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Dublin Airport - What's it like now?

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    I'm travelling to mainland Europe, just over a week from now. I have my vaccination cert all sorted and looking forward to it but anxious at the same time. Haven't been on a flight since early 2020 (used to fly out at least 5 times a year between work and foreign holidays) and don't know what to expect. I do hope the plane isn't completely full (mad that they will allow a completely full plane without even any leg room but only half capacity on public transport, cinemas, theaters, restaurants etc. but that's another story).

    I'll be visiting the family of a friend over there and wanted to bring a gift or two (usual Irish-y stuff like booze, chocolate, green things etc.) Are the shops still open there selling all that gear? would be good to hear from someone who works there or has flown out recently. I travel light and I'm only going for the long weekend so hand lugage only, I didn't want to be rattling up to the airport with suitcases of tourist tatt that I'd have to check in, way too much hass.


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