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FI Charts ( T120+ onwards) Summer 2021 **READ MOD NOTE IN FIRST POST**



  • That is one grim ECM this morning. Let's hope it's an outlier.

    Has anyone figured out how to embed GIFs on this new Boards platform? Indeed, is external embedding of images possible at all or do they have to be uploaded directly?

  • The ECM is a bit of a horror show alright, the GEM was making progress with settled conditions yesterday but is now also back to cool and unsettled from beginning to end.

    GFS still the most settled of the 3 but not as good as recent day as it shows a mostly north/south split with cool and unsettled conditions just to our north and warm and sunny just to our south. I think overall we're beginning to lose the trend towards dryer and warmer weather.

  • GFS hopeful from next Thursday for settled 3-4 days min. ECM run this evening not so.

  • Next Thursday = 19th?

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  • It's unsettled right up to the 3rd week of August. ECM and GEM are unsettled all the way through to +240 hours with no let up in the Atlantic onslaught.

    GFS is mostly unsettled up to August 20th and hints at settled down after this. However this introduction of more settled conditions looks flimsy and may not last more than a few days.

  • The good looking charts didn't last long, Met Eireanns forecast matching the 12Z ECM output : 'NEXT WEEKEND: Current indications suggest low pressure will dominate with showers or longer spells of rain likely. Temperatures look likely to remain close to where they have been during the week: around average'.

    Both ECM and GFS end up with a cut off low near Biscay at +240hrs


  • Well in to the last month of summer now what's the rest of the month looking like?

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