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Wimbledon 2021 Monday, June 28 - Sunday, July 11 2021



  • I'd be surprised if Djokovic opts out of the Olympics, given that he's never won the Gold, and he has a chance for a calendar "Golden Slam", never achieved by a man, although Graf did it in 1998. He is unlikely to have anywhere near as good a chance to win Olympic Gold in 2024, assuming he's still playing. But then he can be a contrary so-and-so, The only logical reason he might have to pull out is if he thinks it would improve his chances of winning the USO, which is only his 3rd best slam, and the most "open" of the men's slams in the Big 3 era.

    Back to Wimbledon: The 3 finals in a row on Saturday were all enjoyable, especially the Women's doubles. I never thought Djokovic was in danger against Berrettini, and he could and probably should have won it in straight sets.

  • I'd be surprised too if Djokovic doesn't go to the Olympics, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity for him to achieve something that no man has done before and is unlikely to happen again, certainly not for a long long time. The only reason he wouldn't play in the Olympics is if he thinks it would affect his US Open chances. I think he's well capable of doing the golden slam and it would be great to see it achieved.

  • I see djokovic is heading to Tokyo, he'll win in at a canter. He wasn't great Sunday but played the big points well. Hard to know where mens tennis going, I was impressed with the young Canadian but hard to know.

  • The scoring structure of tennis is all about the big points of course and that's why ND is so effective, especially over 5 sets.

    Shapo probably gave him his toughest match in the tournament and showed some maturity compared to how he used lose the plot but remains to be seen if he can back that up now.

    The Olympics are obviously less of a focus than New York for ND but would be a bonus if he can do it. It's also 3 sets so he can be beaten more easily than over 5 for sure. the surface is similar to that of flushing meadows so not a bad warm up.

    Amazing that Djokovic has been able to brush off Wimbledon 2020 being cancelled and disqualification at the US last year when a title was certain at each to rally to be in this position now with 20.

    He's so hard to beat right now over 5 that it would take the collision of a real off day on his part with an everything goes in day from his opponent. But even then over 5 it's not certain. See RG final where he came back from the brink. Such is his self belief and power of marshalling his resources. He can get stronger relative to opponents in sets 3,4 and 5.

    As New York is sort of a surface that suits the game of many more players it's far from a gimme so every round should be interesting as he chases history. He will feel the pressure for sure. Should be a good one.

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  • I don't think Djokovic feels the pressure, certainly not like other players, he seems to thrive on the pressure and play better, as seen on the big points which he generally wins regardless of how he has played during the match up to that point, it's probably the main thing that sets him apart.

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  • I don't agree with you on that.

    He certainly feels the pressure and says as much also.

    He can deal with it most times better than most players and especially over 5 sets.

    But he's human, not a machine. People tend to forget that at times and think that he should hit every ball in.

    E.g. the first set against Berrettini in the final he definitely tightened up when he was serving at 6-5 with the break and quickly lost his service game and then the tie-break.

  • He thrives on the pressure, if he didn't he wouldn't have won all he has, obviously feels the pressure, but, not in the same way as other players, generally raises his game when the pressure is greatest, most players even Nadal and Federer tended to tighten up much more than Djokovic on the big points, there's generally only a handful of big points in tight matches and he generally comes out on top here.