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Welcome to the new platform - Version 1.0 :)



  • Hoping things improve over the next few days, I find it quite hard to navigate.

    My threads are not bringing me to the last post, and not showing as read.

    did the lol, thanks, agree, things disappear?

  • No way to search for posts by user (this is a huge miss IMO, I used it all the time)

    Forum summary page shows last posted time as the time the thread was created (but only for some threads)

  • Attachments don't seem to have been carried over.

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  • You don’t seem to auto subscribe (or “follow”) to a thread if you post in it any more

  • No (obvious) option to toggle between auto-formatting and plain text. Just beginning to find this annoying as the software assumes that I want to e.g. insert bullet points or a numbered list, but decides for itself what's what (e.g. in post above, decided that the number 2. should be 1. in a new ordered list).

    And (yet again) seriously retrograde step in removing all our basic formatting options - bold, italic, strikethrough, colour, size ... Sure - they may be there, but WHERE are they???

    Ohhhhhh .... right. Should have guessed - this has become a clickety-click site, so nothing happens unless you click, double click or click-and-click again. And then it seems to be limited to bold and italic. That is really, really, really ancient coding. I hope you got the whole package at 1990s prices.

  • When you are viewing a user's profile, the option to view threads / comments they have posted is gone.

    Is this not a important feature.

  • Your followed threads are under "My. Bookmarks"

    To find my bookmarks you have to scroll to the bottom of the page and it's under quick (lol) links.

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  • Also is the wall of text list of active users at the bootom of the page on mobile needed?

  • To be honest, I'd say no myself as all it seems to be used for is some posters dragging up posts someone made months or years ago in a different context to try and score points against them now.

    Something we could do without IMO.

  • There doesn't seem to be the ability to use spoiler tags

  • The Groups seem to be broken at present and no discussions have carried over, even though it says 22k discussions beside the soccer forum.

    Bookmarked discussions from groups also do not show in the MyThreads tab, would it be possible to add that

  • The SEO is messed up from Google. When I click any results, it brings me to the homepage as opposed to the thread:

  • +1, was about to say the same myself. It always made me feel uncomfortable to see someone trundle through a user's old posts in an attempt to find something to hang them with. I'd be happy if this didn't come back.

    Regarding the new design, I'll hold judgement until the issues are ironed out. I've read several "if it ain't broken, don't fix it" comments but the old site was very much broken so I agree something had to be done.

  • I often use it on my own profile also. I think it's an important feature. It's literally on every discussion site (reddit?), and is an expected feature. IMO.

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  • is this the new and improved experience?

    same as all the previous new and improved experiences

    nothing improved, user experience diminished, standard.

    made an absolute hames of it, an absolute hames

  • The loss of link ins from Google search results is surely a site killer, no? 20+ years of information with broken links would surely turn people off the site. To me, that's a huge overlook.

  • That should sort itself out over time. The same thing happened when the old responsive site was made default outside of Ireland.

  • Nice to have the site back up and running again.

    Will be nicer when the bugs are ironed out but for now, it's good to be back!

  • where is soccer? It's not appearing under the Sports category

    where is my subbed list?

    this is amateur hour

  • Mobile site is awful

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  • The wasted space above a quoted post is annoying.

    And no uniformity for the borders of a users profile on the left of a post

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