluids just to avoid injury, heat stroke, dehydration.

    I'd call a month about perfect.

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    Karsten Warholm last night was unreal. It's probably the greatest single performance in the history of athletics.

    The way he found more when Benjamin came up beside him was insane. You seen massive talent combined with ridiculous training and then pure heart at the end of that run.

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    It was a great race but I wouldn't go that far.

    The three medalists all went under Kevin Young's WR that stood for 29 years, that would suggest to me that the footwear has had a big impact on the times.

    Benjamin beat that record by 6 tenths of a second and the WR by over 5 tenths, and was still only good enough for second, that's unheard of in sprinting.

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    One thing i remember about O'Rourke is she was very independent, liked to do her own thing a lot of the time which came through experience I guess. As for acclimitising, i wouldn't have an opinion tbh as obviously not a hp athlete or coach, just thought it was interesting what Sonia had to say about it.

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    Hell of a run by Warholm...

    I was only recently thinking of the toughest track records, and Young's was right up there

    Now it has bee relegated to the 5th fastest time ever.

    I wonder could we see Flo Jo's 200 go this week....right conditions, Thompson flying....? Needs a hell of a run, but she may have it...

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    Young's time is 5th fastest. He's 4th fastest man, though.

    Best ever times for placing for every single place in the same race!

    New best-ever-marks-for-place list:

    1. 45.94 Karsten Warholm (Norway) OG 21

    2. 46.17 Rai Benjamin (US) OG 21

    3. 46.72 Alison dos Santos (Brazil) OG 21

    4. 47.08 Kyron McMaster (BVI) OG 21

    5. 47.12 Abderrahman Samba (Qatar) OG 21

    6. 47.81 Yasmani Copello (Turkey) OG 21

    7. 48.11 Rasmus Mägi (Estonia) OG 21

    8. 48.77 Alessandro Sibilio (Italy) OG 21

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    You know the thing that's bugging me here is that Thompson's time is only the second fastest this year.

    Gabby Thomas has shown nothing but she's there in the final. I don't know if she's not at her best or just decided not to do too much and just qualify for the final. If she hits top form then the record could go as whoever wins it could break it.

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    Yes...I knew I cocked that up.....4th fastest man....5th fastest time....

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    Get ready for a shitstorm later if Mboma wins the 200m or does a crazy time 🤐

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    Wale 9th in the 5k and doesn't qualify. After winning the Ethiopian trials and missing a medal in the steeplechase, that's a hugely disappointing Olympics for him.

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    In my view, Thomas will not medal in the 200m. She was all out in the semi final trying unsuccessfully to hold off Mboma.

    US sprint performances in Eugene should always be treated with caution. They are rarely replicated outside that very specific environment. Look at Jenna Prandini. She ran 21:8x in the US Olympic trials and yet failed to make the final in Tokyo. In fact, she was even beaten by the Australian champion Riley Day.

    My predictions for the 200m are 1. Elaine Thompson-Herah; 2. Shelly-Ann Fraser Price and 3. Mboma, who will no doubt trigger another **** show around the DSD athletes.

    Just realized how annoying it is to type out the double and triple barreled names of Caribbean female sprinters!

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    200 women today at 13:50?

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    Poor Britsh girl had her bronze snatched in the last 3-5 meters...